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Social networking website interface design

Social networking website interface design Basic Information Original Title: designing social InterfacesOriginal Press: Yahoo PressAuthor: (US) Christian crumlish Erin MaloneTranslator: Fan wangbin Shi RongPress: Machinery Industry PressISBN: 97871

How to build a personal brand path on social networking sites

Article Description: How to build a personal brand path on a social networking site. What are the business paths that LinkedIn can expand in the future? The investment community raised questions about the upcoming business social

New social networking channels: the Business Social age

With the rapid popularization of smartphones, it has become possible to engage in business and social networking on mobile platforms. As an ideal platform for business and social networking, mobile phones naturally become a battle for many

The potential development of business social networking in China, realizing the expansion of Socialization

Commercial social networks in China started late, but developed rapidly. Representative websites include human networks and online business social platforms. Social networks have great development potential in China, where the concept of "connecting"

Three advantages of social networking sites in search engine optimization

WEB2.0 site and the essence of the traditional site is different from the content of the former by the user to contribute to the observation of a lot of 2.0 sites, feel the search engine on such sites crawl, update are more frequent, as to rankings,

9 important features of social network user interface (UI)

Address: The main function of a good user interface (UI) is for the user's intention and ApplicationProgramProvides an intuitive ing between functions to provide a solution for the completion of user-defined

Talking about social networking sites is that can not involve conversion rate

This approach to social media marketing is now increasingly recognised by companies, even " User Conversions " one of the methods, which has led to the attention of many marketers. But is that really the case? In fact, there is early evidence that

Enhance user interaction experience with "social design" as the center

Social media should be an important part of the user experience, and many sites are randomly added to a Web page as an appendage. How to make better use of social media in product design to improve the user experience and thus win higher business

Case sharing: A guide to search engine optimization for social signals

 A brief history of social signals as a factor of rank About two years ago, SEO industry, some of the top webmaster found that social signals have a wealth of insight, they can to a certain extent affect the search engine rankings, this article is

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