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SharePoint Nintex Workflow Workflow Help (iii)

Work flow as3. Assign Flexi Task (commonly used group)It seems to be the most commonly used work flow, which is intuitively understood to mean assigning elastic tasks. We can look at, probably the meaning of approval, have approval and reject branches. Here you can assign tasks to one or more individuals, in order to achieve a specific result, can be set to require full

SharePoint Nintex Workflow Workflow Help (13)

Blog Address Http:// flow asDelegate Workflow Task (User interaction Group)This operation will delegate the unhandled workflow task to the specified user.This action is used for scenarios where an approved task is assigned to a user and the user is still not responding after the deadline, and the task is delegated to other users.For a description of the configuration item:Action IDS

SharePoint Nintex Workflow Workflow Help (iv)

Click on the link to open an articleLet's take a look at the next Configuration tab Ribbon Option:task Notification (used to configure reminders when assigning tasks, reminders when delegating tasks)Edit Settings forConfigure notification settings for the person assigned to the task, which can be configured as a whole or targeted.Allow delegationWhether the person assigned to the task is allowed to delegate the task to someone else.Allow LazyapprovalWhether to allow lazy person

SharePoint Nintex Workflow Workflow Help (ix)

, a random password is generated, otherwise the specified password is entered in the New Password text box.Store generated passwordAutomatically generated passwords can be stored in a workflow's text type variable and used in other operations.Other fieldsSelect a different field to set for the account. Select the field name and click the Add button.Precautions:Account OptionsUse this property to configure the account settings below.User must change password at next logonUser Cannot Change passwo

An exception occurred in nintex -- workflow task.

Problem description: I used the request approval action in nintex. An error occurred after the workflow was started. After searching the log, I found the following information: 10/13/2011 pm Error System Account Exception has been thrown by the target of an

Refer to the enterprise WeChat approval service to implement business approval in the workflow module in the Winform development framework.

According to the enterprise approval business, in the Winform development framework, the workflow module implements business approval and the winform Workflow The current enterprise number has been switched to the enterprise. This is an APP that provides a wide range of enterprise applications, including business

SharePoint 2013 nintex workflow help (1)

For more information about nintex workflow, see SharePoint 2013. The previous articles were based on version 2010 because the SharePoint 2010 version was selected during the previous registration. This time I re-registered a version 2013. View the workflow design view directly. Click settings to create the website workflow

Triggering Nintex workflow using custom conditions

As you know, NW can start by itself, create a new item or change item to trigger, the new version of NW adds the function of conditional, when the list item satisfies certain conditions will Ser, the specific setting method is on the NW design page, in the top Ribbon, select Workflow SettingsMost workflows are triggered when item is modified, so select "conditional" in the "start when items is modified" drop-down menuAfter clicking Conditon, go to the

Approval workflow platform (awfp)-approval permission Design

Approval workflow platform (awfp) Approval permission Design I. Overview: Approval permission refers to the approval permission of the process node, not the operation permission of the process platform; Ii. Purpose: In order to control the

Moss multi-level approval workflow [statemachine] V1.1

Last year, I published a moss multi-level approval workflow, which was developed in a sequential workflow mode. Later, I made some improvements. conditionedactivitygroupactivity replaces the complex nested whileactivity + ifelseactivity, but it is still a sequential workflow. At the end of the second article, I wrote:

Approval workflow system Preview

you have reviewed, xxx waiting for your approval ..., do you know how many user interaction interfaces will appear? In addition, it is time for users to go to Hell to say that they want to increase the approval process. All changes are invasive, and code must be re-written, compiled, released, and rearranged. Oh, my God, "at the end of the day, where is xiangqiu ?". 2For

Approval and signing of workflow modules in WinForm Development Framework (2)

The previous essay introduced the request for leave and reimbursement of two different business forms of the process processing, one is a single table information, a detail of the master-slave table information, the latter contains the processing of conditional processes, in the process of approval, there is generally a process of processing is a sign of the operation, The sign-off process is approved by the approver at the same time in several

U9 Workflow Approval Review times wrong [GetDatabaseInfo Exception]

Description: U9 Workflow Approval Audit error [GetDatabaseInfo Exception]650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_1080584266.png "title=" 20161108 Workflow approval review times wrong [GetDatabaseInfo exception].png "style=" Float:none; "

SharePoint 2013 Visualization Workflow Custom Approval interface

SharePoint 2013 Visualization Workflow Custom Approval interfacewhen using SPD to develop a workflow, the default approval page does not meet the requirements and looks ugly. So customizing this page is a must. The URL to the workflow Ap

How to implement a multilevel approval workflow in SharePoint 2013

Approval Workflow Introduction This demo is based on a multilevel approval workflow. In ancient times upload throne as the scene, altogether divides into 3 stages. When the creator upload throne, the first will be the corresponding superior leadership approval,

Reimbursement multilevel Approval workflow in (state machine version)

The reimbursement multilevel approval workflow in the previous, referring to a specific project on the Web, the project with state machine workflow completed, based on learning reasons, I use sequential workflow, event-driven approach to achieve the same function. Later, I learned the state machine, and realize

Use the general permission framework to develop the workflow approval function.

Use the general permission framework to develop the workflow approval function. It is really easy to use the general permission development workflow approval function. You only need to call the underlying approval and automatic approval

Dynamic signing of moss approval workflow

I haven't updated my blog for a long time .. It may be because I have been busy recently, or because I have too few visits and I have no motivation to write... If you want to see more Article Please harass me a lot !!! Back to the truth:Application scenarios: (5.4 file approval5.4.1 the Management System Manual shall be approved by the General Manager.5.4.2ProgramThe document will be signed by the relevant department manager and approved by the General Manager or manager representative.5.

Multi-level approval using odoo (openerp) Workflow

The hr_expense module of openerp provides the foundation for our expansion.Customer requirement: it should be based on the employee's reimbursement quota to set the approval level (similar to the configuration of Java jbpm workflow), for example: A. Reimbursement of 10 RMB is only available for approval by the superior manager of the employee. B. 1000 RMB for rei

Reimbursement multilevel Approval workflow in

I've been working on a workflow recently, just searching the web for an example of a workflow (wwf+linq) that I've been working with in Moss before, but that's a workflow for Moss, I've been working on B/S architecture, knowing that workflows can be used in many environments, including, which makes me very interested in doing an example like this.

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