no of days in 2013

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2013 2014, the days of barefoot running

2013 2014, the days of barefoot runningStarted running at the end of 2012, initially only want to run every day, exercise under the body, did not expect to run a long distance.The day of the 2012 Shanghai Marathon, I as a passer-by onlookers a group

Exchange 2013 Post-configuration tasks

Complete deploymentDeployment based on Deployment Assistant (for learning purposes)Post-configuration tasksAfter you complete a new Exchange 2013 installation, after you add additional Exchange 2013 server roles for an existing Exchange 2013 server,

Outlook is continuously connected and disconnected after Exchange 2007 upgrade to Exchange 2013

The author of the weekend two days for a customer Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013 upgrade, in the upgrade process can be really all kinds of circumstances ah, just started 1 set as an additional domain control of the IBM server down to identify the

Exchange Server 2013 in-place archive

9.1In- Place archiveIn-place archiving helps you regain control of your organization's messaging data without requiring a personal storage (. pst) file, and allows users to access the archive mailbox in Microsoft Outlook 2010 and later and Microsoft

MySQL database backup set up the method of delayed backup (MySQL master-slave configuration) _mysql

Why do I need a delayed backup?Percona-xtrabackup is an excellent tool for incremental backups. The delayed backups we talked about today are also using their products.AB replication was previously mentioned in the MySQL AB replication article.

7 days to go to mvc-ASP. 1th Day

0. PrefaceAs the title "7 days to play to the net mvc" said, this is a series of articles, so will be introduced to everyone 7. " Imagine that one day, you'll start reading from a happy Monday, and then become an ASP. NET MVC developer on the

What are the trends of interface design styles in the 2013?

Trend analysis is not strong, only within the scope of their own knowledge to look for possible design trends, if there are omissions and deficiencies, please add, thank you! PS. In fact, individuals from the heart do not like the follow trend, but

My 2013 Annual Summary

The first topic to be said in 2013 was the fortune-teller's prophecy: The 25-year-old will be transferred once, 27 years old will be transferred once. 2013 is the year of 27 years. Now it's time to verify: 25 years old, I understand that the

Office Version 2013 Experience

Office Version 2013 Experience In Tuesday, Microsoft released the Office family's latest generation of office 2013 Customer preview, looking at the computer's 2007, small weave immediately feel outdated. To keep up with the trend, quickly download

Mobile devices and SharePoint 2013-Part 3rd: Push notifications

Blog Address: Http:// addressIn this series of articles, the author shows an overview of the most significant new features of SharePoint 2013-Support for mobile devices. This series of articles:mobile Devices and

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