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Java open-source blog-b3log solo 0.6.1 official version released!

Java open-source blog-B3log solo 0.6.1 official version released! You are welcome to download it. This version mainly improves the detailed experience and adds a Metro style skin.Features Tag-based document classification Ping Google blog search

Java open-source blog-b3log solo 0.6.0 official version released!

Java open-source blog-B3log solo 0.6.0 official version released! You are welcome to download it. This version includes two major features: new user registration and user broadcast.Features Tag-based document classification Ping Google blog

Java open-source blog-b3log solo 0.5.5 official version released!

Java open-source blog-B3log solo 0.5.5 official version released! This version mainly fixes defects and supports Bae deployment andCommunity sync. The b3log community has been launched again. Welcome to come and play:-PFeatures Tag-based document

New version installed on the National Day: two major Linux releases released new version

Install the new version on the National Day: the new version of the two major Linux releases-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. Read the following for details. Fedora and Ubuntu are also known as the two major

JEECG Framework 3.5.0 GA new version finally released, the heavyweight function (data access, internationalization, multi-data

JEECG Framework 3.5.0 GA New release finally released, heavyweight features (data access, internationalization, multi-data source),this year the team will strive to continuously launch a new version, I hope you support!! Post

ASP. net mvc 1.0 RC version released

[Original address] ASP. net mvc 1.0 Release Candidate now available[Original article posting date] Tuesday, January 27,200 Today, we have released a candidate version (RC) for ASP. net mvc 1.0 Final version ). Click here to download (Note: This

OpenCenterRC version is released, new invitation registration, php open source user and background management system _ PHP Tutorial

OpenCenterRC version is released, with invitation to register new users, php Open Source users, and background management systems. OpenCenterRC was released and invited to register. php open-source users and background management systems are

New community stable version 5.0.75 of MySQL5.0 series is released! _ MySQL

Although MySQL5.1 has released GA after 5.1.30, it is clear that development of the 5.0 series has not been stopped officially, A new community stable version 5.0.75 has been released on the MySQL ftp server this morning. this is a bug fix for 5.0.67

The new UAP version and uap version have been released.

The new UAP version and uap version have been released. Recently, we updated the previously released blog Park UAP. At the request of many users, we added the login and Display account favorites functions and used the newly added APIs of the blog

Now the new version of Sina Weibo SDK for. NET 2.0/3.5/4.0 supports all versions of the. NET Framework! Sina Weibo SDK for. Net 4.0 version 2 web demo released Sina Weibo SDK for. net

Thank you for your support. Since many friends in the QQ Group recently proposed to support the SDK. net2.0/3.5 and vs2008 requests, so I specifically published a request for vs2008 and based on the principle of serving the society. the SDK

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