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To the Lumia 520/521/525/526/720 brush Android system

Thank the developer of the XDA Forum for developing tools and ROMs for the Android for Lumia.The opening words are not much to write, this time we go straight into the topic.Precautions:One, Android for Lumia currently has the Lumia 520, Lumia 521, Lumia 525,

Nokia CEO: Lumia won't push cheap models like android

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said in a recent interview that although the hardware configuration of Asha 501 is not high, it has a good experience and similar concepts as Lumia. Nokia launched Asha 501 to bring high-end experience to low-end hardware and provide consistent service experience for all devices. In addition, Elop also revealed that

Windows Phone 7 simulator appearance download-Nokia Lumia 800

1. Change the appearance of the Windows Phone Simulator 1. Download the desired appearance2. Open the c: \ Program Files \ microsoft xde \ 1.0 directory3. Back up three PNG images and the wm7_skin.xml file. (You can directly compress the backup data to the directory)4. Delete the backup file.5. decompress the downloaded file to this directory.6. debug and run Windows Phone later7. The simulator can have a good mobile phone appearance. Ii. Chang

Video exposure: BMW 7 Series Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia unexpectedly leaked a Lumia 900 Publicity Video on the YouTube channel. This video is intended for Nokia developers and Nokia has put forward a very encouraging slogan-"the sun rises as usual, the enclosure has just begun ". The shape of the mobile phone used for promo

Nokia's LUMIA tablet with Windows 8 system pre-installed real-machine exposure-application Station

Recently, a video about the Nokia tablet is released on a foreign video website, showing the model as the Nokia Lumia Coffee Tab. The outside world agrees that this is Nokia's upcoming win8 tablet concept machine, it looks like a magnified version of Lumia 800. The novogene tablet will use a 10 inch-inch CBD screen wit

T-Mobile Germany: Do not sell Lumia 900 if WP8 is not supported

Mobile Operator O2 Germany has just announced that it will start selling Nokia Lumia 900, but at the same time, T-Mobile Germany has made a decision not to provide the product. The reason is that Lumia 900 will miss Windows Phone 8. This statement was issued by T-

Lumia Win10 has not released a new mobile phone, where is Microsoft's mobile hardware outlet?

cloud services. But the company did not share much of the information about the mobile aspects of the "cloud first, move first" strategy Satia Nadra by CEO Satya Nadella. In addition to the powerful surface studio and the new Surface Book, Microsoft has not shown the new Surface Tablet PC. It also has not been rumored to have been a long time surface mobile phone. If the phone were to be launched, it would

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