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Computer Graphics learning methods and related books, games, GIS, VR, and 3D engines can all be viewed.

Computer Graphics learning methods and related books, games, GIS, VR, and 3D engines can all be viewed.This book referred to the Preface:Based on my current level, I learned three major credits for 3D graphics:A. Space ry mathematics: Space ry transformation, acceleration algorithm, Polygon technology, curves and surfaces, intersection testing, and collision testing.B. Illumination coloring system: illumina

AI in computer games (1)

Currently, there are two types of games that are closely related to AI: The first is the so-called War chess/policy simulation game, and the second is the game of the game. The proportion and depth of AI vary in different game types. Some computer games are not advertised as highly artificial intelligence, or no one else can buy them. Others are almost confused,

Computer Graphics learning methods and related books, games, GIS, VR, and 3D engines can all be viewed.

, you also need to understand how these effects are achieved. then you can find the corresponding functions in the API. I think if your idea is normal, general functions should be available in direct3d/OpenGL. of course, you will also encounter features you want that are not available in these APIs, but this is not important. What is important is that you have learned new things-this feature does not support ^_^ in XX APIs. I usually adopt the method

Net: Understanding the new Microsoft Internet Strategy (on) (Seal Dragon Pavilion Collection, strongly recommended!) )

Internet | microsoft | Strategic Article outline: First, the big strategic shift 1,. NET is what? 2,. NET is the transformation of computing mode 3,. NET's transformation to software business model 4, Microsoft's ultimate goal 5,. NET business impact on the Internet Second, the overall strategy and product objectives of the close cooperation 1, the extension of the PC era 2. Facing new equipment 3, MSN Net

Net: Interpreting the new Microsoft Internet Strategy (i)

has a personal computer on every desktop" (a computer on every desk and in every.) is not unfamiliar. These two words are the market slogan that Microsoft used in the past time and the description of company vision, they are always throughout the company's products and marketing strategy. After entering the internet age, Microsoft has also been beaten, launching

. Net: Interpreting the new Microsoft Internet Strategy (next)

Microsoft launched. NET six months later, Sun announced a concept called one (Open Net environment) to confront Microsoft's strategy in public. Oracle, for its dynamic Web service concept, is competing with Microsoft. The technical orientations of these concepts are similar, but from the perspective of the feasibility of implementation is not the same. Sun has been a major provider of high-end Web services in the past few years by proposing the conc

The solution to the blue screen when playing computer games

Enter or play a game when a blue screen failure, indicating that the game and other programs in the system conflict, suggest that when playing games to close all programs, including anti-virus software, and temporarily turn off the monitoring of anti-virus software and other programs with monitoring functions. If also often appear blue screen failure, the game uninstall, and then download the installation of the n

win8.1 computer Play Click Games often occur in the blue screen of the three major solutions to the situation

win8.1 computer Play Click Games often occur in the blue screen of the three major solutions to the situation The computer plays the game often the blue screen freezes the solution method one: 1, first understand the blue screen before the computer situation and do the operation. If the

Mathematical methods in 3D games and computer graphics-transformations

1 transformationsThroughout the development of 3D games, it is often necessary to transform a series of vectors in some way. The transformations that are commonly used include panning, zooming, and rotating.1.1 General-Purpose transformationsThe n x n invertible matrix M can often be thought of as a transformation matrix from the coordinate system to another coordinate system. The columns of M give the mapping of the coordinate system from the origina

What to do when playing games causes the computer to spend screen

Computer flower screen, is generally direct and memory or explicit there is a direct relationship, and drivers sometimes have similar problems. First, check the video card temperature is normal? Can download a drive life, or some related software to check the test card temperature is normal. When the graphics card temperature is too high, the computer often appears a lot of inexplicable fault, the flower

New gameplay for online games and Tourism

reality.Benefits1) users can play online games at home to learn about scenic spots, such as scenic spots maps, scenic spots, scenic spots description, and cultural backgrounds.2) There can be a platform for communication, so that netizens interested in this attraction can communicate with each other. They are new to each other.3) allow friends who have been there to feedback relevant information4) the most

Bubble. Net handheld computer games

Program download Introduction:This is a compact framework I provide.I like traditional games like bubble bubbles. Simple and fun. Many different versions can run on many platforms, but the only version I see on my handheld computer is not open source. So I built a. NET Framework-based compact game. I started the project in December April. When I saw a discussion about this, the project was not completed unt

Thoroughly optimize the entire computer strategy

startup options. Here you choose "selective startup", and then enter the "Start" option. At this time, you can see what I loaded when I started it. Although loading more things will improve the performance and add many features, it will greatly increase the startup time. Especially for some machines with poor configurations, the startup speed is intolerable. If you choose to load Dongdong to the hacker, it will save a lot of time during startup. If you configure Windows 98 or a lower operating

New IT strategy under the environment of social informatization

integration with the business unit, in addition, it may become a business unit partners, business processes began to be outsourced, enterprises through the way of outsourcing access to information resources to complete the control and integration of enterprise resources. The goal of realizing it's new strategy is to focus on the value of enterprise it from the focus on technology. Second, embed it into the

New 12-inch Hong Kong version of the MacBook buying strategy

The new 12-inch MacBook will be on the market early tomorrow morning, and users will be able to buy it online or directly from Apple stores. Because the Hong Kong version of the MacBook is 1000 dollars cheaper than the national MacBook, for many users, they are more likely to buy a local version of the MacBook. So how do domestic users snap up a 12-inch MacBook and take a look at the following buying strategy

EMC's new strategy: VMware Beyond Server virtualization

libraries can solve.You will understand why Tucci chose Marize to take over VMware. He has been responsible for more software projects than the size and impact of earlier VMware product planning, and Tucci believes Marize can lead VMware to glory.Beyond virtual ServersThe four main components of the vsphere stack include Vcompute,vnetwork,,vstorage, the three virtualization features that are three components of modern computer systems, and the last p

Teach you how to choose your new computer for the second half of the year

Summer vacation is coming, which means that the summer business is about to begin, a variety of market discounts, movies or mobile phone computer promotions will follow. At the same time, the computer market has also ushered in a new change: With the introduction of the Intel fourth Daicouri processor Haswell, its significant battery life improvements will usher

Li Hang: new trends in Machine Learning learn from Human-Computer Interaction

Li Hang, chief scientist at Huawei Noah's Ark lab, delivered a keynote speech. Li Hang, chief scientist at Huawei Noah's Ark lab Li Hang said: so far, we have found that the most effective means of AI research in other fields may be based on data. Using machine learning, we can make our machines more intelligent. At the same time, Li Hang believes that we need a lot of data to learn exactly how much data we actually learn in machine learning. Even if we only learn a second-class classifier, we m

I bought a new computer.

The new computer spent 1600 knives, MSI gt70 dominator895, gtx870m graphics card, the current configuration of the highest graphics card is gtx880m, this is the second good, CPU is i7-4800M, CPU is not a bottleneck. A 17-inch screen. In the US, the 1 TB hard drive is HDD. Since the configuration is so high, HDD hard drive is still used for the sake of Mao. In other words, the hard drive of my book is only 2

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