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PHP type conversion && type casting

Get data type: If you want to see the value and type of an expression, use var_dump ().If you just want an easy-to-read type of expression for debugging, use GetType ().To view a type, do not use GetType () and use the Is_type () function.Convert

C # Advanced Programming, Chapter 7th, operator and type casting--Learning Notes

The basic elements of the Operator programming language, which makes our code more concise and straightforward. However, in order to solve the problem of different types of operands, we have introduced the concept of forced conversion. Let's look at

[Understanding C ++ (1)] type conversion (Type Casting)

[Understanding C ++ (1)] type conversion (Type Casting) Luo chaohui (http://www.cnblogs.com/kesalin/ ) CC license. For more information, see Source   Type conversion is to convert the expression of the given type to another type. There are

ANSYS/LS-DYNA simulated stamping, forging and casting

The following only on the LS-DYNA in the simulation of stamping, forging and casting process of the functions and characteristics of the process are described:1. the physical description of the Stamping Process of the sheet metal is: under the Joint

JavaScript Data type Casting

First, convert to numeric type 1.number ( parameter ) converts any type to a numeric type A. if it is a Boolean value,false is 0andtrue is 1B. if it is a number, the conversion becomes itself. Remove the meaningless back guide 0 . C. if Null is

Objective C ++, 3rd edition, item 27: Minimal casting (forced transformation) (ii)

(Click here, next to the previous article) Before in-depth exploration of dynamic_cast's design intent, it is worth noting that most dynamic_cast implementations are quite slow. For example, at least one common implementation is partly based on

A method for casting and trying to convert C #

Convert an object type of string[] type to a string[] type:1 Public stringObjecttostring (Objectob)2 {3 stringstr =string. Empty;4 if(ob is string[])5 {6 string[] Strlist = (string[]) ob;7 }8 9 returnstr;Ten}Use is to

Forced type conversions for JavaScript object oject

JavaScript is well known as a dynamic type, and the type conversion occurs in many cases by the weak type of the scripting language whose data type. These types of conversions are often implicit, which gives us a lot of trouble when using JS. And JS'

Quick introduction to PHP object-oriented PHP tutorials

Quickly learn about PHP object-oriented. Object-oriented concepts object-oriented programming (ObjectOrientedProgramming, OOP, object-oriented programming) is a computer programming architecture. one basic principle of OOP is that computer programs

Up-type conversions and down-type conversions in C + + four coercion type conversions

Go from blog: http://blog.csdn.net/wangweitingaabbcc/article/details/7720979#In the world of C + + There are two concepts, the upward type conversion, the downward type conversion, respectively describing the subclass to the base class, and the base

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