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Object.assign () {... obj} JSON. The difference between several copies of Parse, etc.

Tags: parse object create assign memory address obj copy shallow copy gif stringLet obj = {age:10}Let obj1 = {grade:1, name: {first: ' Bob '}}Let Objs = Obj1let Obja = object.assign (obj, obj1) Let OBJJ = Json.parse (json.stringify (obj1)) Let OBJK =

Pure JS implementation of mobile sliding control to swipe up and down the middle position of the age as an example;

Tags:++    need    ===    move    else    Box   function   on ()    flow    <!--requirements: swipe up and down,

JQ implementation Json.stringify (obj) method

Tags: object   text   qstring   print   script    new    code    plain   each    Jqstringify is the

{}typeof string converted to obj JSON

Label:<script type= "Text/javascript" src= "Http://apps.bdimg.com/libs/jquery/1.11.3/jquery.min.js" ></script ><script>String to obj JSON method one ==============var str1 = ' {' name ': ' Jieke ', ' sex ': ' Boy ', ' age ': ' 11 '}

Convert json.stringify (obj) and Json.parse (string) between JSON object and string

Label:advanced browsers such as FIREFOX,CHROME,OPERA,SAFARI,IE9,IE8 can directly use the stringify () and Parse () methods of JSON objects.Json.stringify (obj) converts the JSON to a string. Json.parse (String) to convert the string to JSON

Statements and definitions such as "Good Programmer's note sharing" obj-c

Label:<a href= "http://www.goodprogrammer.org/" target= "blank" >ios training </A>------My obj-c language notes, looking forward to communicating with you!As a result of the basic test, the obj-c still do not know very well, do a step

Avoid using JS feature with (obj) {}

Tags: processor code Execution Instructions specific need multiple end code impact1) Brief descriptionThe WITH statement can be conveniently used to refer to an existing property in a particular object, but cannot be used to add properties to an

OBJ-C Memory Management Primary

Label:Primary Memory Management Why to manage memoryOur iOS APP appears crash (Flash back), more than 90% of the reason is memory problems. One of the exc_bad_access problems we often see when compiling a run with Xcode is a typical memory


Label:1. Direct AssignmentNSString *name = @ "Starain";2. Initialize with a string that already existsNSString *name2 = [NSString stringwithstring:name];or NSString *name3 = [[NSString alloc]initwith string:name];3. Formatting stringsint age =

From c to C + + to obj-c memory Management Learning notes (iii)

Label:The first two describes the memory management of C and C + +, which describes the memory management of OBJECT-C.Object-c is a superset of C, and all C-language features can be implemented in object-c.However, there are still some differences

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