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Node. js is the best choice for Web application development.

Node. js is the best choice for Web application development. The entry of a disruptive technology into the technology market is always a shock, but it is often abandoned. However, this is certainly not the case for Node. js. It is an open-source,

Compare Node. js support on different PaaS platforms

Node. js may still be younger than other languages, but its VM has many options. In this article, let's take a look at several "Platform as a service (PaaS)" providers. I do not cover certain infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) options, such as AWS

Deploy MongoDB and Node. js applications on OpenShift

This is a free article on how to develop MongoDB, Node. js, and RockMongo applications on a Windows machine through OpenShift Online. This is not a title because it is too long. Cool. Now let's take a look at what's going on. OpenShift Online-Red

MongoDB Database Connection

MongoDB Database Connection1. First we need to install MongoDB in the package, using the command: NPM install MongoDB; After installing the package, we need to refer to the package as follows:var mongo = require (' MongoDB ');In node. js, when you

Front-end Questions JS and jquery

in a real interview, the interviewer often uses a hard-to-use routine, and JavaScript and jquery are the most critical, as well as some of the questions about the project and the technology used, which is your essential storage! Javascript

Nodejs Novice Village Guide--30 minutes to get started

Profile# Ready to Work# Start a simple service# Routing# Three ways to get parameters# static files# Database Integration#async Solving multiple nesting problemsThis article is suitable for no NODEJS project development experience and want to have a

Big Data Resources

At present, the entire Internet is evolving from the IT era to the DT era, and big data technology is helping businesses and the public to open the door to DT world. The focus of today's "big data" is not only the definition of data size, it

60 Open Source Cloud Applications "Part 1" (The Open source app you Can use in the cloud)

60 Open Source Cloud Applications "Part 1" (The Open source app you Can use in the cloud)This article is translated from, the original author Cynthia Harvey,

Cheatsheet: 2015 05.01 ~ 05.31, cheatsheet05.01

Cheatsheet: 2015 05.01 ~ 05.31, cheatsheet05.01 . NET . NET on Mac for the OS X n00b without Mono via Visual Studio Code Microsoft frameworks deprecation When everything you know is wrong, part one-two A Look at the Open Source

Open-source tools for Iot

Open-source tools for Iot Original article address: Open Source tools for the Internet of Things Iot open source is developing rapidly. Open-source Iot software and hardware projects can help enterprises and DIY enthusiasts conduct experiments by

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