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NopCommerce Architecture Analysis Series (1) about nopCommerce

Digress As a cainiao, I seldom design a software architecture. The level is too low, but this does not block my interest in the architecture. Recently, MVC3 has been studied. Some people in the garden recommended that nopCommerce is quite good. Just

03. NopCommerce functions and features

The first two sections mainly introduce NopCommerce download and installation and the NopCommerce Chinese Language Pack, so that you can experience NopCommerce. This time we will mainly introduce the functions and features of NopCommerce.

Nopcommerce function and feature introduction

[This article turns from] first two sections we mainly introduce Nopcommerce download and install and Nopcommerce Chinese language pack, let everyone experience nopcommerce. This time we mainly

Nopcommerce Source code Architecture--Initial knowledge of high-performance open-source mall system CMS

Many people say that by reading and learning the high-quality code of the gods is one of the quickest ways to improve your skills. I think by reading Nopcommerce source code, can learn a lot of enterprise systems, software development norms and some

NopCommerce displays the Vendor List in Category, nopcommercevendor

NopCommerce displays the Vendor List in Category, nopcommercevendor The implementation result is as follows:: 1. Display Vendor in the Category Menu of the foreground Web; 2. Click "Vendor" to display the Vendor List;   Configuration steps: 1

About MVC's Open source mall NOP Chat

Nopcommerce is a high-quality open-source website system abroad, Based on the EntityFramework4.0 and MVC3.0, using the Razor template engine, there is a strong plug-in mechanism, including payment distribution functions are implemented through

Top 10 practical open-source e-commerce tools

Top 10 practical open-source e-commerce toolsGuideAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau, goods sold by online retailers in the second quarter of this year are worth $97.3 billion. This accounts for about 8% of total retail sales in the United States

A good. net open-source project

SuperSocketSuperWebSocket SuperSocket   HttpLib  Smart Thread Pool The intelligent thread pool. With SmartThreadPool, you can simply implement programs that support multiple threads. The thread pool is used to manage threads to reduce the

Nopcommerce show Store list in category

The implementation results are as follows:1. The category menu in the foreground web displays the Store;2. Click on the store to display the store list;3. Click company Name in the list store to enter a single page view of the store;Main adjustment

Some of the. Net open source projects that are worth learning and borrowing from

1, dotNetFramework. NET Reference Source released a beta release that allows you to browse the sources of the. NET Framework 4.5.1 online, and you can debug the. NET Framework in Visual Studio 2013 through configuration.Project Address: Reference

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