nokia 3310 new version

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Watch the latest video to watch Nokia's new system Symbian Anna

BKJIA comprehensive report] Nokia today announced the release of the new smart phones Nokia X7 and Nokia E6. Nokia also released the latest Symbian system version, which was previously called the PR2.0 update of Symbian ^ 3, now i

The new Nokia n830 device running on the maemo platform is exposed!

Although Mobile World Congress 2008 has just come to an end, the upcoming ctia wireless 2008 conference in the United States has become a focus of attention. In particular, the accidental absence of mobile phones including e71 and other eseries at the global mobile conference has made Nokia The performance at this exhibition is full of expectations. After not long ago revealed that e71 and other mobile phones are about to be released on ctia wireless

Nokia released a new j2's development tool -- carbide. j 1.0

Nokia released a new j2's development tool -- carbide. j 1.0 Author: Chen yuefeng From: Note: ensure that the reprinted file is complete. Nokia has released its new development tool carbide. j. the J version is 1.0, which contains the followi

In-depth analysis of new features of Nokia n78

In-depth analysis of new features of Nokia n78 -- Details click In the 2008 Global Mobile Conference (3gsm) held one month, Nokia, the mobile phone boss, has always launched many new machines. Among them, the n96, which is an upgraded version of N95

Implement and dynamically configure auto-start upon startup in version 3, From Forum Nokia Wiki

Implement and dynamically configure auto-start upon startup in version 3 From Forum Nokia Wiki Applicable version: Serire 60 3rd Edition Specific solution: In version 3, the new Startup List Management API is used to enable auto-start upon Startup. To enable Automatic startu

win7+vs2005 compiling Qt4.7.3+phonon (need to install new version of Windows SDK)

the compilation was successful.Summary Previously, according to the Nokia Development documentation, for the compilation of phonon to install the DirectX SDK, and then re-compile one time later found that I do not know when to start DirectShow has been integrated into the platform SDK, this compilation installed platform The SDK version is 7.1 and already contains DirectShow, so there is no need t

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