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Node. JS Series: (Debug tool) node-inspector Debug node. js App

If you're writing the node. JS code, Node-inspector is a must-have option, much better than node. JS's built-in debugger. It's similar to Chrome's JavaScript debugger.To install with NPM:$ npm install -g node-inspectorThen you need to connect to

How does chrome breakpoint debug JS asynchronously loaded?

How does chrome breakpoint debug JS asynchronously loaded? Preface In our daily development, we often use the powerful console Sources of chrome for code breakpoint debugging,$. GetScriptI cannot find the asynchronous JS Loading Method in Sources. How can I

Use Eclipse to debug Node. js Code

Node. js is based on Google V8, and Google V8 has an Eclipse debugging plug-in that also supports node. js. 1. Install Eclipse debugger for V8 This should be known to anyone who has used Eclipse, but let's simply put it: Select "Install New Software" Click "Add" Location:

Debug node. js in the Chrome developer tools

devtool to replace existing tools such as Nodemon.--watchThis command will be launched in the console of the Chrome Developer tool, and the app.js --watch files we saved will be re-loaded (automatically) to the console via the parameters.By clicking app.js:1 on the link, the program will take Sources us to the relevant line in the tag.In the Sources tag, you can also tap the Cmd/Ctrl + P button to quickly search through all dependent modules. You can even review and

Debug in node. js

Using the console object:console.log (' xxx '); Using node. JS Internal debugger (V8 engine): node Debug xxx.js Refer To: Using Node-inspector:

Debug node. js and JavaScript directly using Chrome devtools (parallel)

good News: Now we can debug node. js with our browser!!!Premise node. js 6.3+, which can be downloaded on the node. JS website; Chrome 55+. If your local chrome is upgraded

[Express + Webstrom] Debug node. JS RESTful Application

Using Webstrom can easily debug the Node applcation.For example, we had an node+express application.Server.js:/**/' use strict '; var expres = require (' Express '); var app = expres (); App.get (function(request, Response) { response.send (200 , "Hello World"); App.listen (3000);All it does just send back a "Hello world" string.What we want are to see how to

Debug Node. JS's auxiliary tool (NodeWatcher)

It seems that fs. watchfile is not supported in Windows. I don't want to use iis node, so I spent some time writing a tool to help debug. This tool can do the following: Monitors changes to all subdirectories in the main js file. restarts the Node process after changes are made. Logs can be output to this tool for view

VS Code debug node. JS Express Website

VS code is a Microsoft produced a cross-platform of the lightweight editor, I do not advertise, want to know their own to search it, in short I like it.: is completed should be automatically added to the environment variables, do not remember, if you do not add the environment variable. Installation finished directly see version:VS code opens the site created in the previous article Rc_web (optional below) Direct desktop shortcut icon launches vs

How to debug node. js

Debugging node. js with Chrome DevTools c:\users\clu\documents\nodeapp\test> node--inspect. \app.jsDebugger listening on WS:// help, See: running at Http:// Open the About:inspect in the C

Front-end Debug various collection-Breakpoint chapter

(version 69), the editor is Vscode (version 1.26.1) Breakpoint Mode One This approach is more commonly used in the browser development tool to find the corresponding source code in the script node inside the line breakpoint First press F12 on the browser page to open the development tool, click on the Sources option, the default is to display

Using Chrome to debug JavaScript breakpoint settings and debugging skills, chromejavascript

can temporarily modify the content in the JS file, save (Ctrl + S) can take effect immediately, combined with the Console and other functions can immediately re-Debug. But note that this modification is temporary, and the modification will be gone after the page is refreshed. Breakpoint in case of exception You can see the button in the interface, which is a swi

Debug---Eclipse Breakpoint Debugging Basics

1. Enter debug mode (basic knowledge list)1. Set breakpoints2. Start the debug mode on the servers side3, run the program, in the background encountered a breakpoint, enter the Debug debugging state=============================scope function Shortcut keysGlobal single-Step return F7Global single-Step skip F6Global sing

Breakpoint settings and debugging techniques for using Chrome to debug JavaScript _javascript tips

corresponding event type, which is interrupted automatically when JavaScript code that triggers the type of event is triggered. debugging shortcut keys Shortcuts in all development tools can be found in the settings in the lower-right corner of the interface. Breakpoint debugging is typically used for F8, F10, F11, or shitf+f11, but the function keys such as F10 on Mac OS may conflict with the system's default shortcut key. It does not matter, the

Cutting Crip debugging skills-breakpoint debugging _ javascript skills-js tutorial

This article introduces breakpoint debugging of javascript Debugging techniques. It mainly describes how to use Firebug, debugger, and debugger to add breakpoint debugging to a program. However, these Debugging techniques do not rely on tools other than browsers, other browsers are mainly opera, safari, chrome, and ie8. If you are interested, take a look. First of all, among all browsers, the best support f

Chrome Console JS debugging and Breakpoint debugging

This article is based on the current Chrome stable version (19.0.1084.52 m), because Google is also constantly refining the chrome developer tool, so the chrome version may differ slightly. Some of the shortcut keys are also on Windows, and the Mac should be similar.Regular breakpoints related to breakpoint/conditional-breakpoint/call-stack/watch-expressions etc. are not involved.1. Beautify JavascriptJS fi

Js debugging series breakpoint and dynamic debugging [Basics]

The previous articles have introduced some basic knowledge about the js debugging series. This time, the garbled brother brought you the js breakpoint and dynamic debugging methods. For more information, see Exercise after class I left yesterday. 1. analyze how the votePost function is recommended.In fact, we have seen the source code. You only need to read the s

In node. js development, the Node Supervisor is used to modify the monitoring file and automatically restart the application. node. jsnode

with global module ): Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Npm install supervisor-g Assume that the main portal of your Node. js program is app. js, you only need to execute the following command to start monitoring file changes. Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Supervisor app. js The Supervisor also supports multiple param

3 minute Dry Goods learn to debug Nodejs code with Node-inspector

membership number: ' +choir.length); } }; Joinchoir (duck); Joinchoir (chicken);Execute the following command to the path where the Test.js file is located:>node--debug-brk Test.jsOpen Chrome to enter the address of the Node-inspector prompt, You will find that the breakpoint has been hit in the first line o

Debug with Node-inspector Nodejs

Any complete language technology stack is not without robust debugging tools, for the Nodejs platform is the same, the author studies several ways to debug Nodejs code, through comparison, or feel Node-inspector debugging method is more convenient, and the debugging of the front-end JavaScript code has a consistent experience, not only robust, but also convenient. After the installation completes Nodejs the

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