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The Nginx server uses rewrite to rewrite the URL to implement a pseudo static example _nginx

After searching and testing on the Internet, it is found that the rewrite rules of Nginx and the Rewite rules of Apache are not very different, and can be used almost directly. Like writing rules like this in Apache. Rewrite ^/([0-9]{5}). html$/viewthread.php?tid=$1 last; Writing in Nginx is impossible to

Nginx config URL rewrite

becomes the new URL when the redirect is requested. Data sharing When a request is forwarded, the forwarded page and the forwarded page can share the data in the request, and the data cannot be shared when the redirect is requested. Application scope Request forwarding is typically used when a user logs on, and is forwarded to the appropriate place according to the role. Request redirection is typical

Nginx configuration detailed-url rewrite, reverse proxy, load balancer

queuesWorker_connections 1024;}http{#日志格式定义Log_format Main ' $remote _addr-$remote _user [$time _local] "$request" '' $status $body _bytes_sent ' $http _refer '' "$http _user_agent" "$http _x_forward_for";#Linux内存 operating system and drivers run at the kernel level, applications run at the user levelSendfile on;Keepalive_timeout 65;#启用压缩功能gzip on;#反向代理缓存目录Proxy_cache_path/data/proxy/cache levels=1:2 keys_zone=cache_one:500m inactive=1d max_size=1g;#负载均衡Upstream My_server_pool {Server 192.168.1

Detailed Nginx rewrite and location_nginx based on URL parameters

; Proxy_busy_buffers_size 64k; Proxy_temp_file_write_size 64k; } The rewrite configuration here mainly describes the following points: Rewrite usage: Rewrite regular replacement flag bit The first row configuration and the second row configuration order cannot be reversed, because the ngin

Nginx URL Rewrite

code is as follows: server {server_name;if ($host! = ' ') {Rewrite ^/(. *) $$1 permanent;}...}The second method:Copy CodeThe code is as follows: server {server_name;Rewrite ^/(. *)$1 permanent;}Test the first method OK, in both methods, permanent is the key, detailed description of the

Apache Nginx URL Address rewrite

:// Comparison of Apache and NginxThe URL rewrite logic for the same effect that the two servers implement is a comparison chart:Same point:Use common regular syntax for URL matching.Different points:NGINGX cannot be used and the statement. You need to use a SET statement to handle it.The corresponding tags and

URL rewrite of Cento7+nginx

URL rewrite of Cento7+nginxOur previous article wrote a Cento7+nginx reverse proxy implementation of multi-domain jump, today mainly introduce the Cento7+nginx URL rewrite,Hostname:a-s.ixmsoft.comip: ServerWe

thinkphp nginx php-fpm url rewrite cause 404 errors, thinkphpnginx_php tutorial

thinkphp nginx php-fpm url rewrite causes 404 error, Thinkphpnginx thinkphp nginx php-fpm url rewrite cause 404 error The previous thinkphp system was deployed on Apache, considering that the concurrency performance of

Nginx Config URL rewrite

The equals type (=) has the highest precedence. Once the match succeeds, no other matches are found. An ^~ type expression. Once the match succeeds, no other matches are found. The priority of the regular expression type (~ ~*). If more than one location has a regular match, the longest regular expression will be used. The regular string match type. Match by prefix. Example-Fake address mask true addressserver { # 用 xxoo_admin 来掩饰 admin location / { # 使用br

PathInfo and URL rewrite mode with thinkphp supported under Nginx

here's how to make Nginx support thinkphp pathinfo and URL rewrite mode. 1, Thinkphp gives the official solution of thinkphp, as follows:Open Nginx configuration file/etc/nginx/nginx.cof is generally in this path, depending on your installation path may vary. If you configur

thinkphp nginx php-fpm url rewrite cause 404 error

thinkphp nginx php-fpm url rewrite cause 404 error The previous thinkphp system was deployed on Apache, considering that the concurrency performance of Nginx was much more powerful than Apache, so the thinkphp system was redeployed in NGINX+PHP-FPM mode on CentOS, and the r

thinkphp nginx php-fpm url rewrite causes 404 exceptions

thinkphp nginx php-fpm url rewrite cause 404 error thinkphp nginx php-fpm url rewrite cause 404 error The previous thinkphp system was deployed on Apache, considering that the concurrency performance of

Linux--nginx Domain binding-url rewrite

Enter/usr/local/nginx/confEdit nginx.conf bound domain name: Add a server element, the changed configuration content may be as follows: Server{listen ; server_name;index index.html index.htm index.php;root/home/wwwroot;location ~ *\. (PHP|PHP5)? ${fastcgi_pass unix:/tmp/php-cgi.sock;fastcgi_index index.php;include fcgi.conf;} Location/status {stub_status On;access_logoff;}location ~. *\. (gif|jpg|jpeg|png|bmp|swf) ${expires 30d; }lo

nginx-thinkphp How to implement URL rewrite

thinkphp How to Implement "http://localhost/index.php?/module/Operation quo ... Change to "http://localhost/module/operation" I want to change the URL into this form, it will look comfortable, but I do not know how to achieve. Is the CONIFG inside add parameter, or in Nginx inside with rewrite? Reply content: thinkphp How to Implement "http://localhost/index

"Nginx rewrite URL" when the project has multiple portal files

In order to make the URL more beautiful, we do not want to see the URL of the word php (forced gecko).However, when our PHP project has multiple entry files, (if there are index.php, admin.php, app.php, api.php four entry files), in the non-processing state, the URL will show such a

ThinkPHP5.0 Linux apache/nginx Rewrite URL configuration

This article mainly introduces about ThinkPHP5.0 Linux Apache/nginx rewrite URL configuration, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to Author system is ubuntu,centos and other Linux distributions please change your ownPHP Framework is ThinkPHP5.0, the official document is somewhat vague, so I added a bit

Nginx rewrite URL examples with and without redirect address

Original address: Http:// can handle the rewrite parameter differently, depending on the destination syntax.Here is some examples how to define redirects and URLs rewrites in Nginx.server {server_name www.example.

Log Nginx and PHP after installation of the URL rewrite, access to the blank and hidden index.php file operation method

configuration file  Location ~. php$ { root html; Fastcgi_pass; Fastcgi_index index. php; Fastcgi_param $document _root$fastcgi_script_name# Newinclude # New}3. Hide the entry fileA. If the code is in the root directory that the domain name points to, then// ... omit part of the code if $request _filename ) { rewrite ^ (. *) $ /index.php?s=$1 last ; Break ; }}B. If

Ubuntu nginx configuration thinkphp pathinfo and URL rewrite mode _nginx

Overview In the previous article Nginx configuration thinkphp support URL Rewrite has described how to configure Nginx thinkphp URL Rewrite, but for some special reasons, this is the CentOS platform. The server environment must u

Nginx How to rewrite the static form of the URL as dynamic?

I use lumen to make the API excuse, the URL is static, similar to this: Https:// ... The ID here is the required parameter. But when I call this interface, the pass-through parameter uses this URL format: Https:// ... Can I change the URL format to support directly in Laravel or lumen? The form of a query? Or in the

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