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SharePoint Nintex Workflow Workflow Help (iii)

generated by the workflow runtime is stored in which variable, the variable type can be integer, the list item ID, or the collection type.Item PermissionsSet user permission to: Sets the permissions for the workflow association item.When the task is completed, set user permission to: Sets the permissions for the associated project after the task completes.Setting permissions on a project is useful when a t

SharePoint Nintex Workflow Workflow Help (13)

delegated, and the other tasks are set to no need.Delete/disable CRM Record (Integration Group, Enterprise Edition only)This action is used to remove or disable an entity record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM v4.0 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, including user-defined entities.For a description of the configuration item:Dynamics CRM VersionThe version of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server that you want to connect to.Server URLThe URL of the CRM server.Organization NameOrganization name.CredentialsUs

SharePoint Nintex Workflow Workflow Help (iv)

longer repeatingNext Configuration Tab Ribbon option:escalation (for configuring the type of action after a task time-out, with only one configuration item under this tab)There are two options: Delegate task assigns all waiting tasks to the specified user after a specified time. The complete task automatically replies to the set global result after the specified time, and the result may not be included in the possible results in the action settings. This entry occurs after all reminders have be

SharePoint Nintex Workflow Workflow Help (ix)

, a random password is generated, otherwise the specified password is entered in the New Password text box.Store generated passwordAutomatically generated passwords can be stored in a workflow's text type variable and used in other operations.Other fieldsSelect a different field to set for the account. Select the field name and click the Add button.Precautions:Account OptionsUse this property to configure the account settings below.User must change password at next logonUser Cannot Change passwo

SharePoint 2013 nintex workflow help (1)

For more information about nintex workflow, see SharePoint 2013. The previous articles were based on version 2010 because the SharePoint 2010 version was selected during the previous registration. This time I re-registered a version 2013. View the workflow design view directly. Click settings to create the website workflow

An exception occurred in nintex -- workflow task.

Problem description: I used the request approval action in nintex. An error occurred after the workflow was started. After searching the log, I found the following information: 10/13/2011 pm Error System Account Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. Error

Triggering Nintex workflow using custom conditions

As you know, NW can start by itself, create a new item or change item to trigger, the new version of NW adds the function of conditional, when the list item satisfies certain conditions will Ser, the specific setting method is on the NW design page, in the top Ribbon, select Workflow SettingsMost workflows are triggered when item is modified, so select "conditional" in the "start when items is modified" drop-down menuAfter clicking Conditon, go to the

My micro-workflow engine-functional design analysis and examples, workflow examples

My micro-workflow engine-functional design analysis and examples, workflow examplesI. Preface In the previous article, I introduced the workflow model and basic design. In this article, I would like to describe in detail the functions and use examples of this

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