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[Android game development 20th] the gravity system development of physical games makes your games a matter of quality!

Today, a group of colleagues said they urgently need information about physical games ~ In the afternoon, I wrote a simple round free-body-dropping Demo. Let's share it with you; Let's talk about it first. I have introduced Gravity Sensors in my previous articles. The gravity system we are talking about today is actually the same! In the gravity sensor, although I have implemented a circle that will have di

886wan: Open a new era of online games

2004 a hot "entertainment to death" proclaimed this is an era of entertainment. Entertainment is full of all aspects of our lives, film TV, needless to say, the emergence of the online game is to occupy the majority of our leisure time of Jiangshan. And the online game is a mixed bag, some beautiful picture, the operation is extremely unfriendly to the new, some bent to the money, so that non-Krypton players struggling, and some follow the fashion rub

CrossOverGames, a new choice for Linux games

CrossOverGames, a new choice for Linux games-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see the following. From driver's house A friend who wants to play a Windows game in a Linux operating system has another option. CodeWeavers just released the CrossOver Games simula

By using AWS, Dena/Shanghai tour significantly shortens the launch time of new games and services

appserver through ELB, load Balancing and high availability can be achieved at the appserver frontend. At the same time, the servers of the same game in Shanghai Longyou will be allocated to a sub-network, and the appserver can be directly connected to the backend memached or DB server. Amazon S3: S3 is an internet-oriented storage service that stores static resources, installation programs, or resource packages in games that users often need to acce

dena/Shanghai travel by using AWS massively shortens the time to launch new games and services

add the number of servers at high speed according to their own needs, to ensure the player's high-quality gaming experience in the region. From the perspective of Shanghai's management and operations, such as Route53, RDS, S3, CloudFront, ElastiCache, the AWS Cloud service is easier to use, maintenance does not need to invest a lot of manpower and money, Combined with the remote and controllable features of AWS and the cost of overseas deployment at the beginning of the project, the cost of usi

New gameplay for online games and Tourism

reality.Benefits1) users can play online games at home to learn about scenic spots, such as scenic spots maps, scenic spots, scenic spots description, and cultural backgrounds.2) There can be a platform for communication, so that netizens interested in this attraction can communicate with each other. They are new to each other.3) allow friends who have been there to feedback relevant information4) the most

Online games new rules to attack, players also for "Yin and Yang Division" Fee Krypton damage liver?

Is this new regulation going to make the hot-and-Yang division a variable? Europeans, will the Africans ' problems become less difficult?650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 8_ 583e30bfcd99a_ copy. jpg "alt=" wkiol1hiar_xbpngaapcni2jt18950.jpg "/>Wen/Zhang ShuleRecently, the Ministry of Culture in its official website issued "on the regulation of online game operation to strengthe

Test compatibility of 21 games with Win7 system

"Civilization III" normal Civilization IV "Civilization IV" normal Mount and Blade "riding and slashing" normal Left4Dead "Survival trip" after exiting the game, the desktop broken Fallout 3 "Radiation 3" needs to be manually installed, incompatible games Explorer Guild Wars can't work in Games Explorer, but there's no problem with playing games Age of Emp

Find the Win7 system with small games

Weekend, Xiao Yong's little nephew Lai Xiaoyong home playing computer, children favorite is the Win7 system with the small game, what Minesweeper, Solitaire, play to sneak. This weekend, the little nephew opened Xiao Yong's Win7 computer, click "Start-Game", but did not see their familiar little games, only small Yong like the classic Imperial era. What the hell is going on here? Originally, Xiao Yong hims

Using JavaScript to play games Physics (I) Kinematics Simulation and Particle System

new Vector2 (this. x * invf, this. y * invf );},Dot: function (v) {return this. x * v. x + this. y * v. y ;}}; = new Vector2 (0, 0 );Then, you can use HTML5 Canvas to describe the simulation process:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Var position = new Vector2 (10,200 );Var velocity = new Vector2 (50,-50 );Va

Some modern games in the WINDOWS8 system don't archive how to solve

in the WIN8 system, with some small games such as Fruit Ninja, usually boring can play. But some modern games have a tangled problem, is not archived. This is because foreign games can not identify our Chinese user name, what method to solve this problem? Today small make up to everyone bring modern game archive soluti

Some experiences and personal opinions on the backend Management System of large-scale browser games

create a front-end display. The front-end display is mainly a page for game users to perform game operations, the background data of game operations is directly implemented with erlang, just as you have used aspx in to display the html front-end, and the backend data exchange is implemented by aspx. erlang also completes the interaction of adding, deleting, querying, and modifying the data. Of course, this is only the game back-end data interaction. In addition to a large number of arti

Win7 system playing games always pop up ping tips how to close

Win7 system playing games always pop up ping tips how to close Workaround One: 1, first open the desktop in the lower left corner of the Start button, menu select "Run", in the Run dialog box input regedit, enter the Registry Editor; 2, then on the left side of the group list to expand the positioning to "hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetservicestcpip6parameters"; 3, then on the righ

Panda Pig New System Test II: MAC OS X 10.10 Yosemite

gadget is still very happy, Mac OS system compatibility really did not say Ah!The left view, which was originally shown by default in the itunes interface, is also hidden, and the interface is seamless, very concise:The Finder Interface title bar has evolved to be transparent, but not as transparent as the desktop, but with the content shown in the Finder!Some icons in the System control Panel have also be

Unity5.1 new network engine UNET (8) UNET system summary, unity5.1unet

Unity5.1 new network engine UNET (8) UNET system summary, unity5.1unet Sun Guangdong Server and HostIn the Unity network system, the game has one server and multiple clients. When there is no dedicated server, one client plays the role of the server-we call this client "host" A host is a server in the same process as a client. The host uses a special client cal

Pig New System Test 4: Ubuntu 14.04, ubuntu14.04

Pig New System Test 4: Ubuntu 14.04, ubuntu14.04 At present, modemo generally uses the wubantu System in the office. On the one hand, the reason is that the old nature cannot run Windows. More importantly, the cat thinks that the Linux system is more open. besides, I am familiar with it now, and can be completely isola

Panda Pig New System test two: Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

style:I'll take a walk!Can the calculator interface be a little more simple?The new left side of the notification bar features a large enhancement, to join the user's favorite application of the small kit, this and IOS8 drop notification bar has the same kind of wonderful:Dashboard interface seems to have not changed, anyway, very little use to ya:The system's original multi-work desktop multi-background wallpaper feature is still cute, but the cat h

WebOS new sugon-Tomos (network operating system)

completed in the same window, a toolbar like a desktop operating system is also provided. It provides basic file upload programs, email programs, RSS readers, instant messaging tools, bookmarks, calendars and contacts. All these applications are well-developed, making goowy far more available than other competitors. Goowy is very easy to use and has a nice interface. It has many applications and few bugs. It is the WebOS most recommended. 6.Orca Th

Unity5 new Assetbundle System usage experience

Unity's Assetbundle system is an extension of resource management, dynamic updates, web games, and resource downloads are based on the Assetbundle system. But it has to be said that the system is very disgusting and the pit is deep. As to how deep it is, please read this article:

Unity3d 4.6 The new UI System

In unity3d 4.6, a new UI system is added. Although there is still a gap with ngui in terms of functions and effects, ngui is a paid plug-in after all, which restricts the commercialization of games. Next, let's take a look at the new UI System in unity3d 4.6. As shown in,

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