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83. From the view index said Notes database (top)

The index is an important feature of database system, whether it is a traditional relational database or a fashionable NoSQL database, it is of great concern to query performance, so it needs to be considered carefully when designing database. MVC4 advanced programming learning notes-view learning lesson 3 Razor page layout 20171010, mvc400001010 MVC4 advanced programming learning notes-view learning lesson 3 Razor page layout 20171010, mvc400001010Razor page layout 1) Use the @ RenderBody tag on the layout template page to render the main content. For example, for many web pages,

SharePoint Study Notes-site definition series-8. How to introduce master page in site definition (2. Introduction of CSS and other resources)

In the previous article, we talked about how to introduce the maste page in site definition. This is a necessary step, but it is definitely not enough, because it is impossible for us to deploy and use the master page without designing it. The

MSB-STRUTS-classroom notes, Han shunping struts notes

MSB-STRUTS-classroom notes, Han shunping struts notes A: Why does strutsQ:1. built on the MVC model, MVC involves, but it mainly provides a good controller and a set of custom tag libraries, that is, it focuses on C and V, there are a series of MVC

"Linux kernel design and implementation" reading notes (16)-page cache and page writeback

Main content: Introduction to Caching Page cache Page Write-back 1. Introduction to CachingIn programming, caching is a very common and effective mechanism for improving program performance.The Linux kernel is no exception, and

IPhone Development Study Notes 007 -- iPhone multi-view development under Xcode4.2 (self-created MainWindow. xib and no M

When you create a Window-based Application project, MainWindow. xib is automatically generated and contains at least one UIApplicationDelegate and one UIWindow object. However, after Xcode4, when a new project is created, the Project template is

Explanation of HTTPCache usage in the Symfony2 framework learning notes; symfony2 learning notes _ PHP Tutorial

Description of HTTPCache usage in the Symfony2 framework learning notes, and symfony2 learning notes. The usage of HTTPCache in the Symfony2 framework learning notes is explained in detail. the example of symfony2 learning notebook describes the

Django Book Learning notes-Advanced view and URL configuration

1.URLconf Tips1). Streamline function ImportEach entry in the URLconf includes the view function it is associated with, passing directly to a function object. This means that the view function needs to be imported at the beginning of the module. But

"C Program Design" Reading notes

"C Program Design" Reading notes Keywords: C languageOriginal author name: Loose_wentThe original source of the article: Written in front: "C Program Design" can be said to be a foundation of the

Read the notes on how to read a book

Read "How to read a book" note 2015-2-13 20:55-reading needs to be active, active means to have the ability to explore, have the curiosity, the important impetus of initiative is interest. -Basic reading (elementary reading): literate, know the

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