nifi cluster setup

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REDIS3 cache cluster (cluster) setup

[ 1 ]: Leaving directory '/data/crm/crmweb/redis-3.2 .0 /src Make: * * [ALL] error 2 Workaround: The reason is that the jemalloc memory allocator is not installed, you can install Jemalloc or directly enter make MALLOC=LIBC makes installCluster Connectivity Issue 1:After the cluster was successfully built, a local tomcat application was introduced to access the cache cluster, and the following errors

Centos 6.5 redis cluster cluster setup

Centos 6.5 redis cluster cluster setup Reference article: Redis learning Note (14) Redis cluster Introduction and construction Preface There are two ways to create a Redis cluster in general: 1. Use the Redis replication feature to replicate Redis and read and write separat

Redis cluster cluster setup steps and Considerations

| grep redis view run statussudo netstat-tunpl | grep 6379 to see if the port number is occupiedsudo/etc/init.d/networking Restart the command to restart the NIC--Configure the networkModify the local network: Virtual machine settings Network complete OK, start the virtual machine, open Network and Sharing Center-local connection-Properties-Internet Protocol IPV4,Configure the virtual machine IP address (as shown in 4.4-3, typically the same as the host network segment) according to the local n

MongoDB sharding Cluster Setup

node in our cluster. A replica set is a node for cluster. Because at any moment, only the primary in the replica set can accept the write operation. So in order to play cluster , we need to add more than one replica set so that MONGOs can read and write multiple replica sets in parallel. Refer to the replica set deployment document to create the new replica set

MySQL Cluster Setup Tutorial-Basic article

failures or to recover automatically from failures without the need for operator intervention. By moving applications on a failed server to a backup server, the cluster system can increase uptime to more than 99.9%, significantly reducing server and application downtime.High manageability: System administrators can remotely manage one or even a group of clusters as if they were in a standalone system."Disadvantage"We know that the application in the

Kafka 0.9+zookeeper3.4.6 Cluster Setup, configuration, new Java Client Usage Essentials, high availability testing, and various pits (i)

automatically shutdown, do not know whether it is the OS problem or SSH problem or Kafka own problems, Anyway, I switched to-daemon mode to start Kafka without automatically shutdown after disconnecting the shell. 4) Create a topic named Test with two partitions and two replicas:bin/,, 2-- Partitions 2--topic TestOnce created, use the following command to view the topic status:bin/kafk

Docker + Redis3 Cluster Environment setup

Docker + Redis3 Cluster Environment setup Topology: Lab objectives: The client accesses the following redis clusters through Container ID: 9cb25bcd52d1 IP Address: port: 7005 7006 Container ID 91dac3ea23c9 IP Address: port: 7003 7004 Container ID e2189fc1d4d9 IP Address: port: 7001 7002 Create a basic rides image, including the basic package, ruby, and redis

Setup of MySQL/MariaDB Galera cluster in Linux

Setup of MySQL/MariaDB Galera cluster in Linux MariaDB Introduction MariaDB is a MySQL Branch maintained by the open-source community. It is developed by MySQL founder Michael Widenius and uses a GPL license. MariaDB is designed to be fully compatible with MySQL, including APIs and command lines, so that it can easily become a substitute for MySQL. For more information, see: Http:// web

Mysql Cluster 7.6.4 Environment setup

---------------------[NDBD (NDB)]???? 2 node (s)Id=2??? @ (mysql-5.7.20 ndb-7.6.4, nodegroup:0, *)Id=3??? @ (mysql-5.7.20 ndb-7.6.4, nodegroup:0)[NDB_MGMD (MGM)] 1 node (s)Id=1??? @ (mysql-5.7.20 ndb-7.6.4)[Mysqld (API)]?? 2 node (s)Id=4??? @ (mysql-5.7.20 ndb-7.6.4)Id=5??? @ (mysql-5.7.20 ndb-7.6.4)The NDB_MGM tool is a NDB_MGMD (MySQL Cluster Server) Client Management tool that allows you to

Redis Note-taking (ii): Java API usage and Redis distributed cluster environment setup

[TOC] Redis Note-taking (ii): Java API use with Redis distributed cluster environment using Redis Java API (i): Standalone version of Redis API usageThe Redis Java API operates through Jedis, so the first Jedis third-party libraries are needed, because the MAVEN project is used, so the Jedis dependency is given first:Basic code exampleThe commands that Redis can provide, Jedis are also provided, and are very similar in use, so here's just some c

Mysql Cluster7.4.12 Distributed Cluster setup

(0.00sec) mysql>insertintot2 VALUES (1, ' Lisan '); queryok,1rowaffected (0.00sec) mysql>select*from t2;+------+-------+|id| name|+------+-------+|1|lisan|+------+-------+1 rowinset (0.00NBSP;SEC)View the T2 table on 204:Mysql> SELECT * FROM t2;+------+-------+|ID |Name |+------+-------+|1 | Lisan |+------+-------+1 row in Set (0.00 sec)When you see the results above, the distributed MySQL data is successfully synchronized.Problems encountered during installation:1, unable to connect with conne

Redis Cluster Setup

the error, install a higher version of the Can, can refer to thank bloggers  2) Next Run the REDIS-TRIB.RB  4. Create a cluster/USR/LOCAL/REDIS/SRC/REDIS-TRID.RB Create--replicas 1 04    Here's a place to watch.1.redis cluster port, need to correspond to release plus 10000 port, for

Redis replication and scalable cluster setup

This article discusses the replication capabilities of Redis and the pros and cons of the Redis replication mechanism itself, as well as cluster setup issues. Overview of the Redis replication processThe Redis replication feature is based on a memory-snapshot-based persistence strategy that we discussed earlier, which means that no matter what your persistence strategy chooses, if you use the Redis replicat

Tomcat Cluster Setup

;; *) Echo "Usage: $ [OPTIONS] " ;;Esac4. Launch Tomcat and HTTPD:Tomcat1/bin/startup. SH tomcat2/bin/startup. SH apache2/bin/run. SH startAfter booting, access to the http://localhost:8080/test/test.jsp through the browser, the page appears normal:So let's find a machine to test the load Balancer performance, the test results are as follows: [[emailprotected] ~/test]$for ((I= 0 ; I1000 ; I++ > do > wget http:// 2>/dev/null > done [[ema

Kafka 0.9+zookeeper3.4.6 Cluster Setup, configuration, new Java Client Usage Essentials, high availability testing, and various pits (ii)

is message51 Can see, re-election after the consumer end also output some logs, meaning that when the offset was submitted found that the current scheduler has been invalidated, but quickly regained the new effective scheduler, the automatic return of the offset auto-commit, Verifying the value of the submitted offset also proves that the offset submission did not cause an error due to leader switching.As above, we also verified the function correctness of the consumer terminal when the single

Setup of redis standalone and cluster Environments

:7001192.168.51.119:7003192.168.51.120:7005Adding replica to replica to replica to c929af23011ce7e6888721845d1d300196c3046f slots:0-5460 (5461 slots) masterS: 60643541639fa838a23708027dfd8f05084fa0bb replicates c330af95e5053ead51943d17b7ede77ff26e357cM: c330af95e5053ead51943d17b7ede77ff26e357c slots

7. Yarn-based Spark cluster setup

use the source command to make the configuration work after configuration is complete.Modifying the path in/etc/environmentEnter the Conf directory for Spark:The first step is to modify the slaves file to open the file first:We have modified the contents of the slaves file to:Step Two: Configure spark-env.shFirst copy the to the the "" fileAdd the following to the end of the fileSlave1 and slave2 Use the same spark installation configuration a

Day 28th: High-Availability load Balancing cluster setup

change the default page display of Nginx, the method mentioned twice before;Rs1: Echo "Rs1rs1" >/usr/share/nginx/html/index.htmlRS2: Echo "Rs2rs2" >/usr/share/nginx/html/index.htmlCan be seen in the browser, but the total problem, not recommended; Go to the command line on Windows or find another server ping Rs1:ifdown eth0 or/etc/init.d/nginx stopView Dir:ipvsadm-ln or IP addr you'll find missing.And ping, will always link rs2, does not show rs1 connection;

Hadoop pseudo-distributed cluster setup and installation (Ubuntu system)

original path to the target path Hadoop fs-cat/user/hadoop/a.txt View the contents of the A.txt file Hadoop fs-rm/user/hadoop/a.txt Delete US The A.txt file below the Hadoop folder under the ER folderHadoop fs-rm-r/user/hadoop/a.txt recursive deletions, folders and filesThe Hadoop fs-copyfromlocal/local Path/destination path is similar to the Hadoop fs-put feature. Hadoop fs-movefromlocal localsrc DST uploads local files to HDFs while deleting local files. Hadoop fs-chown User name: User group

VMware-based virtual Linux cluster setup-lvs + keepalived,-lvskeepalived

VMware-based virtual Linux cluster setup-lvs + keepalived,-lvskeepalivedBuild a virtual Linux cluster based on VMware-lvs + keepalived this article uses keepalived to achieve load balancing between the dual-machine hot backup of the lvs server and the Real Server. There are many blogs in this regard, but the environments for each person to build a

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