oauth verifier

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Tutorials for sending tweets using Java through the OAuth protocol _java

Although the Sina Weibo open platform provides a variety of language versions of the development SDK download, but also each attached to some basic interface calls Demo and interface documentation. But after a few days of patient experimentation, it

Oauth Authentication server written in PHP-PHP source code

0 --> $velocityCount--> --> Applicable to Kohana3.x 1. [File]Oauth.zip Oauth.zip 2. [File]Oauth. php Class Controller_OAuth extends Controller {public function action_index () {$ result = array ('status' => '2013'); $ this-> sendQuery ($ result );

How django connects to Sina Weibo OAuth

This article mainly introduces django's method of accessing Sina Weibo OAuth, and analyzes django's access skills for Sina Weibo OAuth interface, for more information about how django connects to Sina Weibo OAuth, see the example in this article.

Sina Weibo Open Platform oauth authorization solution (including code)

A friend needs to use the Sina Weibo interface in his project a few days ago. Therefore, he and his friend studied the information provided on the Sina Weibo open platform, first, you need to use these interfaces to log on and authorize users. The

How Django accesses Sina Weibo OAuth

This example describes the way Django accesses Sina Weibo oauth. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: The recent integration of the Web site and Sina Weibo, the idea is very simple, is to link the content of

[Oauth authentication] Use scribe to implement oauth

Scribe here refers to the oauth library, the Project address: https://github.com/fernandezpablo85/scribe-java, not the Facebook one (https://github.com/facebook/scribe ). Oauth1.0a \ oauth2.0 is supported. I personally feel very good. The usage is

Sina Weibo open platform uses OAuth to authenticate and publish Weibo

To use the Sina Weibo open platform API, you should first get the app key and app Secret that Sina allocates, and the following is the app key and app Secret that Sina assigns after I created the app (this is confidential.) Then download the

Android project source code parsing 04: Sina Weibo client source code parsing

This article describes how to build a Sina Weibo client. The following describes the source code of weibosina circulating on the Internet: http://download.csdn.net/detail/ryzhanglu/3453875. 1. Project Overview The project file list is as

Sina Weibo error code Encyclopedia

For the heart of a young man who needs to enjoy everything, it does not take a price to get happiness. 1, "Sina Weibo error code encyclopedia" 304 Not Modified: No rarity was returned. Bad Request: The request data is illegal, or crosses the plea

Renren, Sina Weibo error code Encyclopedia

1, "Sina Weibo error code encyclopedia" 304 Not Modified: No data returned. Bad Request: The requested data is illegal or exceeds the request frequency limit. The detailed error code is as follows: o 40028: Internal interface Error (if there is a

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