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SharePoint Nintex Workflow Workflow Help (iii)

Work flow as3. Assign Flexi Task (commonly used group)It seems to be the most commonly used work flow, which is intuitively understood to mean assigning elastic tasks. We can look at, probably the meaning of approval, have approval and reject branches. Here you can assign tasks to one or more individuals, in order to achieve a specific result, can be set to require full approval to obtain the results, that is, the function of the sign.Check the configuration.For a description of the configuratio

SharePoint Nintex Workflow Workflow Help (ix)

, a random password is generated, otherwise the specified password is entered in the New Password text box.Store generated passwordAutomatically generated passwords can be stored in a workflow's text type variable and used in other operations.Other fieldsSelect a different field to set for the account. Select the field name and click the Add button.Precautions:Account OptionsUse this property to configure the account settings below.User must change password at next logonUser Cannot Change passwo

SharePoint 2013 nintex workflow help (1)

For more information about nintex workflow, see SharePoint 2013. The previous articles were based on version 2010 because the SharePoint 2010 version was selected during the previous registration. This time I re-registered a version 2013. View the workflow design view dire

SharePoint forms and workflows-Nintex (4)

SharePoint forms and workflows-Nintex (4) Manage workflow constants. Here, you can manage the constants used in the workflow, that is, you can define some constants applied to our workflow. You can select the string plaintext, ciphertext, date, username and password, and num

SharePoint forms and workflows-Nintex (III)

SharePoint forms and workflows-Nintex (III) Jump to the Nintex settings of the website settings. Let's take a look at them one by one. There are a total of 15 settings. In this article, we will first understand the first seven. "Message templates" Information Template, that is, the fixed format of the reminder information. The URL shows that by default, the

SharePoint forms and workflows-Nintex (6)

SharePoint forms and workflows-Nintex (6) In the workflow Action configuration dialog box, click "Edit with Nintex Forms". The settings in the previous article indicate that the Nintex form is missing, so we will create one here. Save the modification. Then we can see

SharePoint forms and Workflows-Nintex articles (vii)

Click on the link to open an articleIn the Workflow design panel, click Close to return to the list page, switch to the Listing tab, and select "Customize the Item form" under "Nintex forms" to enter the form design page.This form design tool is also relatively easy to use, to modify where you can directly double-click to set the appropriate properties, you can design the PC-side, tablet and phone form styl

In-depth introduction to SharePoint-Comparison of third-party workflow engines

But in general I can post thepros and cons of K2, nintex as follows ·1) K2 appears to havethe most mature products. Both are quite pricy, though they aresupposedly reworking their cost model. Their blackpearl product is atrimmedDown version that focuses on SharePoint integration, so hooking extends other lob systems will be limited, but still possible. Allowing theworkflow engine to be separated from t

Cloud collaboration new utility: Microsoft SharePoint online

SharePoint online is a cloud-based version of SharePoint 2010. It provides users with many features of SharePoint 2010, however, you do not need to manage the hardware or software required for scalable and secure collaboration solutions. SharePoint

SharePoint code-free workflow design and development example--transportation reimbursement Process (i)

SharePoint Code-free workflow design and development example--transportation reimbursement Process (i)Category: SharePoint2012-07-21 00:00 13029 People read Comments (9) favorite reports SharePoint Traffic Work Documents Office financial systemDirectory (?) [+]Development environment:(1) SharePoint Designer 2010(2)

SharePoint code-free workflow design and development example--transportation reimbursement Process (i) environment:(1) SharePoint Designer 2010(2) SharePoint Online (Office 365)For information about Office 365 and

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