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PHP extension-oauth

I. Overview and Installation This extension provides a binding between the OAuth consumer and the provider. OAuth is an authorization protocol built on HTTP that allows applications to securely access data without having to store user names and

Build MicroServices-Protect API interfaces with OAuth 2.0

Tags: getname images boa bin auto Fill spring output DAP designationMicro-service Operation modelBuild microservices based on spring Cloud and Netflix OSS-part 1Build microservices based on spring Cloud and Netflix OSS, part 2In this article, we

HTTP validation Dafa (Basic auth,session, JWT, Oauth, Openid)

Tags: multi-site user input navigation blank page directed watch sort OpenThis article tags:  http Auth OpenID http validation dafa Session REST server Become a "certified" old driverThis article is translated from Auth-boss. If

Change of "Turn" OAuth

Tags: erro response ret Common VISO application disadvantage uniqueness ImportOriginal address: http://huoding.com/2011/11/08/126Last year I wrote a "OAuth thing" and gave a brief introduction to OAuth, and today I'm going to write some details to

A simple understanding of OAuth 2

Label:What is OAuth 2.0According to Oauth.net's description, we can summarize it as follows: OAuth 2.0 is an upgraded version of the OAuth 1.0 Framework Protocol, simplifying the process of identity and authorization on multiple platforms. specific

PHP OAuth v1.0 detailed client and server process and implementation _php Tutorial

PHP OAuth client and server process and implementation Introduced: 1, mainly for third-party access to user resources commonly used for third-party login authorization to obtain user information 2, is a protocol RFC-5849 (not software or

Go OAuth 2.0 Licensing Protocol details and process

Label:This article mainly introduces the OAuth 2.0 licensing protocol, this article explains the OAuth protocol in detail, the OAuth protocol of all aspects of the decomposition, read this article you will know exactly what is oauth, the need for

OAuth 2.0 Document translation (chapter I)

Label:OAuth 2.0 Authorization FrameworkProfileThe OAuth 2.0 authorization framework enables third-party applications to obtain limited HTTP services and also represents the user (the resource owner) who is authorized by planning an approved

Understanding OAuth 2.0, Understanding oauth2.0_php Tutorials

Understanding OAuth 2.0, Understanding oauth2.0 OAuth is an open network standard for licensing (authorization) that is widely used worldwide and is currently available in version 2.0. This paper makes a concise and popular explanation for the

[Forward] Understanding OAuth 2.0

Label:Original: http://www.ruanyifeng.com/blog/2014/05/oauth_2_0.htmlVarious programming language implementations of OAuth: http://oauth.net/2/Understanding OAuth 2.0NanyiDate: May 12, 2014OAuth is an open network standard for licensing

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