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PHP Performance Tuning---PHP-FPM Configuration and Usage Summary

PHP-FPM Configuration and Usage Summary:PHP-FPM is a PHP fastcgi manager, which is actually a patch of PHP source code, designed to introduce fastcgi process management into the PHP package, we have to patch it into the PHP source code, and then

Optimization Techniques of NGINX+PHP-FPM

This article mainly introduces the nginx+php-fpm of the optimization skills, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to Summary of NGINX+PHP-FPM optimization techniques here is a piece of article

Nginx + php (fpm) to improve concurrency tuning practices

I heard that nginx has better concurrent performance than apache, and I want to test it. I have installed nginx and php-fpm and tested it with AB. The results show that nginx has better performance than apache in requesting static files. However, if

"Original" NGINX+PHP-FPM Optimization skills Summary ____php

PHP-FPM installation is simple, see PHP (PHP-FPM) manual compilation installation. The following is mainly about how to improve the performance of NGINX+PHP-FPM. 1.Unix domain Socket communication A brief introduction to UNIX domain socket this

PHP-FPM parameter configuration introduction and parameter optimization instructions for Linux _php tips

This article mainly explains the php-under Linux FPMSome important parameters of the Chinese detailed description, and detailed introduction of the php- FPMIntroduction to performance-related parametric optimizations Let's take a look at php- FPMA

Introduction to PHP-FPM parameter configuration and explanation of parameter optimization under Linux

This paper mainly explains some important parameters of PHP-FPM under Linux, and introduces in detail the PHP-FPM parameter optimization of performance. php-fpm.conf Important Parameters Detailed PID = Run/设置, the default is

PHP-FPM Introduction and Configuration

What is PHP-FPM?The full name is the PHP fastcgi process Manager, the PHP fastcgi processes manager, which dynamically evokes the CGI process and destroys it to reach dynamic tuning CGI numbers compared to the fastcgi static arousal CGI,FPM, based

PHP Nginx MySQL High concurrency tuning small test

Project requirements to achieve a free ticket to the function, involving high concurrency problems, research for a few days, record down, welcome workers throw Bricks ~ ~The entire project is the Php+nginx+mysql architecture, since PHP is blocked

Which of the following is better for Nginx vs Apache?

Which of the following is better for Nginx vs Apache? Nginx vs Apache What is the Nginx web and proxy server and how does it compare to Apache? Shocould you use one of these servers or both? Here we recommend e some answers to these questions. What

PHP and PHP-FPM configuration file optimization

Preface: Take this idle, to record the PHP and php-fpm configuration file optimization, but also easy to review their own later. First of all, PHP. 1. php Script Execution time Max_execution_time = 30 This option sets the maximum execution time for

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