oauth 2 0 authentication

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Resolve Spring Security OAuth when visiting/oauth/token 401 authentication is required

The specific cause of this problem is generally the following two points: 1. In the authorized section we generally authorize by using our own login action HTTP BASIC, while we use spring security only exposed the login interface, which means that the other interfaces are in spring Security protection, including the/oauth interface. 2. Use/oauth/authorize?grant_t

Using Java development to implement OAuth security authentication application _java

OAuth IntroductionOAuth was co-sponsored by Blaine Cook, Chris Messina, Larry Halff and David Recordon to provide a safe and open standard for API access authorization.Based on OAuth authentication authorization has the following characteristics:Safety. OAuth differs from other licensing methods:

To modify the Zabbix authentication method from the database 0 built-in 1 LDAP 2 HTTP

1MariaDB [zabbix]>Selectauthentication_type from config;2+---------------------+3| Authentication_type |4+---------------------+5|2|6+---------------------+7 1RowinchSet (0.00sec)8 9MariaDB [zabbix]> Update config Set authentication_type =0 ;TenQuery OK,1Row affected (0.00sec) OneRows matched:1Changed:1Warnings:0 A -M

Implementation of unified authentication interface for Sina, Tencent, and Netease Weibo oauth

The oauth project has written several public interfaces:Ioauthconfig: this interface is used to obtain the configuration information of Web. config. Namespace oauth {public interface ioauthconfig {// Ioauthmode: The parameter interface for oauth authentication. There are many interfaces here. Namespace

Oauth authentication for Douban APIs

= {0},", timestamp );Oauthheader. appendformat ("oauth_signature_method = {0},", "HMAC-SHA1 ");Oauthheader. appendformat ("oauth_version = {0},", "1.0 ");Oauthheader. appendformat ("oauth_signature = {0},", sig );Oauthheader. appendformat ("oauth_token = {0}", accesstoken )

[node. js] OAuth 2 and the Passport framework

programs in the form of middleware, and the framework itself encapsulates the general form of the authentication process (Basic Digest/oauth/open ID), callbacks, and error handling. and the specific certification implementation is abstracted as strategy (strategy), and the framework itself is not related, as long as the passport-compliant strategy can be added as a plug-in form of the project is used by P

Oauth Authentication server written in PHP-PHP source code

0 --> $velocityCount--> --> Applicable to Kohana3.x 1. [File]Oauth.zip Oauth.zip 2. [File]Oauth. php Class Controller_OAuth extends Controller {public function action_index () {$ result = array ('status' => '2013'); $ this-> sendQuery ($ result );} // obtain unauthorized Request Token public function action_request () {$ result = array ('status' => '20140901')

Oauth Learning (2) -- custom oauth server (WCF rest Data Access Control)

System.ServiceModel.Activation;using System.ServiceModel.Web;using Microsoft.ServiceModel.Web;using DevDefined.OAuth.Provider;using OAuthChannel.Repositories;namespace OAuthChannel{ public class OAuthWebServiceHostFactory : WebServiceHostFactory { public IOAuthProvider OAuthProvider { get; set; } public ITokenRepositoryThe Interceptor (oauthinterceptor. CS) converts the requested oauth (in the request header) to oauthchannel. Mode

Google 2 legged oauth

Reference: * 2 legged oauth basic concepts (Chinese) http://djb4ke.iteye.com/blog/664958 * Google 2 legged oauth for Google Apps domain: http://code.google.com/intl/zh-TW/apis/accounts/docs/OAuth.html#GoogleAppsOAuth * Example of Google 2 legged

Web authentication Mode--oauth 2.0 Protocol (1)

/1.1Host:server.example.comContentapplication/x-www-form-urlencoded grant_type=Refresh_tokenrefresh_token=tgzv3jokf0xg5qx2tlkwiaVerify Access TokenAccess tokens are finally sent to resource server, so resource server validates access tokens. And the specific verification method depends on the type of token.1. If token is a string that does not contain specific information. Resource server can only give this token to authorization server to parse the user information.

Android development my Sina Weibo client-use webview to replace the original built-in browser in the oauth authentication process

In the previous article, the oauth authentication process obtains the oauth_verifier code by calling the browser in the Android system for user authorization authentication. For details, see: android development my Sina Weibo client-user authorization page function (3.2 ). The original implementation is as follows: 1. First in androidmanifest. add the following c

Common security problems in OAuth authentication mechanisms

certificate information to obtain 'Access _ token '. Callback information will be used after user authorization, as shown in the following figure. Site.com/oauth/callback? Code = AQCOtAVov1Cu316rpqPfs-8nDb-jJEiF7aex9n05e2dq3oiXlDwubVoC8VEGNq10rSkyyFb3wKbtZh6xpgG59FsAMMSjIAr613Ly1usZ47jPqADzbDyVuotFaRiQux3g6Ut84nmAf9j-KEvsX0bEPH_aCekLNJ1QAnjpls0SL9ZSK-yw1wPQWQsBhbfMPNJ_LqI2. I would like to remind you that OAuth

Using OAuth, identity to create a WEBAPI authentication interface for client invocation

sentence is to add access-control-allow-origin support.13. Add the ASP . WebApi install-package Microsoft. Owin. Cors. Add App.usecors (Corsoptions.allowall) to the Startup.cs configuration method;14, generate the client token.15. After receiving token, access the data interface. Note The parameter authorization value has a prefix of bearer.SummarizeIn general, the design of Owin and identity is a bit complicated, the agreement of something more. Compared to Microsoft's early membership is a lo

OAuth 2.0 Authentication Authorization

In fact, before you do the service number of the binding login is also an OAuth authentication authorizationA simple look at the process by which a third party authenticates with OAuth: (taken from the network, with the diagram everyone should like ~)The first step: users log on to third-party websites, such as using QQ login.Second step: After clicking Login, wi

Questions about OAuth authentication between local Exchange 2013 and exchange Online organizations

external hostname authority of your Exchange on-premises deploymen T>/metadata/json/1-mailbox Exchange Online Mailbox>-verbose | Fl650) this.width=650; "height=" 182 "title=" image "style=" Border:0px;padding-top:0px;padding-right:0px;padding-left : 0px;background-image:none; "alt=" image "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/8B/AB/ Wkiol1hu2wbccggvaadxo8celdm493.png "border=" 0 "/>The result of this issue is that users of Exchange online cannot view

Self-developed and implemented OAuth for webapi authentication and oauthwebapi

Self-developed and implemented OAuth for webapi authentication and oauthwebapi When I see the OAuth written by someone in the garden, I want to share my own OAuth. I will not go into details about the OAuth protocol here. 1. As an authen

"7". NET WebAPI Owin OAuth 2.0 password Mode Authentication instance

) {returnJobject.parse (Responsevalue) ["Access_token"]. valuestring>(); } Else{Console.WriteLine (responsevalue); return string. Empty; } } Public AsyncTask call_webapi_by_resource_owner_password_credentials_grant () {if(string. IsNullOrEmpty (token) token=awaitGetaccesstoken (); Console.WriteLine (token); _httpclient.defaultrequestheaders.authorization=NewAuthenticationheadervalue ("Bearer", token); Console.WriteLine (await(await_httpclient.getas

Android-oauth authentication principle

1. What is oauth? A Security Authentication Protocol Provides a secure, open, and simple standard for user resource authorization. Does not allow third parties to Touch User Account Information Http://www.oauth.net 2. Role in oauth Serviceprovider is usually a website (for example:Online storage, Weibo, or blogCustomer

Use OAuth to build WEBAPI authentication services for your own clients (ii)

In the previous article, "Using OAuth to build WEBAPI authentication services for your own clients", we implemented a WEBAPI server with OAuth process 3-cipher mode (resource owner password credentials). Today we are going to implement a js+html version of the client.First, angular clientAngular version of client code from HTTP://BITOFTECH.NET/2014/06/01/ token-b

Spring-oauth-server Practice (1-5) apply for Access_token for customer mobile-client Authorization code mode and use Access_token to access the business requiring authentication

Tags: oauth token images BSP user HTTP users using server1, for mobile users to apply for Access_token Access_token is present and valid, the 4+1 method is applied again. Access_token are the same, the validity period is unchanged! If mobile users want to use "Authorization code mode", they need to modify the authorization mode of database Mobile_client support! If you use mobile user and Authorization code mode, you need to modify manually: Apply fo

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