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Zabbix Nginx error log monitoring

Customize the key value to match the number of Nginx error log occurrences 1 minutes ago.Nginx_error_log Log Format:2016/12/05 21:01:29 [ERROR] 13672#0: *440841 open () "/data/didipingang/steel-front/js/libs/ "failed (2:no

Nginx error log file Error.log Common errors detailed description

We often encounter a variety of nginx error logs, usually based on some nginx error log can be analyzed for reasons. However, it is not very systematic, here on the Internet to see a data or comparison of the system on the nginx of the Error.log

Nginx denies specified IP access

Source: Idle to Nothing, landing server, found that there is an IP constant guessing path, trying to upload files to the server (Trojan). So look at the previous log, helpless humble station was

Run LNMP Environment Interface 502,nginx error log hint/run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock failed in Docker

Docker running LNMP development Environment, interface report 502 error into Docker Docker exec-it Createid Bash Error message: 2017/06/26 14:45:14 [Crit] 11#11: *21 connect () to Unix:/run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock failed (2:no such file or

Nginx Error Log analysis

# more Nginx/error.log 2010/08/18 14:42:19 [ERROR] 18256#0: *264534 readv () failed (104:connection reset by Peer) W Hile reading upstream, client:6.217.2 36.22,, Request: "get/list/index/rcreated/http/1.0", UPS Tream: "fastcgi:

Nginx error log causes of a large number of 502-no live upsteams errors and

If a 502 Bad GateWay error occurs in nginx, the program may fail or the response may be slow. However, sometimes Nginx itself has problems. For example, after nginx is restarted, all accesses are 502 errors. The error log contains a large number of

Nginx rejects the configuration of a specified IP address to access the website

Nginx rejects access from a specified IP address is actually very simple. Let's look at the simple configuration.In the following example, all connections are rejected:Location /{# The Error 403 will always be output here.Deny all;# These commands

Problems encountered during deployment (1)

Deployment problems encountered by nginx --> permission deny[03/Aug/2014: 06: 07: 44 + 0800] "Get/static/blog/JS/Bootstrap. js http/1.1 "403 198" http: //"" Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) applewebkit/537.36 (khtml,

Problems encountered during deployment (I): problems encountered during deployment

Problems encountered during deployment (I): problems encountered during deployment Deployment problems encountered by Nginx --> permission deny[03/Aug/2014: 06: 07: 44 + 0800] "GET/static/blog/js/bootstrap. js HTTP/1.1 "403 198" http:

Website periodic Error 500

The website server is developed in nginx and php. The website has encountered a 500 error every weekend, and the nginx error log is not recorded. Generally, it appears when the POST form is submitted, and access to other pages is normal. Note: There

Nginx configure proxy for Internet access

1 Nginx introduction Nginx is similar to Apache & amp; 20284;. in the past, the lab network was unrestricted, while many foreign websites in the dormitory could not be opened, and both the dormitory and lab were on the campus network, this allows

Installation notes for Centos-6.3-x86_64minimal Mini Edition-Nginx

Install Nginx1261, download Nginxwgethttp: nginxorgdownloadnginx-126targz2, unzip tar-vzxfnginx-126targz3, compile configure -- prefix = usrlocalnginx -- pid-pat Install Nginx 1.2.61 and download Nginx # wget

Environment configuration of cakephp

Cakephp is a beginner in environment configuration. He is currently working on a project and has not completed it all day. he is very anxious. Environment: Linux (el7) + nginx (1.6.2) + mysql (5.6.23) + php (5.4.39) + cakephp (2.6.0) The web

LNMP Optimization and problem summary

Nginx error log: PHP fastcgi connection Timeout, view nginx and PHP-FPM timeout value no problem error message (nginx error log): 2012/06/03 11:24:02 [ERROR] 920#0: * 6197285 upstream timed out (110:connection timed out) while reading the header

Nginx working principle and configuration details

I. nginx Introduction Nginx (pronounced engine-x) is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy, as well as an IMAP/POP3 proxy server. igor Sysoev started development of nginx in 2002, with the first public release in 2004.

Install and build the website architecture with source code

I haven't written some blogs for a long time. I just found my job. I had the honor to participate in the splitting project of my company's website in a few days. Today I wrote these things to familiarize myself with the source code installation

Basic configuration of Nginx server

: This article mainly introduces the basic configuration of the Nginx server. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, refer to it. # For more information on configuration, see: # * Official English Documentation: *

Build lnmp environment in Ubuntu and lnmp in ubuntu

Build lnmp environment in Ubuntu and lnmp in ubuntu1. Install nginx Install Sudo apt-get install nginx Service start, stop, and restart /Etc/init. d/nginx start /Usr/sbin/nginx-c/etc/nginx. conf /Etc/init. d/nginx stop /Etc/init. d/nginx

Install Nginx in CentOS and implement web functions

NginxInstall and implement web functions Nginx is a web server tool developed by Russians. It is mainly a server that implements reverse proxy acceleration for the third largest portal website in Russia. Nginx can only implement reverse proxy

Nginx + LuaJIT + Redis compilation and configuration tutorial

Recently, the local development machine is required to simulate the server environment. The initial requirement is to set up the configuration of Nginx + Luajit + Redis combination, this blog uses the same configuration method in the host where it

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