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Book Music said: "Pokemon: Go" How is the fire of a mess?

Why the fire? Maybe you can get familiar with the places that you can not be familiar with, surprise, this is the charm of chance encounters.650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" u= 102766468,1276802274fm=11gp=0.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1erc5qbe8weaaq8r1aohg4352.jpg "/>Wen/Zhang ShuleOriginally contained in "People's posts and telecommunications," July 22, 2016 "Happy Travels" column 111About this Nintendo mobile game "

iOS Dev: Pokemon go demo, Jailbreak iphone fake GPS location info

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Recently Pokemon Go Fire not, the result people server can't carry, only accept GPS location information in Australia client landing request. Today I have a small demo, on the jailbreak of the iphone on the system's GPS positioning information to change. Steps: On the Xcode8-beta new

Discussion on the mechanism of Pokemon Go anti-counterfeiting GPS

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Disclaimer: This article only from the technical point of view to explore the game defects, any organization and individuals may not use the content of this article to engage in illegal activities, please do not spread or use the loopholes mentioned in this article, otherwise the consequences. Pokemon Go is a recent popular AR

unity+ German positioning =pokemon Go Cottage demo Android version

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. These two weeks have tried to use the German geolocation and unity to make a fake Pokemon go demo, which can only be used under Android. Video game process: APK Download: SOURCE Download:

Gradle, a new generation of DSL-based Java build tool, and a new generation of gradle

Gradle, a new generation of DSL-based Java build tool, and a new generation of gradle What is Gradle?Gradle is an automated build tool based on the Groovy language and mainly for Java applications and DSL syntax. Speaking of Java's automated build tools, everyone must be familiar with Ant and Maven. Gradle is such a si

Memory allocation and recycling strategy in Java, new generation, old generation __java

There are a number of strategies for garbage collection in Java, at present, the garbage collection of commercial virtual machines adopts "generational collection", which divides memory into several pieces according to the different survival cycle of the object, and generally divides the Java heap into Cenozoic and old years, and adopts a more suitable collection algorithm according to the characteristics of each age. The collection algorithm used in the Cenozoic: Replication algorithm. The idea

What does the new graphic API bring to unity5? The benefits of the next-generation new graphic API, brought by the graphic apiunity5

What does the new graphics API bring to unity5? What are the benefits of the next-generation new graphics API?Watermelon speechPpt translation + explanation + others: wolf96At the most basic level, these new APIs are designed to improve CPU performance and efficiency:Reduces the CPU rendering bottleneck,More predictabl

What the new graphics API brings to Unity5 & benefits of the next generation of new graphics APIs

changes state by enabling/disabling, and D3d9 also has a similar "setrenderstate" to change state. But with 10 and 11, the transition to a coarser-grained state object. So a single object behaves blend-related state.These new APIs have a state object that encapsulates almost all of the GPU state vectors.So change the state of the individual, to switch to the pipe state, draw, then switch to State B, draw, and so on.These very coarse-grained, global s

Java8 's JVM persistent generation-where to go?

This article describes some of the basic concepts of the JVM memory structure, and then quickly goes on to the persistence generation, to see where it went after the release of Java SE 8.Basic knowledgeThe JVM is just another process running on your system, and all this magic starts with a Java command. As with any operating system process, the JVM also needs memory to complete its run-time operations. Remember that--JVM itself is a layer of software

(GO) Hibernate persistence class and primary key generation strategy

equivalent to the database inside there is no such record, the deleted persistent object is not recommended to use.Persistent → off-tube: Note that the session itself is cached, and its cache is what it says is the first level of caching. Evict: Clears an object specified in the first level cache Clear: Clear the first-level cache Close: Closes, or clears the cache level Off-State (we need to know that it is not directly available)Off-tube → Instantaneous: the OI

When does the Intel sixth generation CPU go public?

Intel is about to launch the second half of this year 14nm Skylake platform Sixth generation CPU is no secret, many computer enthusiasts are now most concerned about the Intel sixth generation CPU when the issue of the market. For this problem, now the small part also has mastered the exact information, still do not know the children's shoes, come to see. When does the Intel sixth

New generation Big Data processing engine Apache Flink

performance, so the HA mechanism is essential. Also, readers who already understand the Flink architecture may be more worried about the single point of the Flink architecture. As with the Hadoop generation, it is clear from the architecture that JobManager has obvious single points of problem (Spof,single point of failure). JobManager shoulder the task scheduling and resource allocation, once the JobManager accident, the consequences imaginable. Fli

ArcGIS platform to build a new generation of web GIS that can be landed

-generation Web GISArcGIS the platform has three key components: applications (Apps ), portals, and servers (server) are a critical part of building a new generation of Web GIS application patterns. ArcGIS 10.3 New, constantly improve and improve the platform, the introduction of a user-centric Nameduser licensing mode

New Generation Eden and survivor areas in the JVM

threshold are copied to the "to" area. After this GC, the Eden Zone and the from zone have been emptied. At this time, "from" and "to" will exchange their role, that is, the new "to" is the previous GC "from", The new "from" is the previous GC "to". In any case, the survivor area named to is guaranteed to be empty. The Minor GC repeats this process until the "to" area is filled and the "to" area is filled,

Permanent generation of JVM-where to go?

Link to the original English text, translated by Abhishek Gupta. Translator: youfu This article will introduce some basic concepts of the JVM memory structure, and will soon talk about the permanent generation. Let's see where it went after Java SE 8 was released.Basic knowledge JVM is just another process running on your system. The magic begins with a Java command. Just like any operating system process, JVM also needs memory to perform its runtime

The new generation of Java in the old era of permanent generations

the old age is major GC. Major GC and full GC can cause stop-the-world. Organize: Move all surviving objects, order in the Order of memory address, and reclaim all memory after the end memory address The new generation enters the old age: 1. Distribution guarantee Mechanism: When the minor GC, the new generation of s

New Generation Linux File system btrfs Introduction "Reprint"

Btrfs is known as the next generation Linux file system. In recent years, EXT2/3 has encountered more and more extensibility problems, while looking forward to ext4, people have found Btrfs, it is said that it adopts a lot of advanced file system design, not only solves the EXT2/3 extensibility problem, but also let people see the next generation file system has many other features. All this makes you wonde

[Go] do not be deceived by C + + "auto-generation"

constructor function. These four "justification" is actually the reason why the compiler has to generate a default constructor for the class, and theInside the C + + Object Modelsays the reason is nontrival ( Sir The translation is very awkward, so how to translate it with you. In addition to these four cases, the compiler is called trival , which means that there is no need to generate a default constructor for the class. The building code discussed here is written into C++standard , so it see

Entity Framework data generation option databasegenerated "Go"

SocialSecurityNumber self-growth to none.public class person { [Key, Databasegenerated (databasegeneratedoption.none)] public int SocialSecurityNumber {get; set;} public string FirstName {get; set;} public string LastName {get; set;} }If the attribute is identified as COMPUTED,EF, the column is considered to be calculated from a different column and is not persisted to the database. public class person { [Key, Databasegenerated (databasegeneratedopti

I-cut layout v14.0-ISO 1cd packaging design new generation layout design editor

Tags: des style color Io OS ar file data I-cut layout v14.0-ISO 1cd packaging design new generation layout design editorEsko Suite 14 is based on the accumulation of Esko's many years of expertise in packaging trial production and the breakthrough development of features, which is inseparable from our continuous investment in innovation. In addition, its development also absorbed feedback from brand owners,

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