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(reproduced) using the SIFT and RANSAC algorithms (OPENCV framework) to achieve object detection and positioning, and to find the transformation matrix (Findfundamentalmat and findhomography comparison) pinned

transformation matrix. And the online about findhomography introduction is relatively few, so will let people misunderstand findfundamentalmat will calculate the transformation matrix.Try to return the matrix with the Findhomography function, in the template image, the object is already marked with a green box outline, according to the object's four boundary points, and the transformation matrix, you can get the transformed

[OpenCV getting started tutorial 7] Go to OpenCV source code: Generate OpenCV engineering solution and OpenCV source code compilation

This series of articles is produced by @ simple ink _ Mao yunxing. Please indicate the source for reprinting. Article: http://blog.csdn.net/poem_qianmo/article/details/21974023 Author: Mao yunxing (light ink) mailbox: happylifemxy@163.com The OpenCV version used to write the current blog: 2.4.8 This article discusses how to select different compiler types through the installed

[Opencv-python] OpenCV part IX Object detection part X in computational photography

.imread ('mask2.png ' = Cv2.inpaint (img,mask,3, Cv2. Inpaint_telea) cv2.imshow ('DST', DST) cv2.waitkey (0) Cv2.destroyallwindows ()The results are as follows. The first image is a degraded input image, and the second is a mask image. The third one is the result of using the first algorithm, and the last pair is the result of using the second algorithm.    Part XObject detection51 Face

Use the sift source code of David Lowe to implement left-behind object detection

David Lowe's sift has always been used by everyone. We can't compile it by ourselves. It's not as good as we can compile it. First, use sift to extract feature points from the target object as the basis for subsequent judgment. The purpose of the demo is to detect the target object in another video. We use opencv to read a video. Use sift to extract the feature p

Using opencv for camera interaction games and source code

Note: This example is from China's digital art online. It has not been debugged and is reprinted here. It is just for your reference. Source of the original is: http://www.cgblog.com.cn/e/DoPrint? Classid = 29 id = 9742. === Recently, I saw someone using flash and the camera to make an interactive game. I thought it was very interesting. I used the library function of

Prototype source code analysis-object Part 2: type detection

Nonsense: Originally, this prototype source code analysis was intended only for taking notes on Prototype Learning. However, sometimes a problem can be found to be more in-depth (although it is still an analysis), which breaks away from the original expectations, more and more questions. Today, I plan to write STR, but when I write it to the variable detection, I

Based on MATLAB calibration data, using OPENCV to realize the calibration of Binocular Stereo camera (source code)

of the principle is also, binocular calibration must be shot at the same time. This is a piece of code that you write and capture the image at the same time, press C, and you can save the image. #include By the way, in the Loop Cvreleaseimage (img_left), Cvreleaseimage (img_right), must be executed, or a memory leak will occur. If you don't believe it, open the resource manager and comment out that the program runs when you see that the memory is ri

Object Recognition and scene understanding (6) Target Detection by hog + SVM in opencv

Reference: Pedestrian detection using hog features and SVM Classifier:Http://blog.csdn.net/carson2005/article/details/7841443 Hog + SVM has excellent Pedestrian detection effects due to its characteristics, but it also has good effects on other targets. Here we will expand the scope. Carson2005's blog article describes how to use

9 Tutorials for gesture detection and identification using OPENCV

doesn ' t use the color hand; It uses the convexity detection of OpenCV. These two methods are the most popular in the maker and hacker communities and represent the simplest ways to detect and R Ecognize the gesture of humans to control robots. Hand gesture using opencvusing

Opencv extends latent SVM discriminatively trained Part Based Models for Object Detection

Opencv 2.4 implements the DPM program in C ++. The main difference between it and the previous C version is that it can detect multiple targets at the same time. During use, you can put the trained model in a folder, and put the image to be detected in another folder for detection. Unfortunately, the accelerated content is not considered. Latent SVM regression ¶ Discriminatively trained Part Based Models f

Opencv learning notes () -- Object Detection objdect Based on cascading Classifier

equalization to it, and do some preprocessing work. Next, we will detect the human face and call the detectmultiscale function. This function detects objects at different scales of the input image. The parameter image is the input grayscale image, and the objects is the rectangular frame vector group of the object to be detected, scalefactor is the scale parameter in each image scale. The default value is 1.1. The minneighbors parameter is the number

Learning the learning notes series of OpenCV (2) source code compilation and sample projects, opencv learning notes

."Cocould not initialize capturing.... The reason is that"Cap. open ("Megamind. avi ");"The video file in this statement"Megamind. avi"Not in the program directory. If you know the reason, you can solve it! In theH: \ opencv \ sources \ samples \ cpp"Directory (source code file directory) Copy"Megamind. avi"File to"H: \ open

Opencv--brisk feature detection, matching and object finding

To detect and draw feature points:1#include 2#include 3#include 4 5 using namespaceCV;6 using namespacecv::xfeatures2d;7 using namespacestd;8 9 intMainintargcChar**argv) {TenMat src = imread ("test.jpg", Imread_grayscale); One if(Src.empty ()) { Aprintf"could not load image...\n"); - return-1; - } theNamedwindow ("Input Image", cv_window_autosize)

OpenCV, about object detection

About Object DetectionEnvironment: OpenCV 2.4.11+vs2013Reference:Http://www.cnblogs.com/tornadomeet/archive/2012/06/02/2531705.htmlHttp://www.cnblogs.com/xinyuyuanm/archive/2013/04/29/3050750.html1#include string>2#include 3#include 4#include 5#include 6 7#include 8#include 9#include Ten#include One A using namespacestd; -

Circular detection using OPENCV under Python

write in front of the articleThese days because the work needs to learn image detection, stupid I do not want to stare at OPENCV start to learn (; ′⌒ '), even the ability to check information is weak 〒▽〒Praise My best man ticket (*^▽^*) The man is not the image processing but love my stupid (the "contest")Let me give him the request (our store?? Omega??) Our store??? He put the game down and spent a day or

OpenCV using python--to adjust object recognition parameters for AdaBoost Cascade classifiers based on Haar features

Adjust the object recognition parameters of the AdaBoost Cascade classifier based on the Haar feature 1. Object recognition problem of AdaBoost Cascade classifier based on Haar featurePaul A. Viola and Michael J. Jones published in 2001 the article "Fast object detection using

"OpenCV" How to configure Modify and debug OpenCV source code

This article mainly describes how to configure OPENCV with vs2012 and then modify the code for debugging OpenCV.1, Configuration OpenCV ProjectHere is the main introduction of how to compile the source code through VS2012, the spe

OpenCV contour detection to calculate object rotation angle

The effect is still a bit of a problem, I hope we discuss togetherFindrotation-angle.cpp: Defines the entry point of the console application. FindContours.cpp: Defines the entry point of the console application. #include "stdafx.h" #include This is the original implementation of the Code of the blog post:http://blog.csdn.net/wangyaninglm/article/details/41864251Reference documents:http://blog.csdn.net/z397164725/article/details/7248096http://blog.csdn

OpenCV using the Harris algorithm for angular point detection

Pure reading, please visit OPENCV using the Harris Algorithm for corner detectionSourceKqwopencvfeaturesdemoA corner point is an intersection of two edges or a point that has several significant edge orientations in a local neighborhood. Harris Corner Point Detection is one of the most common techniques in corner detection.The Harris corner detector uses a slidin

Not through the CMake, directly view the OPENCV function source code _ Source

This morning, you need to look at the source code for the OpenCV cvcolor function, although you often use the OpenCV library to do some image-related processing, but did not see the OpenCV source

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