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Nginx rewrite rewrite rules and anti-theft chain configuration method Tutorial Detailed _nginx

Introduction: Nginx rewrite rewrite rules and anti-theft chain configuration method, rewrite rule format flag tags in several forms, hotlinking return 403 error, allow the domain name directly following the second row of the domain name.

Nginx Rewrite Rules, nginxrewrite Rewrite

Nginx Rewrite Rules, nginxrewrite Rewrite The main function of Rewrite is to rewrite the URL. The Rewrite function of Nginx is to use the

Nginx common pseudo-static rules (rewrite)-Discuz X3.2-WordPress-PHPCMS-ECSHOP-SHOPE, nginx-discuz

Nginx common pseudo-static rules (rewrite)-Discuz X3.2-WordPress-PHPCMS-ECSHOP-SHOPE (convert), nginx-discuz When we switch from an apache server to an Nginx server, their pseudo-static rules are different. Therefore, you are fami

Nginx Rewrite Rules

Recently, I tried to configure and install a website on VPs. VPs installed lnmp (Linux + nginx + MySQL + PHP) and often encountered some problems during rule resetting, directly using Apache rules to nginx does not work. In the past, Apache rewrite rules to

Nginx pseudo-static configuration and a collection of common rewrite pseudo-static rules _nginx

Nginx in the use of pseudo static is directly in the nginx.conf write rules, do not need to be like Apache to open the Write module (mod_rewrite) in order to perform pseudo static. Nginx only need to open the nginx.conf configuration file, write the required rules in the server. Copy Code code as follows:

Comparison between Nginx Rewrite Rules and apache

Comparison between nginx rewrite Rules and apache Commands related to nginx rewrite Rules include if, rewrite, set, return, and break. rewrite

Nginx rewrite rules How to configure?

In the process of URL optimization, it is unavoidable to involve nginx rewrite rules. So how is the Nginx rewrite configured?Rewrite can be found in 4 places: ngx_http_srv_conf,ngx_http_sif_conf,ngx_http_loc_conf,ngx_http_lif_conf

Learning notes for Rewrite rules in Nginx

Routing overrides are a very important basic feature of the Web server. By routing rewriting, you can structure URLs and be more semantic (useful for SEO). In addition, the sharing of the URL may be due to the program routing changes in the URL invalidation, and route rewriting can be a good solution to such problems. The proper use of the rewrite function can bring us a lot of benefits. The functionality of rewr

Comparison between Nginx Rewrite rules and apache

Nginx's rewrite rewrite rules vs Apache Nginx rewrite rules related directives have if, rewrite, set, return, break, etc., where rewrite is

Analysis of rewrite pseudo-static rules in Apache and Nginx

1. Nginx Rewrite rules related directives Nginx rewrite rules related directives have if, rewrite, set, return, break, etc., where rewrite

Open-source program nginx rewrite rules/CI/yii/CakePHP/Symfony/wordpress/Drupal

CI nginx Rewrite rules server {Listen 80;server_name;root/data/site/;Index index.php;Error_log Log/error.log;# Set expiration of assets to MAX for cachingLocation ~*. (ico|css|js|gif|jpe?g|png) (? [0-9]+)? $ {Expires Max;Log_not_found off;}# main CodeIgniter rewrite ruleLocation/{Tr

Nginx+tomcat cluster configuration (4)--rewrite rules and multi-application root setup Ideas

Objective:There is a very important concept in Nginx, which is the rewrite rule. It modifies the URL and then makes internal redirects. Rewrite granted Nginx more freedom, making the post-service access more local.This article will briefly describe the rewrite

Linux Nginx rewrite rules working notes

supported) the server does not support the HTTP protocol version used in the request. Rewrite logo bit: # # #Nginx URL rewrite will still be rewrite check, up to retry 10 times, if 10 times are still not terminated will return HTTP CODE 500### Break: Stops rewrite detect

On the rules of Nginx rewrite

nginx rewrite (nginx URL address rewrite)Rewrite main function is to implement the URL rewrite, nginx Rewrite

Nginx rewrite rules and usage introduction and techniques examples _nginx

or http/1.1.Server_addr #服务器地址, this value can be determined once the system call has been completed.server_name #服务器名称.Server_port #请求到达服务器的端口号. Seven The correspondence between Apache and Nginx rules The rewritecond of Apache corresponds to the Nginx ifThe rewriterule of Apache corresponds to the rewrite of Nginx.

Nginx Rewrite rules

/resizer/bla.jpg?width=500height=400 address and will continue to attempt to match the location.Examples of two-layer redirects similar to PhalconServer {Listen the; server_name localhost; #charset Koi8-R; Access_log logs/Localhost.access.log Main; Location/{root d:/WebRoot; Index index.html index.htm index.php; } #error_page404/404. html; # REDIRECT Server error pages to the static page/50x.html error_page - 502 503 504/50x.html; Location= /50x.html {root html; } # Proxy The PHP s

Nginx Rewrite rules

/server-12-12-12-12.html,The actual access is Disable access to a directoryLocation ~ ^/(cron|templates)/{Deny all; Break}7. Access different content for different browsersif ($http _user_agent ~ Chrome) {Rewrite ^ (. *) $/data/index.html break;}8. Customizing the shelf life time of a file of a certain typeLocation ~* \. (js|css|jpg|jpeg|gif|png|swf) $ {if (-f $request _filename) {Expires 1h;Break}}

Nginx Rewrite Rules for Bo-blog 2.1.1 [original]

[Author: Zhang banquet this article version: V1.1 final modification: 2009.12.01 reprinted please indicate the original article link:] Bo-blog is a single-user blog program developed using PHP. My blog also uses Bo-blog. I personally think it is much better to typeset and use Bo-blog than WordPress, but it is not as scalable as WordPress. Many of my friends asked me how to write the nginx

CodeIgniter Rewrite Rules in nginx

CodeIgniter on nginx and find that all the pages except the homepage are 404, it must be a Rewrite rule error. Many of the rules found on the Internet seem useless. Here is a Rewrite rule available for CodeIgniter in nginx (index. php is not removed ). Location/{if (-f $

Wordpress 3.0 rewrite Rules in nginx

Wordpress 3.0 rewrite Rules in nginx The multi-site feature has been enabled in wordpress recently, and the test is normal. However, when I insert an image in the article, I encountered a problem. Follow the previous installation settings. One step is to create the blogs. dir directory under the wp-content directory to store the files uploaded by the user. When a

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