oauth 2 0 php example

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Sina Weibo SDK for. Net 4.0 version 2 was officially released.

You can go here to view the features and usage of the first version. Note the following when downloading the demo:There are too many friends who downloaded and tested the demo in the past few days. The appkey provided in the demo has not been

Php version of WeChat public platform for WeChat webpage login authorization example, php example

Php public platform webpage logon authorization example, php example This article describes how to authorize the php public platform to log on to the webpage. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: It is actually

PHP cURL request and example study notes

Note:To use the curl_init function, you must enable this php extension.1. Open php. ini and enable extension = php_curl.dll.2. check php. which Directory is the extension_dir value of ini? Check whether php_curl.dll exists. If not, download php_curl.

Micro-Credit Development Web page authorization to obtain user basic information _ Application skills

Micro-trust public platform recently introduced a micro-letter certification, authentication can be access to advanced interface permissions, one of which is OAuth2.0 Web licensing, a lot of friends in the use of this time failed or unable to

How to write a PHP error "line number" or complete error message into the file

All you can do now is write the number of rows of SQL errors into a text file How do I write the wrong number of lines in the same way? Or would you like to write the entire PHP error message in the file? The solution gives a big direction.

Sina Weibo oauth2.0 access Method (Java version)

Refer to:http://chuanwang66.iteye.com/blog/1436438First, the initial experienceSina Weibo • Open platform: http://open.weibo.com/There are several tabs on the top page: "Home", "Web Access", "Application Development", "Development Documentation",

How to write the wrong "number of lines" or complete error information of php into the file

Currently, only the rows with SQL errors can be written into text files. How can I write the rows with errors. Or write the php error message into the file. What I can do is to write the SQL error lines into the text file. How can I write the wrong

PHP mining of XML and HTML data

Wikipedia defines "data mining" as "data mining is a process that uses statistical and artificial intelligence methods, combined with database management, to extract models from large datasets ". This is a very deep Data mining and its

Nginx API authentication is easy to implement

Nginx itself is an excellent HTTP server, in addition to the application server (such as API) can be combined to separate independent business (such as authentication), so that the application server becomes more flexible and powerful. In this paper,

PHP QQ third-party login

0, download QQ login (QQ Mutual) PHP version:: Click the Open link (this article was written at the latest version: V2.1)1, in the QQ internet site Register a AppID, configure the website address and callback address.Example: http://yzdd.app110180873

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