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Roles of nonce and timestamp in Http Security Protocol

Some time ago, I made a Sina Weibo account logon function for the customer's website, and made some research on the OAuth Protocol and related security protocols. By the way, I will record my learning experience. Here, we do not want to talk about

Oauth authentication for Douban APIs

Douban API allows third-party applications to access user data through oauth. Therefore, oauth is the basis of our entire project. Oauth authentication sounds mysterious, but it is actually quite simple. Currently, most of the open platforms for

Sina Weibo Open Platform oauth authorization solution (including code)

A friend needs to use the Sina Weibo interface in his project a few days ago. Therefore, he and his friend studied the information provided on the Sina Weibo open platform, first, you need to use these interfaces to log on and authorize users. The

How to Use QT to implement Google API applications (2)-oauth steps

To use oauth to successfully call the Google API, you must first obtain the oauth access token. In the process of obtaining oauth access token, we need to solve the following problems in sequence: 1. Prepare timestamp, nonce, and HMAC-SHA1

How third-party logins work

Absrtact: The OAuth protocol provides a secure, open, and easy standard for the authorization of user resources. Unlike previous licensing methods, OAuth's authorization does not allow a third party to touch the user's account information (such as a

Android DropBox SDK Vulnerability (CVE-2014-8889) Analysis

Android DropBox SDK Vulnerability (CVE-2014-8889) Analysis0x00 Preface This article is a translation of the detailed analysis of DropBox SDK vulnerabilities by the ibm iss security team. Today, personal data is stored on the cloud, so that services

OpenID Connect Core 1.0 (V) authentication with authorization code stream (bottom) Validation Error response (authentication error Response)The validation error response is an OAuth 2.0 authorization error response message, which is the message that the RP sends an authorization request and is returned by the response of

Renren, Sina Weibo error code Encyclopedia

1, "Sina Weibo error code encyclopedia" 304 Not Modified: No data returned. Bad Request: The requested data is illegal or exceeds the request frequency limit. The detailed error code is as follows: o 40028: Internal interface Error (if there is a

WEB API Application Architecture Overview analysis and Design Examples tutorial

1, the Web API core layer Design In the current developed application scenario, we often need to access the WinForm client, app program, web program, and currently in the bustling micro-letter applications, such data should be provided by the same

Sina Weibo error code Encyclopedia

For the heart of a young man who needs to enjoy everything, it does not take a price to get happiness. 1, "Sina Weibo error code encyclopedia" 304 Not Modified: No rarity was returned. Bad Request: The request data is illegal, or crosses the plea

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