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How to modify the Nginx source code to change the time format of the access log

Because the company leader said that the Nginx access log should be stored in the database, and then analyzed using the program, but the Nginx access log Time format is: [17/jun/2013:14

Modify nginx source code to change the access log time format

The company leader said that nginx access logs should be stored in the database and analyzed using programs. However, the time format of nginx access logs is: [17/Jun/2013: 14: 42: 13 + 0400] This format cannot be saved to the dat

Nginx Access log Format

$time The local time in _iso8601 ISO8601 standard format.$time The local time in the _local common log format.When we configure the access log, we generally follow the default format, but I think it is more intuitive to change the $time_local to $time_iso8601.Log_format Main

Nginx log configuration nginx log is recorded in JSON format

First, let's take a look at nginx log configurationLogs are advantageous for troubleshooting statistics. This article summarizes nginx log-Related configurations such as access_log, log_format, open_log_file_cache, log_not_found, log_subrequest, rewrite_log, and error_log.Nginx has a flexible logging mode. Each con

Nginx Log error log and access log and log segmentation

Nginx has not modified nginx.conf, general access logs are placed in the httpd block thatModify nginx.conf Add yellow section worker_processes 1; error_log logs/error.log error; Events { worker_connections; } http { include mime.types; default_type Application/octet-stream; Log_format main ' $remote _addr-$remote _user [$time _local] "$request" '' $status $body _bytes_sent ' $http _referer '' "$htt

Nginx Log File Format and cut Log File

Nginx Log File Format and cut Log File As a Web server, logs are indispensable and need to be viewed frequently. This article introduces how to customize the log format in Nginx and use

Nginx access log polling and nginx log polling

Nginx access log polling and nginx log polling Nginx access log polling and cutting script 1 #!/bin/sh 2 Dateformat=`date +%Y%m%d` 3 Based

Nginx log format and custom log Configuration

Nginx log format and custom log Configuration Nginx logs include access logs and error logs. The access log records the users, pages, user b

Nginx error Nginx: [Emerg] Unknown log format "main"

Fault Description:Reported error after adding Nginx sub-configuration file: [Emerg] Unknown log format "main"Unable to reload, carefully review the configuration without syntax errors after debugging to find that the definition of Log_format is written to the bottom of the HTTP module, causing the child configuration file to be unrecognized.The wrong wordinginclu

Record the parameter value of the POST request in Access log of the Nginx log

request are stored in the HTTP header, so modifying the header's size limit can certainly solve the problem of too long a request string.Mobile Internet industry development process, the service side often need to check whether to receive the request, received what kind of request, the simplest way is to see Nginx access log, common

Python parses the same IP first access time and last access time inside the Nginx log

ip_count_first=[] #仅出现一次的IP + Time collection ip_count_many=[] #出现多次 ip first time Second time collection print ("Welcome to NGINX log analysis Gadget!!!!") ") Print (" function one: Count the number of times per IP access ")" "" Withopen ("Newlog.txt", "R") asngfile: forlineinngfile:iptime=line.split (' ') [0] ip=iptime.split ('-') [0]time =iptime.split (' [

Nginx Log Log_format format

log_json , where, main for normal text format, log_json JSON format. It log_json is actually a JSON string that is constructed by hand. Once you have defined the log format for JSON, you can specify that access log is in JSON

Nginx Access Log Log Statistics Analysis common commands

Tags: nginx access log log statistical analysis of common commandsNginx Access log Log Statistics Analysis Common command Nginx

Analysis of Nginx log format

(destination URL address). Such as: The above example of the/....8. Request method (get or post, etc.). Example: The GET in the previous example9. Request the URL address (remove the host section). such as:/html/test.html in the above example10. Request Status (status code, 200 indicates success, 404 means the page does not exist, 301 means permanent redirect, etc.), the status code can be found on the Internet related articles, no longer repeat. such as: "200" in the above example11. Request p

Shell parsing nginx Access log log

Tags: Specify BSP statistics nginx print Log time period nbsp accessStatistics the most visited IP1. Tail-n 10000 Xxaccess_log | Cut-d ""-F 1 |sort|uniq-c|sort-rn|head-10 |more2.tail-n 10000 Xx-access_log | awk ' {print '} ' |sort|uniq-c|sort-rn|head-10 | MoreStatistics the most visited URLsTail-n 10000 Xx-access_log |awk ' {print $7} ' | sort|uniq-c| sort-rn| head-10 | MoreSpecify the most visited URLs for

Log_format setting the log format for Nginx

Nginx server Log related instructions are mainly two, one is Log_format, used to set the log format,Another is access_log, used to specify the log file storage path, format and cache size, generally in the

Homemade PHP Log class that mimics Apache access log file format

'); Request route$ref = (isset ($_server[' http_referer '))? $_server[' Http_referer ']: '-');Request protocol Type$rprotocol = $_server[' Server_protocol ');Requesting the browser's user browser information$ragent = Empty ($_server[' http_user_agent ')? ' Unknown ': $_server[' http_user_agent ';$durl = $_server[' Request_uri ');$LOGSTR = Self::getrealip (). ''. $uhost. ' '. $rtime. ' "'. $rmethod. ' '. $ref. '. $rprotocol. ' " '. $ragent. ' '. $durl. ' \ r \ n ";if (!file_exists ($this->root_p

Nginx Shield F5 Heartbeat log, specify IP access log _nginx

Copy Code code as follows: Location/{ Proxy_redirect off; Proxy_set_header Host $host; Proxy_set_header X-real-ip $remote _addr; Proxy_set_header x-forwarded-for $proxy _add_x_forwarded_for; Proxy_pass HTTP://MMT; if ($remote _addr!= {Access_log/var/log/nginx/nginx_access_abres.log;}} Note: is the F5 intranet address. The following configuration was te

command to parse the Nginx access log log

Label:Statistics the most visited IP1. Tail-n 10000 Xxaccess_log | Cut-d ""-F 1 |sort|uniq-c|sort-rn|head-10 |more2.tail-n 10000 Xx-access_log | awk ' {print '} ' |sort|uniq-c|sort-rn|head-10 | MoreStatistics the most visited URLsTail-n 10000 Xx-access_log |awk ' {print $7} ' | sort|uniq-c| sort-rn| head-10 | MoreSpecifies the most visited URL for IP statistics tail-n xx-access_log | grep ' ' |awk ' {print $7} ' | sort|uniq-c| sort-rn| head-10 | More

Linux timed cut Nginx access logs and delete log records before a specified number of days

Description Operating system: CentOS Site 1:bbs. Site 2:sns. Nginx Installation path:/usr/local/nginx Nginx configuration file path:/usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf Site 1 configuration file path:/usr/local/nginx/conf/vhost/ Site

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