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C ++ developers can quickly learn Objective-C Core syntax

In this article, Objective-C discusses the core syntax of the language. This section describes some specific syntaxes. As you expected, definitions and classes are involved. BKJIA recommendation topic: iPhone application developmentClass is not

C + + Fast learning objective-c language Core grammar

This paper discusses the core grammar of language objective-c. This section begins by detailing some specific syntax. As you would expect, the definitions and classes are involved. Classes are not special In Smalltalk, a class is an object with

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From: http://tiny4cocoa.com/doc/xcode-doc/learn-objective-c   Objective-C is a simple computer language designed to support real object-oriented programming. Objective-C extends the Standard ansi c language by providing class definitions, methods,

IPhone Development Series (III)-objective-C language Introduction

I have translated the technical information of the apple Dev center and slightly modified it. Reprinted please indicate the source: http://blog.csdn.net/zhyzh2046/ Learning objective-C: basic readingObjective-C is a simple computer language that

Objective-C Analysis

Objective-C Analysis1. Introduction I have been engaged in IOS development since today, and then PHP development to better understand development. Objective-C is the prerequisite for IOS development. This article briefly summarizes its knowledge

[52 Effective ways to write high-quality iOS code] (i) OBJECTIVE-C Foundation

[52 Effective ways to write high-quality iOS code] (i) OBJECTIVE-C FoundationReference book: "Effective Objective-c 2.0", "English" Matt GallowaySneak Peek1. Understanding the origins of the Objective-c language2. Introduce as few other header files

Objective-C magic path [14-basic C language characteristics], objective-c14-

Objective-C magic path [14-basic C language characteristics], objective-c14- Master haomeng is devoted to his contribution and respects the author's Labor achievements. Do not repost them. If the article is helpful to you, you are welcome to

Objective-c related to the iOS Test series

1. Describe the design patterns commonly used in your project. What are their pros and cons?The common design patterns are: agents, observers, and Singleton.(1) Singleton: It is used to restrict the creation of a class to only one object. The

Write high-quality OC code--------familiar with Objective-c

1th: Understanding the origins of Objective-c language 1. Message Structure of OBJECTIVE-C OBJECTIVE-C uses "message structure" instead of "function call". The key difference between a message structure and a function call is that the language in

Effective OBJECTIVE-C 2.0 52 effective ways to write high-quality iOS and OS X code---1-12

* In other languages, a lot of work is done by compilers, while in OC it is performed at runtime. As a result, functions that can function properly in a test environment are in the working environment and may not be executed correctly because of

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