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Linux Apache error log hint [warn] child process 7751 still do not exit, sending a SIGTERM

Apache eats empty memory, frequent downtimeIn the deployment of a set of intranet test environment, frequent downtime, after the boot constantly eat memory, restart Apache after the memory consumption will continue to rise, until the swap runs out,

VIM Programming Insert save do not exit save to exit without saving Save as another file name overwrite existing file

---restore content starts---Write the code in Xshell, if you need to edit the code, you can enter vim+, enter the VIM editing interfaceThe here represents a python storage file with a. py suffix.1. Insert character input I can type or

C # thread: As long as any thread is running, the program will not exit ?!

The first time I used thread-related things, I encountered a very "strange" problem. Program (Or the main thread) has ended, but the whole program does not exit, it depends on the process list! I have never encountered this problem before, and this

C # masking Alt+f4, resolving alt+f4 when closing a form when the dialog box no, the thread does not exit the issue

//1. Set the form's property keyprieview to True//when the KeyPreview property is true, it can respond to keyboard events v//2. Add the following code to the form KeyDown eventPrivate voidForm1_keydown (Objectsender, KeyEventArgs e) {

C + + program process does not exit, resides in the Linux system is generally what reason

This program is a command-line program that returns a string that is called by PHP. After a period of running, a large number of processes are found to reside. Cause the system to crash. Situation, ask God to help analyze the reasons. Reply

Java programs do not exit when calling external processes

1 problems encountered: Java to start an external program, the external program has been suspended does not quit. 2 Workaround: Start two threads, read the standard output of external program and standard error output respectively. 3 Reference

[WM] Creates a console program that does not exit

There's always a need to listen to something, you need to create a program that runs in the background. Obviously, the service can meet your needs, but I have not written the service program, do not know how to operate the specific (should be

Win7 computer after using a mobile hard drive can not exit what to do?

In the win7 ISO image download, this is a kind of and U disk often encounter the situation, before this, small series has introduced, in the win7 iso image download use U disk, appear unable to exit the situation we should be able to solve, then

Solve the problem that the realse version does not exit normally after the toolbar is loaded.

  After creating a toolbar,ProgramDirectly exit the call _ exit (-1) and the oncancel of cdialog will not be called in the oncancle of the DLG. // Exit Application Void Cpasdlg: oncancel (){ If (Afxmessagebox ( " Are you sure you want to

[C #] after the Office application is called, the program will not exit.

I have been using editing to operate Office products, and I will certainly have a similar problem. Especially when using. net for development.Environment:A c #. net service program (the same is true for an application)An excel file to be

Ora-01034:oracle not available ora-27101:shared memory realm does not exit

Oracle is installed on virtual machine Linux, and there are a series of errors in the configuration of Oracle that keeps the host connected to the virtual machine, sharing the entire process Turn on Linux on the Oracle Monitor, open the database,

How to interrupt Java threads

Program Is simple. However, in front of programmers, multithreading presents a new set of difficulties. If it is not properly solved, it will lead to unexpected behavior and subtle and hard-to-find errors.In this article Article To address one of

Common commands in the vim editor

1. enter the vim editor mode: (when entering the vim editor, the default mode is the command mode) enter vi on the terminal: Enter the vim editor vifilename: Enter the vim editor, and create a new filename File, position the cursor to the first line

How to modify and save files by using the vi command in linux

How to modify and save files by using the vi command in linux   Access the vi commandVi filename: open or create a file and place the cursor at the beginning of the first lineVi n filename: open the file and place the cursor at the beginning of line

A summary of runloop related knowledge

The Runloop is the running loop, also called the event loop, which is essentially a dead loop. iOS a program after running, the default is to open a run cycle, there is a need to handle the operation, such as the user input events, Runloop will run

How to modify and save files by using the vi command in linux

Run vi filename: to open or create a file, place the cursor at the beginning of line vi n filename: to open the file, and place the cursor at the beginning of line n vi filename: open the file, place the cursor in the first line of vi/pattern

Blog Park WPF Application class

All WPF programs are created by an instance of the application class that is responsible for opening the current application and form, and deciding how to close the application. The main functions of the application class can be summarized briefly

Vim text editor under the Linux command line

Vim text editor under the Linux command lineVim text Editor is a very powerful tool that can do many things, such as creating new files, opening files, editing files, saving files, and opening multiple files at the same time. Here is a summary of

Bash reference manual 6 (Bash features) Part 2

6.3 Interactive Shell * What is an interactive shell? What makes a Shel interactive.* Is it an interactive shell? How to determine whether a shell is interactive.* What are the differences between Interactive Shell and interactive shell? 6.3.1 what

The same user name cannot be logged on simultaneously in (Single Sign-On)

Recently, I found some single-point logins and found this article, which seems to be feasible. I saved it first.The common problem encountered in web projects is that the same user name is logged on multiple times, and there are many corresponding

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