nginx http user agent

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14.Nginx anti-theft chain &nginx access control &nginx parsing PHP related configuration &nginx agent

[TOC]One, nginx anti-theft chain: 1. To open a configuration file:Add the following configuration file:[[email protected] ~]# cd /usr/local/nginx/conf/vhost/[[email protected] vhost]# vim } # location ~

Nginx Architecture Analysis

Nginx (pronounced "engine X") is a free open source Web server software developed by Russian software engineer Igor Sysoev. Nginx was released in 2004, focusing on high performance, high concurrency, and low memory consumption issues. And with a

Nginx reverse proxy, load balancing, Redis session sharing, keepalived high availability

Resources to use: Nginx Primary server One, Nginx standby server, use keepalived for downtime switching. Tomcat server two, by Nginx reverse proxy and load balancing, here can build server cluster. Redis server, used for session separation and

Nginx Google Agent module (ngx_http_google_filter_module)

Two sentences. all the way to the present, inseparable from the support of everyone!Many friends have asked me through various ways: "You do not open source ah ..."First of all to apologize to those friends ah, in fact, I do not want to open

Nginx Server Basic module configuration and use of the full Raiders _nginx

1. Install Nginx1.1 Select stable versionwe compile and install Nginx to customize our own modules, machine CentOS 6.2 x86_64. First install the missing dependency pack: # yum-y Install gcc gcc-c++ make libtool zlib zlib-devel OpenSSL

Nginx map instruction Matching User Agent Custom Value Example

This article describes knowledge about user-agent and the use of the Nginx Map directive to match the user Agent custom values with regular expressions, and there are many things you can do by capturing UA custom values, one of which is to have a

Nginx Server Installation and configuration file introduction _nginx

Nginx in the work already has several environments in use, each time is to go to the Internet to look for the blog, each kind of compiling configuration, today oneself also compiles a installment document and the nginx.conf configuration option

Nginx Reverse Proxy Server Load balancer page cache URL rewriting and read/write splitting

Nginx Reverse Proxy Server Load balancer page cache URL rewriting and read/write splitting Outline I. Preface II. Environment preparation 3. install and configure Nginx Iv. reverse proxy for Nginx 5. Load Balancing for Nginx Vi. Nginx page

Nginx Streaming Media Support configuration

Nginx is a short, very powerful Web server that can also be used as a reverse proxy server and a mail server. In addition Nginx can also be used to build a simple streaming media server. Based on this, this article describes the construction of a

Nginx agent function and load balance detailed explanation

nginx agent function and load balance detailed explanation Preface Nginx's agent function and load balancing function are most commonly used, about Nginx basic grammar and configuration has been explained in the previous article, this is to come

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