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Google's self-driving car successfully completed 0.3 million miles of driving without accident

Date: 2012-8-8 Source: Google's self-driving car may be one of the company's most innovative projects. TodayGoogle claims that self-driving cars have completed another milestone, with no accidents leading to 0.3 million miles of driving. At the same timeGoogle also pointed out that there is still a long wa

Test results show that driving a cell phone is more dangerous than driving a car after drinking

According to a test published by the Danish media on the 6 th, driving a mobile phone is more dangerous than driving a drunk drive.A Danish newspaper recently joined forces with the Danish Car Owners Association to test the responses of eight drivers to unexpected phone calls, test their response to the same unexpected situation when

[Turn] Driving schools do not teach knowledge (2) Use the inner mirror to determine the distance between the car

[Autohome with car skills] The rearview mirror is a simple and important part of the car, in the daily driving, the rearview mirror, especially the external mirror use frequency is absolutely the highest, relative to the rearview mirror is easy to be overlooked, even some friends never use the interior rearview mirror. In the previous article we introduced the us

[Turn] Driving schools do not teach knowledge (9) Proper seated position of passengers in the car

[Autohome with car] for the safety of the car we have introduced a lot of previous articles, but the passengers in the safe ride of the relevant precautions are not often concerned. In fact, passengers have a lot to pay attention to during the ride, so today we will talk about the correct posture of passengers in the car. Wrong Posture 1: Put your feet on

Useful car simulation driving software which

A lot of friends want to experience the car experience, but perhaps not that opportunity, after all, the operation of the technical requirements are too high. And without professional training, it is not allowed to go to the car, or at any time there will be dangerous. For this part of the friends why not play in the game to meet their long-cherished wish? Different real analog

Automatic driving ERA digital car has become the largest mobile computer?

In your mind, what are the devices that are crazy about improving their computing power? Is it a mainframe computer that is constantly climbing the peak, or is it a PC that always updates iterations, or is it a phone processor that has a spell on performance and desktop-level CPUs? Secretly told you, the car has been running a lot of computing power. Although most people do not realize this, the process is becoming more and more obvious.而从发展趋势看,汽车在变身为

Google's self-driving car accident, hit by human __ai

Author | Davidzh local time in Friday afternoon, a car accident occurred in an unmanned vehicle of Waymo, a alphabet subsidiary of Google's parent company, on a highway in Arizona, State Chandler, USA. This is another accident in the field of automatic driving after the Uber unmanned vehicle killed a pedestrian. The local news station's live video shows that Waymo's self-

Open source packages on self-driving car

AutowareHttps:// software for Urban Autonomous driving"For safe use, we provide a rosbag-based simulation method for those who does not own real autonomous vehicles."Repo for predicting steering WheelHttps:// implementation based on end-to-end learning for self-driving Cars.The Udacity Open source self-

Wunda Coursera Deep Learning course programming work--autonomous driving-car (4.3)

Autonomous Driving-car Detection Welcome to your Week 3 programming assignment. You'll learn about object detection using the very powerful YOLO model. Many of the "ideas in" notebook are described in the two YOLO et al., Papers:redmon (2016 2640) and RedMon and Farhadi, 2016 ( You'll learnto:-use object detection on a car detec

Moore is driving Watt's car.

Wang Quan: Moore is driving Watt's car Author: zdnet ChinaFriday, July 2 2004 AM Zdnet China July 2 comments (article/Wang Quan ):Life cannot only rely on virtual bits. Let's face the reality! Tired of living in a fast-paced city, you can't afford to relax in the quiet

Photoshop creates a nighttime self-driving car effect-PS tutorial

In this photoshop tutorial, I will introduce you to creating an ancient self-driving car in the middle of the night on a mountain road, but the effect is not terrible, so don't worry, if you are a photoshop enthusiast, try again. In this photoshop tutorial, I will introduce you to creating an ancient self-driving car i

How to solve the problem of "safety" in auto-driving car system by "deep reinforcement learning"? ...

Original source: ArXiv Author: Aidin Ferdowsi, Ursula Challita, Walid Saad, Narayan B. Mandayam "Lake World" compilation: Yes, it's Astro, Kabuda. For autonomous Vehicles (AV), to operate in a truly autonomous way in future intelligent transportation systems, it must be able to handle the data collected through a large number of sensors and communication links. This is essential to reduce the likelihood of vehicle collisions and to improve traffic flow on the road. However, this dependence on

Two-horse driving thread car

In the process of processing data collection, the most common practice is to use the channel loop-driven protocol, and then let the Protocol send and receive data through the device. This method is not suitable for large systems. It will make the system inefficient, especially when reading and writing serial ports, affecting the system's real-time response speed. Another approach is to generate a process for each channel to avoid inefficiency caused by channel polling. The disadvantage of this a

The pictures in the browser show that the car is driving

The pictures in the browser show that the car is driving The general process is as follows: First, the real-time location and video data collected by the two cameras are transmitted to the server during the vehicle driving process. Then, the Server communicates with the browser through the websocket protocol, that is, the status is displayed on the browser pag

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