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[Soft test] detailed explanation and Application of net present value NPV, instance explanation and collection (Information System Project Manager-Project Management)

Opening remarks:The formula for net present value must be kept in mind. Do not calculate the number of errors during calculation, or note when rounding. Do not make the decimal point incorrect. The formula is very simple and is not easy to calculate, therefore, you must be careful when doing this kind of questions. The article is simplified, simplified, and profound, coupled with your own understanding. It

CAE. NPV. scheduler. v4.22.250.0 1cd

CAE. NPV. scheduler. v4.22.250.0 1cdCSI bridge 2015 v17.0.0.1083 1cd CSI SAP2000 v17.0.0.1083 1cd Ensoft lpile 2013 v7.07 Win32 1cd Ensoft shaft 2012 v7.10 Win32 1cd Ensoft pywall 2012 v4.02 Win32 1cd Originlab originpro 9.2 build 107 1cdDelcam. powershape.2014.r2. sp4.update. Only. win32_64 1cd S-FRAME structural Office 11 win32_64 2dvd CAE. datamine. Studio. v3.23.52.0 1cd Lars bridge 06.0000001.07 win32_64 2cd Mentor graphics pads vx.0 windows 1dvd

Latex formula number, inline formula, formula space, long formula wrap, inline hyphen symbol

first, the formula number\begin{equation} X (k) =\sum_{n=0}^{n-1} x (n) e^{-j \frac{2 \pi}{n} k n}=\sum_{n=0}^{n-1} x (n) w_n^{kn},\quad k=0,1,..., N-1. \end{equation} Next paragraph (1)Add Begin{equation} and End{equation}, the formula will be automatically numbered; (2)The formula will be empty one line after another paragraph, or the next paragraph will no

Conditional Probability multiplication formula full probability formula and Bayesian Formula

1. Conditional Probability Define a and B as two events, and P (a)> 0 is called P (B bought a) = P (AB)/P () It is the probability of occurrence of condition Event B Under Condition.2. Multiplication Formula Set P (a)> 0 P (AB) = P (B represents a) P ()3. Full probability formula and Bayesian Formula Define sample space where S is test E, B1, B2 ,...

Save a formula to a formula library in Word2010

Step 1th, open the Word2010 document window, click the formula you want to save to the formula Library to make it edit or select, and then click the Formula Options button and select the Save as New Formula command from the Open menu, as shown in Figure 2011072807. Figure 2011072807 "Save as New

How to convert the MathType independent formula into a numbered formula

Use MathType to enter mathematical formulas in Word. There are three modes to choose from: the row formula (inline equation), the stand-alone formula (display equation), and the numbered independent formula (numbered Dispaly equation). For already entered good MathType independent formula, hope it can have number, how

Integrated mathematical roaming wonderland: Schur polynomial, hook length formula, macmahon plane splitting formula

, if we can find the function equation/recursive relationship that this weight function satisfies /... and so on. We have learned this trick for a long time. We used it when solving the generic formula of the Fibonacci series, didn't we? Put the above idea into practice: Set $ T $ to a young table and remember $ W (t) = (W_1 (t), W_2 (t), \ cdots) $, $ w_k (t) $ is the number of $ K $ in $ T $. The vector $ W (t) $ is called the $ T $ weight. We ado

How to convert a MathType independent formula into a numbered formula

The specific method of operation is as follows: 1. Insert Number: Word has entered a line of independent formulas, before or after the formula you want to add the formula number position, double-click the mouse, the cursor positioning, select the word in the Mathtype--insert equation numbers click, You can add a new number to a separate formula in an existing o

Full probability formula and definite integral (new solution of Bayesian formula)

First, look at the formula of full probability in the traditional sense: P (B) =∑I=1NP (b| AI) P (AI) The P (B) on the left side of the equal sign is a state amount, and the ∑ on the right is a process amount. This representation is consistent with the representation of the integral: F (n) =∫n0f (x) dx In fact, this process volume superposition into the state of the way is so common, so that you can give a few examples, do not say what Newton-Leibniz

Compound trapezoid formula and compound Simpson formula for Integral Calculation

1. Tutorial Purpose 1. master the basic idea of compound trapezoid formula and compound Simpson formula.2. Calculate the integral using the compound trapezoid formula and the composite Simpson formula for programming.3. Familiar with Matlab software. 2. experiment content1. Use the compound trapezoid

Excel Formula application: Multi-condition summation, array formula application 2

08:11:00 Score: 0 This is simple: Enter the following formula in the edit column: = sum (if ($ A $1: $ a $7 = $ C $1) * ($ d $1: $ d $7 = "Nm"), $ B $1: $ B $7) at the same time, press Ctrl + Shift + enter to complete the formula, the formula in the editing column is represented as:

Word2016 How to use ink formula to quickly enter a formula

let's take word 2016 for example. Create a new Word document, and then switch to the Insert tab, click Formula in the upper-right corner, and then select Ink Formula from the Drop-down menu. Figure 1 Selecting the Ink formula After you open the ink formula, pop the Formul

Sterling Formula-stirling formula (take n factorial approximation)-hdu1018-big number Cattle Network Nowcoder 2018 National multi-school algorithm winter Camp Practice competition (third session) A. Uncommon Husband

Recently a pile of questions to fill, has been salted fish, fill a pile of water problems are not necessary to write a problem. Forget about this formula.The meaning of the Stirling formula is that when n is large enough, n! is very difficult to calculate, although there are many equations about n!, but it is not very good to estimate factorial results, especially after N is large, the error will be very large. However, the Stirling

Php implements the Chinese character verification code and formula verification code. php Chinese character verification code formula _ PHP Tutorial

Php implements the Chinese character verification code and formula verification code. Php implements the Chinese character verification code and the formula verification code. This document describes how php implements the Chinese character verification code and the formula verification code. I will share with you how to implement the Chinese character verificati

Understanding of the full probability formula and Bayesian Formula

Label: style SP problem BS text nbsp cannot be a C event Understanding of the full probability formula and Bayesian Formula How can I understand these two formulas? For example, if you apply for a scholarship from a school, you can only get this scholarship if you meet certain conditions. So what are the reasons for making it possible for you to receive a scholarship? 1. The probability of a scholarship is

A formula for bouncing and a formula for detecting rectangular boundaries

Important formula:(1) Simple slow motionDX = targetx-object.x;dy = Targety-object.y;VX = dx * easing;VY = dy * easing;Object.x + = VX;Object.y + = VY;Can be streamlined:VX = (targetx-object.x) * easing;VY = (targety-object.y) * easing;Object.x + = VX;Object.y + = VY;Further streamlining:Object.x + = (targetx-object.x) * easing;Object.y + = (targety-object.y) * easing;(2) Simple elastic MotionAx = (targetx-object.x) * SPRING;ay = (targety-object.y) * S

"BZOJ3823" "east! simulation game _round5t1" token of the pledge formula + linear sieve inverse element (push formula method than the author of the Simple)

1:We define points as 0-dimensional elements, lines as 1-dimensional elements, polygons as 2-dimensional elements ...Since a low-dimensional super-body translates a high-dimensional super-square in the corresponding new axis, such as a two-dimensional super-body as a polygon, and then expands along the new z-axis, a low-dimensional element increases one-dimension into a high-dimensional element, such as a point becoming a line, a line becoming a polygon, a polygon becoming a bodySo there's a pus

How do I enter a mathematical formula in word? Word input numeric formula method

1. We open the Word document in office, as shown in the following illustration. 2. Then we click the "Insert" > "symbol" > "formula" in the open Word menu. 3. You can see Word with a lot of common formulas you can choose from. 4. Of course, we can also input some of the formula, we click on the "π" icon, you can build a formula. 5. Then use the plus m

Example of use of the crystal report formula field and syntax of the formula field [Deep Sea Original]

I. Example of using a formula field: A. Conversion of measurement unitsThis is a very simple example to demonstrate how to convert and calculate different variable types in formulas.Sometimes the unit of the database field is different from the unit displayed in the report. We need to convert the units of measurement. In this case, the use of formulas is inseparable. For example, our database has a length field, which records the length in meters. W

JavaScript-based formula interpreter-13 [Implementation of formula estimator]

Both the formula parser and the estimator use the stack instead of the Expression Tree. FormulaEvaluator formula estimator class File: FormulaEvaluator. js // JScript Source Code

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