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How to Use gnus of Emacs to send and receive Gmail mail (English version)

Created: 2012-10-12 a updated:2012-11-17 6 Author: Chen Bin Gnus is a fine email client. but its learning curve is a little steep even for some geeks. I am a geek and I 've read all the gnus tutorials I cocould get from the Internet. for a very long

Python and scikit-learn for spam filtering

Textual Mining (text Mining, getting information from text) is a relatively broad concept that has become a growing concern in today's era of massive text data generation. At present, with the help of machine learning model, many text mining

Cloud computing 10 moments of life change

The application of each new technology will make our life more convenient, especially in this "cloud" era, cloud computing technology in the wider use of life, we may one day suddenly found that more and more life habits have been quietly changed.

The art and Technology of e-mail communication

I've been working on a number of emails and resumes every day because of my work. Many excellent student resumes are really beautiful, informative, past performance commendable, but the highlights of the resume can not obscure his/her e-mail ugly

Google Docs product manager Jonathan Rochelle

This is a busy time for Google Docs. When Google seeks to reduce its budget, it is inevitable that a free or low-priced product like Google Docs will be at risk. On the one hand, Google constantly launches new features for its own products, such as

Ruby Implementation _ruby Special topic of email active push Trigger Program

After the mail server receives the message, the service push notifies the program. Is there any way to achieve it? 1. Client Polling2, the server initiative push. First of all, get acquainted with the protocol for sending and receiving

DIY mailbox as a web USB flash drive

As Google launched Gmail in April this year, it kicked off a large-capacity hard drive. domestic manufacturers also expanded their free-of-charge mailboxes and launched their own large-capacity mailboxes, in fact, such a large mailbox is a waste of

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