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How do I use the not function in Excel?

The not function is a function that reverses the value of a logical judgment and can be regarded as an inverse function of an and function. 1. First, we open the sample table. 2, we in

$(...). Live is not function

Tags: not ons. com return BSP ... remove stop findA plug-in was introduced into the project, but the call was reported as $ (...). Live is not functionInternet search on the live method in 1.9 was deleted, because usually their own use on the method,

The new computer camera video capture does not function correctly how to do?

recently a friend assembled a new computer, but when I opened the "video device" in My computer, there was "no video capture hardware video capture does not function correctly" hint, unable to open the camera, nature will not be able to video. Then,

vc++6.0 incompatible WIN10 cause the Debug button to not function properly solution

Tags: images image f11 handle and resolving ALT environment spanThe WIN10 version is a completely new operating system, so we will inevitably encounter some problems when we run old software like VC6 in our system.For example, now that some users

Resolve WIN10 vc++6.0 application does not function correctly 0xc0000142__c++

Resolve WIN10 vc++6.0 application does not function correctly 0xc0000142 This article is reproduced from:, the specific methods are as follows: Download the English version of my share Msdev.

Oracle database Access ORDER by does not function analysis

Tags: manage www. URL ref. dll database Relationship logs TleThe relationship between rownum in Oracle and ORDER byOracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll driver returns correct resultsMicrosoft driver returned incorrect results for unknown reasonOracle

Linux notes (4) when using the VI Editor in Ubuntu, you cannot use the BACKSPACE key to backspace or not function properly.

Tags: text note Delete Linu span input article REM useExcerpt from: put the Ubuntu system reinstall on the virtual machine, and then try VI

The volatile keyword does not function as a thread counter

Tags: stat latest style. com tool read BSP related countIn Java thread concurrency processing, there is a very big confusion about the use of a keyword volatile, for the use of this keyword, in the multi-threaded concurrent processing can be all

Windows Server prompts Curl_init not function

Solutions 1. Open the php.ini and turn on the Extension=php_curl.dll 2. Check php.ini extension_dir value is which directory, check if there is no php_curl.dll, do not download Php_curl.dll 3. Copy the Libeay32.dll,ssleay32.dll from the PHP

Jad Plugin does not function after reopening old eclipse workspace

Label:Before the Eclipse4.4 opened an old Eclipse workspace, at the beginning of all normal, accidentally found the Jad plugin failed, and then look at the configuration, found that Jad is not configured with the correct jad.exe path, reconfigure,

ES6 Module Compilation * * * is not function

Label:Today, learning Vuejs, which used the es6 of the writing, met a very strange problem, do not know if anyone met.Installed module reference: Import vue from ' Vue '; (note that the Vue does not have {}, if you add this error uncaught TypeError:

Network does not function after upgrade

After you upgrade your LAN's network from 10MB/S to 100mb/s, you find that the network is not functioning properly. In the LAN, when the network connection scope is bigger, the network transmi

FIX:ASP.NET using the default ASPNET account on a domain controller does not function correctly| Control The publication number for this article was CHS315158SymptomsAfter you install Microsoft Visual Studio. NET or the Microsoft. NET Framework on a domain controller or backup domain controller, the browser displays the following error

What to do if the Win7 system registry does not function correctly

In the w764-bit flagship edition, many important features are implemented through the Registry Editor in the Win7 system. It can be said that this registry is a very important thing in the Win7 system

The perfect solution for an ASUS laptop to upgrade its Win7 system and not function properly with sleep

Workaround: 1, some motherboards need to open in the BIOS to support sleep function, can be in the "Device Manager" in the "system equipment", look up to see if there is a call "acpi-compliant system

Resolve WIN10 vc++6.0 application does not function properly 0xc0000142

Tags: way path BGP tail Static class edit order CommonNonsense said, can not be normal operation reason is WIN10 not compatible with the Chinese version of the VC, the solution is a sentence, the English version of the Msdev.exe to replace the

What to do if the program does not function correctly in Win7 system

Method One, run as an administrator When we run some programs that will work on important areas, if we get an error, you might want to try "run in the admin province". Whenever you right-click a prog

Reason analysis and solution of Extjs inheritance not function _extjs

There are many kinds of reasons for this, I just say I met I'm writing store-and-rifle. Copy Code code as follows: Docstore = Ext.extend (,{ Initcomponent:function () { This.proxy = new ({url:this.url});

Asp. NET Form dialog box implementation| dialog box The form dialog component is the same as the dialog box in the Microsoft Windows operating system; That is, the PrintDialog component is the Print dialog box, the OpenFileDialog component is the Open File dialog box, and so on. S

The not () method usage instance in jquery _jquery

This example describes the use of the Not () method in jquery. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: This method deletes an element that matches the specified expression. Grammatical structure One: Copy Co

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