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Globalization of asp.net2.0 application and localization of localization    Summary:This article will be a practical case to analyze how to achieve a 2.0 Web site development process of globalization and localization issues.    First, IntroductionGlobalization and localization are two important concepts

Resource localization: e-learning new Viewpoint (i)

Only by constantly discovering new markets can we ensure that the land is always profitable, only to find a broken economic growth point to achieve the never-fading market point stone dream, look around the e-learning, each business is thinking: we

Analysis on Linux's internationalization and localization Mechanism

A Brief Analysis of Linux internationalization and localization mechanism original address: Linux is an international operating system. Its toolkit and device drivers support multi-language operations. This

Detailed description of software defect categories for localization Testing

Software defects discovered through localization testing have obvious characteristics, which are easy to classify. This paper classifies Software defects based on the characteristics of localization testing, analyzes the characteristics of various

Localization of globalization and localization in 2.0

Absrtact: This article will be a practical case to analyze how to achieve a 2.0 Web site development process of globalization and localization issues. First, Introduction Globalization and localization are two important concepts that every

Resource localization: e-learning new Viewpoint (next)

Procurement of global educational resources E-leaming demand for resources is very large, in the current domestic resource construction is not developed perfect, completely rely on their own strength to develop all resources will have many

iOS localization App

The BK project has been completed in 7788 and will need to be translated into multi-lingual versions at the end of the project. In order to adapt to many countries around the world to use multiple storage.Applying localization is to localize strings,

Research on Symbian OS-based localization technology

I. Introduction Symbian OS is an open and robust embedded operating system developed by Symbian. Symbian OS is a new-generation mobile system platform for wireless handheld devices in the future. Its goal is to develop Symbian OS into an industry

Automated Software Localization regression testing solution

Document directory Difficulties in software localization regression testing When Will localization regression testing be automated? Tib studio's automated framework for localization regression testing Success stories Do your software

CakePHP Localization and internationalization

Programmers who have seen CakePHP's program examples will find that most of the output in the controller or view is done with a function __ ("XXXX"), This function is quite similar to the GetText () function in other frames, which dynamically

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