no rule to make target

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Makefile rules ③ rule syntax, dependency, wildcard, Directory Search, and target

Rule syntax The syntax format of the rule is as follows: Targets: prerequisites Command ... Or: Targets: prerequisites; command Command ... In the rule, "targets" can be multiple file names separated by spaces, or a tag (for example, "clean" is

Eclipse C/c++ide Compile Make: * * * No rule to make target ' all '. Stop. Solutions

To reprint please indicate the sourcefirst look at the background of the cue message  Make : * * * No rule to do target ' all '. Stop Create a C project on eclipse (note: Empty Project under Project Type:makefile project) Add a C

[New compile kernel] No rule to make target 'menconfig' is prompted during kernel compilation '.

Windows downloaded the linux-2.6.37 kernel source code, copy to the U disk, mounted to the centos 5.5 System in the virtual machine through Mount. You can use Putty to connect to the VM using host-only. Mount the U disk in the/mnt/directory, copy

Make [2]: *** no rule to make target 'drivers/Char/tianc_ LCD .o ', needed by 'drivers/Char/built-

Make [2]: *** no rule to make target 'drivers/Char/tianc_ LCD .o ', needed by 'drivers/Char/built-in.o'. Stop. Make [2]: *** no rule to make target 'drivers/Char/tianc_ LCD .o ', needed by 'drivers/Char/built-in.o'. Stop. Make [1]: ***

Pyke logic programming (15): "rule repository" in the Knowledge Base"

Rule Repository A rule repository is a set of rules. To create a rule repository, you can use your favorite text editor to compile the. krb rule file. A rule repository can contain both forward and reverse inference rules. When a rule

Cocos2d-x compile Andorid Error Make: * * No rule to make target

Recently encountered using Cocos2d-x 3.2 to compile Android project error as follows:Make : * * * No rule to make target '/users/apple/work/project/cocos2d-x/cocos2d-x-3.2/projects/guessmovie/ /.. /..

Eclipse under NDK compilation error No rule to make target

Error performance:Make.exe: * * * No rule to make target '/cygdrive/f/games2014/thumbelinacell/projects/thumbelinacell/ /.. /.. /extensions/assetsmanager/assetsmanager.cpp ', needed by ' obj/local/armeabi/objs/cocos_extension_static/ 

Android compile no rule to make target problem

Today, my colleague passed an Android project but changed the reference, but at compile time, I still get an error:Make: * * * No rule to make target '/users/sha/documents/cocos2d-2.1rc0-x-2.1.2/bozqyj24android/ /..

Iptables rule configuration Add, delete, and modify commands

Introduced Iptables is an IP packet filtering system integrated with the latest version 3.5 Linux kernel. If a Linux system is connected to an Internet or LAN, a server, or a proxy server that connects LAN and the Internet, the system facilitates

Cocos2dx and eclipse cross-compile "make: *** No rule to make target 'all '.

Perform cocos2dx cross-compilation on eclipse. After project./ is imported to eclipse, a disgusting error is reported. Make: *** No rule to make target 'all'. Stop.   I have searched the internet for half a day on English documents

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