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Sina Weibo OAuth certification and storage of the main process detailed _php tutorial

The main process of Sina Weibo OAuth authentication and storage This article introduces the main process of Sina Weibo OAuth authentication and storage based on Twitter's certification process. There are many articles on OAuth on the web, but

PHP third-party login OAuth2.0 Protocol Video Tutorial Resource introduction

"PHP third-party login-oauth2.0 Protocol video tutorial" mainly introduces the third-party login-related protocol-oauth2.0 protocol. This paper mainly introduces the usage scenarios and implementation principles of OAuth, and explains the

Micro-Credit Development Web page authorization to obtain user basic information _ Application skills

Micro-trust public platform recently introduced a micro-letter certification, authentication can be access to advanced interface permissions, one of which is OAuth2.0 Web licensing, a lot of friends in the use of this time failed or unable to underst

Sina Weibo API Development profile PHP basic article-User authorization

Now playing micro Bo more and more people, and on the microblogging of Third-party application development is more and more, oneself in the occasional contact with Sina Weibo API development, Sina mic

Example of implementing a WeChat template message in PHP

This article mainly and everybody introduced the PHP template message operation method, combined with the instance form analysis PHP template message definition and the invocation method, needs the friend can refer to, hoped can help everybody. Sdk:

REST API Security Design Guide

Label:An introduction to the 0x01 rest API Rest is the full name of the representational state Transfer, which represents a representational stateless transport without a session, so each request has to have authentication information. Rest is based

PHP Integrated Micro-Blog login

Label:Now many sites have integrated convenient third-party login, such as QQ login, Sina Weibo, Sohu, NetEase and so on, to provide users with a lot of convenience and save time. We can choose to use JS or SDK to implement a third-party user

PHP WeChat Template Message operation example _php tips

This article mainly introduces the PHP template message operation method, combined with instance form analysis of PHP template message definition and call method, the need for friends can refer to the next Specific as follows: Sdk: <?phpclass

Ouath protocol

Tags: callback code language empty need to pay attention to CharSet Curl arcOAuth is an open protocol that allows a third-party app to secure and standard access to private resources (such as user personal information, photos, videos, contact lists)

Sina Weibo oauth2.0 access Method (Java version)

Refer to:http://chuanwang66.iteye.com/blog/1436438First, the initial experienceSina Weibo • Open platform: http://open.weibo.com/There are several tabs on the top page: "Home", "Web Access", "Application Development", "Development Documentation", "fo

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