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NRF toolbox 1.2 uses Akii implementation, while becon is always hard to make

In the past few days, I used the nrf51822 driver mpu6050 and its data transmission to Android. The debugging process encountered some difficulties and the apptimer was not very useful. Then I took a look at the ble_app_hrs program, and the result was completed successfully, the value of the demo. I suddenly remembered that noridc, in addition to an android NRF toobox 1.2 software, supported the collection of human information such as blood pressure (

Unity Hand Tour under the trend of the end of the tour, page tour of the breakthrough Way

Welcome to Unity Learning, Unity Training,UnityEnterprise TrainingEducation Area, there are manyUnity3d Resources,Unity3d Training Video,Unity3d Tutorials,Unity3d Frequently Asked questions,Unity3d Project Source code, the "Dog Planing Learning Network" Unity's Ultimate Academy, dedicated to building the industry unity3d Training , learning the first brand. Dog Planing Learning Netreported/According to Eric's data, nearly two years, the rapid development of hand travel industry, to the 2014 Chin

$99 Australia Deep Tour 3 days 2 nights WV Fantasy Tour

$99 Australia Deep Tour 3 days 2 nights WV Fantasy TourTime: Can be extended tour 2015-1-16~2015-2-16650) this.width=650; "Title=" $99 Australia Deep tour 1, in-depth tour, slow life, relax, make friends;2, carefully built, ultra-five-star service, two stars of the charges;3. Charity trip, Journey to the heart, adventu

Proud tour of the Novice book: Play a proud tour set up center

Proud of the browser (Maxthon) to the appropriate user use of the design, especially proud to open the setting center, won a lot of users, but also like me to love to play software people ecstatic. Today I will play with everyone to play the setting center of the tour, but also hope that friends have more "powerful" skills to share. Figure 1 Proud Tour Setting Center It is commendable to b

Dream Tour of the West How to install in the computer Dream West Tour hand to install in the computer method

Dream West Tour Hand Tour computer version installation The first step, we download the "reliable assistant" in the computer if there is already installed can try to "upgrade" to the new version The second step, now we double-click the "Reliable assistant" installation file and then prompts the "Start Installation" installation is finished we just click "Start using". The third step, and then into the

Hand Tour [Wardragon] Developer: 4 tips for a heavy hand tour

Transferred from: reported/At the beginning of May this year, Gamelook has reported a "Wardragon (War Dragons)" Strategy hand tour, the leisure Hand Tour developer Pocket Gems production of SLG with real-time synchronization play and 3D screen won a lot of praise, The highest ever reached the 16th place in the US iphone income list. The lack of ' core ' game

Friends Alliance hands-on tour share recruitment | Fought's Chinese hand tour, see how the developer breakout

In the 2015, some innovative games were successful in attracting attention and appearing on the leaderboard for a long time. For example, Stickman Alliance, Ball big War, and so on, no well-known IP, but the daily live nearly million! Why do these innovative games occupy the top of the list for a long time? How can I make a game that is favored by the player in the case of limited capital investment? The reason behind this is well worth exploring! Their successful experience is also the foc

Hand-Tour market real-time survey, hand-tour combined with broad prospects

who find mobile games through TV commercialsTelevision advertising is Japan and South Korea market, one of the top 5 mobile game exposure channels, in Japan and South Korea market, if a mobile game lack of big TV ads, it will be difficult to enter the forefront of the best-selling. But in the North American and Chinese markets, television advertising has been a relatively small boost for mobile game downloads. In North America and China, hand-tour pu

The architecture and difference of the service side of the hand tour and the end tour

Transferred from: service side of the hand tour and the end tour is essentially no different, the difference is the game type .Type 1: Weak interactive server with cards, parkour, etc.Card Parkour class because of the weak interaction, players and players do not need real-time face PK, hit each other's offline data, calculate the leaderboard, buy and sell props can, so

Dream Westward tour of the civilian how to Brush money Dream West Tour hand fast earn gold coins/silver strategy

  earning silver coins 1. Dream Rebate Dream Hand Tour is NetEase development of the new mobile phone game, for the 2 from the Dream West Tour player is a silver coin rebate. The rebate ratio is based on the fantasy West Tour 2 of the consumption points to set, fantasy West 2 in the consumption of points more, the return of the more benefits are obtained. From

POJ 2135 Farm Tour and HDU 1853 Cyclic Tour (initial application of fee flow)

Farm Tour (portal) Time limit:1000ms Memory limit:65536kTotal submissions:15477 accepted:5966 Description When FJ's friends visit him on the farm, he likes to show them around. His farm comprises N (1 To show off his farm in the best-of-the-walks, he-a-tour-that-starts at his house, potentially travels through-some fields, a nd ends at the barn. Later, he returns (potentially through some fields) the back

El War Kee Hand Tour account Trading "Apple official" El War kee Apple District original 14 area Archers V11 64W Force-Amoy Hand Tour

El War Kee Hand Tour account Trading "Apple official" El War kee Apple District original 14 area Archers V11 64W Force-Amoy Hand TourProduct id:2663117Belongs game: El War KeeClient: Apple officialApplicable system: IOSProduct Type: Account numberServer: Full Area serviceBind mailbox: UnboundBind phone Number: boundBind ID: BoundRole Occupation: Rena ArcherRole level: 86VIP Level: 11Combat Capacity: 640992Description of riding pet: open to Ice dragonE

WCF learning tour-WCF Service configuration (14th), and wcf learning Tour Service

WCF learning tour-WCF Service configuration (14th), and wcf learning Tour ServiceI. Overview   We talked about boarding in the previous chapter and used the configuration file in the previous example. This article mainly describes how to apply the configuration file to improve the flexibility of the WCF program. When compiling a WCF Service application, it is also a major task to write configuration items.

[Swift learning] Swift programming tour-expansion (24), swift tour

[Swift learning] Swift programming tour-expansion (24), swift tour An extension adds new features to an existing class, struct, or enumeration type, including attributes and Methods. If you define an extension to add new features to an existing type, this new function is available to all existing instances of this type, even if they are defined before your extension. Extended syntax Declare an extension us

[Swift learning] Swift programming tour-array of Collection types (6), swift tour

[Swift learning] Swift programming tour-array of Collection types (6), swift tour Swift provides three main collection types: array, set, and dictionary. This section describes array. An array is a set of the same type of storage order. The same value can appear in different positions multiple times. Note: Swift's Array-type bridging Foundation's NSArray class   Simple Syntax of array type Swift Array typ

[C language exploration tour] Part 8: The first C language game, tour game

[C language exploration tour] Part 8: The first C language game, tour game Introduction 1. Course outline 2. Lesson 8 of the first part: the first C Language Game 3. Part 1 Lesson 9: Functions Course outline Our courses are divided into four parts. Each part has exercise questions after completion and answers will be published. Three games will also be written in C language. Basic knowledge of C Progr

A one-stop tour of qingyunshan-afternoon tour of White Horse

, the White Horse King Temple became a place where the local masses believed in it, the fire is booming." Before departure, the cute tour guide vmm and the cool intern tour guide mm. See?The car was suspended. 15 minutes by car. 40 minutes on foot.As a result, a group of old and weak women and children started with a sightseeing car in the scenic area.Fast speed, mainly because the road is

Python engineer learning tour: python engineer tour

Python engineer learning tour: python engineer tour 1. Python software development Basics 1. linux operating system 2. docker basics 3. python basic syntax 4. python String Parsing 5. python Regular Expression 6. python File Operations 7. python module 8. python exception 9. python GUI programming 10. python time and calendarSkills1. Master the composition and working principle of the computer2. Common Linu

Start the Esper tour in 5 minutes and start the esper tour

Start the Esper tour in 5 minutes and start the esper tour Original Author: CoffeeOneSugar Translation: Liu binhua In my previous article, I mentioned my recent passion for Complex Event Processing (CEP) (Complex Event Processing ). In short, CEP uses data streams as input and redirects data (or part of data) to listeners based on a series of predefined rules, or Pattern in data discovery). CEP is particul

HDU 3488 -- Tour [minimum cost maximum stream & amp; directed ring minimum weight overwrite & amp; classic], hdu3488 -- tour

HDU 3488 -- Tour [minimum cost maximum stream classic], hdu3488 -- tour Tour Time Limit: 3000/1000 MS (Java/Others) Memory Limit: 65535/65535 K (Java/Others)Total Submission (s): 2308 Accepted Submission (s): 1156 Problem DescriptionIn the kingdom of Henryy, there are N (2 Every city shoshould be just in one route. A loop shoshould have at least two cities. in

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