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Experiment: telnet Remote management operationExperimental objective: To realize the remote management of routers and switches of different network segments.Lab Environment:Open the Cisco Packet Tracer software, as shown in the topology diagram:650)

11th day NET Routing and switching technology

Application of experimental 01:DHCPExperimental objective: To reduce the burden on the staff to configure the host IP address, the host automatically obtains the IP address and DNSLab Environment:Open the Cisco Packet Tracer software, the

Java: Customizing Annotations __java

Custom annotations: When you use @interface to customize annotations, the Java.lang.annotation.Annotation interface is automatically inherited and other details are automatically completed by the compiler. When you define annotations, you cannot

Android design mode-builder mode

Looking back at what you wrote, when it comes to Android custom controls, the code is more adaptable, but it doesn't seem to have any technical content, so when you're learning design patterns, think about something that might improve, like:Custom

Summary introduction of Memcache and summary of some commands

What is 1.1memcached?Take a look at some official explanations:1 free&opensource,high-performance,distributed Memory Object Caching systemFree & Open source, high performance, distributed memory object cache systemAn established NoSQL application

Android Development Portal dialog box simple usage _android

This example describes the simple use of the Android Introduction dialog box. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Note: This article is just a learning note to record where you have learned 1. Get alertdialog static internal

How to implement custom gestures by Android programming _android

An example of this article describes the Android programming approach to implementing custom gestures. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: I've described how to use gestures in an Android program, mainly the system's default

Master-Slave synchronization tutorial for configuring MySQL Database

Configure master-Slave synchronization of MySQL database (one master and one slave) First, the main library to open Binlog, Server-id [Root@master-mysql ~]# grep-e "Server-id|log-bin"/etc/my.cnfLog-bin =/usr/local/mysql/data/mysql-binServer-id =

Asp,vbscript grammatical error, the most complete and most accurate 1th/3 page _asp Foundation in history

ASP Error Summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Microsoft VBScript syntax error (0X800A03E9)--> low Memory Microsoft VBScript syntax error (0X800A03EA)--> syntax error Microsoft VBScript syntax

Test experiment of Getvpn

1. Topology Map: Getvpn retains the original IP header information, so it needs to be routed all over the network. Reference: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_52ddfea30100nwlf.html Http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_52ddfea30100ny39.html 2. Basic

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