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4 inch touch screen Nokia meego mobile phone tablet exposure

[It168 Information]Rumor is that n8 is Nokia's last n-series mobile phone with a Symbian system. However, Nokia n8, with pixels, p hd video recording, and HDMI high-definition digital output, is currently paying close attention to the mobile phone market. However, Nokia's first meego operating system mobile phone was revealed on the Internet for the first time. However, the rumor picture may be PS, but let'

The message said Nokia is developing two new meego machines

Recently, meego received a new message about the price reduction of its mobile phone. the embedded Linux Chinese site message may not be the only handheld device with the Linux-based meego operating system, nokia will continue to develop new meego devices. Stephen Elop, Nokia's CEO, has been faced with many difficult

Nokia announced Qt as the only development environment for Symbian and meego

Sina technology news on the evening of October 21 Beijing time, Nokia announced on its official website today that it will use Qt as the only development architecture for the future Symbian and meego platforms. Nokia will provide developers with more unified and concise development tools to encourage the developer community to develop applications for the Symbia

MeeGo 1.2 and Nokia N950 will be unveiled at the end of May

After Nokia held hands with Microsoft, it was reported that intel was seeking partners again for MeeGo. But now it seems that Nokia has not abandoned the MeeGo system that has not yet met you. Foreign media have been exposed recently. Nokia and Intel will hold a meeting in M

Meego and Nokia

Nokia's third-quarter Annual Report showed that Nokia would discard Symbian, bet meego, and adopt QT across the board (now Nokia announced that it would abandon WRT and use Qt as the only application development platform, in the future, all official programs and system user interfaces will be developed using QT. The existing OVI program will also be rewritten wit

10-inch meego tablet concept Nokia leafpad exposure

In addition to the recent usage in moviesMeegoIn addition to the operating system tablet Nokia z500, Nokia has not yet launched a formal tablet. Today, we continue to "Nokia, my dream" to bring you a 10 inch-inch screen, Nokia leafpad, a Nokia tablet concept machine using th

Install MeeGo Development System for Nokia N900

This article will focus on learning about the MeeGo development system installation tutorial for Nokia N900. Before learning MeeGo, you must first learn how to build the MeeGo development system, I believe that you will be familiar with the MeeGo development system installat

Demo of Nokia meego mobile phone interface (video)

As the Symbian system gradually fell victim to competition on the smartphone platform, Nokia chose meego as its new high-end product solution. The mobile meego version will not be released until March October. Previously, only the user interface and Development Guide were published. Recently, the Demo Video of the meego

Download ebook: Beginning Nokia apps development: Using meego, mobile QT and opensymbian

BOok descriptionWhile buzz often circulates around iPhone and Android, Nokia still leads the pack in terms of world market share. symbian, for instance, remains the most widely used mobile operating system. with the emergence of Nokia's open development platforms, the opportunities available for mobile developers to target these vastly popular operating systems are clear. Beginning Nokia apps DevelopmentI

What is the latest exposure of Nokia MeeGo platform devices?

BKJIA Editor's note: we have reported that Nokia wants to use MeeGo to get rid of the choppy situation, and some MeeGo platform devices have already appeared. It seems that Nokia's MeeGo has arrived. With the annual MWC coming soon, rumors of new devices are also emerging. Today, someone on twitter reported a touch sc

Does MeeGo work? The Qt application of Nokia lightning is very powerful.

Qt and MeeGo. We will draw a prototype diagram on the draft and then implement it in the simulator. The new N950 delivers a great interactive experience, smooth animation effects, and looks very textured. The entire development process is not boring. QML is really interesting ." Click here to view the Accuweather video: The videos on the Nokia Qt development site are updated every week and more Chinese ap

Improved MeeGo gesture interaction by Nokia

place of departure, but to reach the destination based on the starting point of the gesture: You can drag back to the information stream from the bottom of the screen to process other information; You can drag back to multiple tasks from the left of the screen to switch the program directly; Drag back to the program list from the right of the screen and start other programs directly. Page does not touch the screen, because Nokia has set this ge

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