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Detailed description of OBJ file format in 3D

Common *. there are two types of obj Files: The first is an OBJ File (also called the target File) in COFF (Common Object File Format) Format, which is used to compile applications; the second type is the OBJ model file launched by Alias | Wavefront.

Detailed description of OBJ file format in 3D

Reprinted from: http://www.cppblog.com/lovedday/archive/2008/06/13/53153.html   OBJ file is a standard 3D model file format developed by alias | wavefront for its workstation-based 3D modeling and animation software "Advanced visualizer, it is

An explanation of the obj file format

The     obj file is alias| Wavefront company developed a standard 3D model file format for its set of workstation-based 3D modeling and animation software "Advanced Visualizer", which is well suited for mutual guidance between 3D software models

Obj Format Introduction _ Application Tips

There are two types of *.obj files that we often see: the first is an obj file (also called the destination file) based on the COFF (Common object) format, which is used to compile the application, and the second is alias| The obj model file

Statements common in iOS development @synthesize obj = _obj explanation of meaning

@synthesize window=_window;  statement, then, this window, _ window is what, two things respectively how to use, this is a relatively basic problem, also relates to our understanding objective-c a unified understanding of the class, the properties

The meaning of @synthesize obj=_obj @property and @synthesize

This article reprinted to http://blog.csdn.net/ztp800201/article/details/9231969HTTP://HI.BAIDU.COM/FENG20068123/ITEM/CA8952FA661E5342932AF2C2Write very good, save a!!!We often see similar @synthesize Window=_window in the Declarations section of

Basic knowledge of Xcode and OBJ-C

1, from a simple routine to see the basic syntax:The following code is generated by the Osx-application-command line tool:#import int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) {@autoreleasepool {Insert code here ...NSLog (@ "Hello, world!");NSLog (@

OBJ-C first Knowledge

1, Obj-CCodeThe extension is ". m ".   2When obj-C needs to include header files, you can use # include but more commonly use # import (provided by the GCC compiler ), the latter ensures that the header file is only contained once (L is similar

JVM Memory Management: A discussion (on the obj=null)

You park friendly, LZ is from a site to move over the blogger, see here a lot of bloggers are said to see friends as a garden friend, LZ bold imitation, but before, LZ is actually said to see friends for ape friends. LZ in a Web site has already

Obj-c Programming 17: key value observation (KVO)

Obj-c Programming 17: key value observation (KVO) After finishing the previous article on KVC, I can't help but talk about its application KVO (Key-Value Observing. KVO is similar to the hook function in ruby. When an object property changes, the

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