objective c exception handling

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Programming with OBJECTIVE-C----Introduction----objective-c Learning (I.)

About OBJECTIVE-COBJECTIVE-C is the primary programming language you use when writing software for OS X and IOS. It's a superset of the C programming language and provides object-oriented capabilities and a dynamic runtime. Objective-c inherits the

From C ++ to objective-C: Exception Handling and Multithreading

Http://www.devbean.info/2011/04/from_cpp_to_objc_17/ Exception Handling Compared with C ++, exception handling in objective-C is more like Java, mainly because objective-C has a @ finally keyword. A similar finally keyword exists in Java, but

PL/SQL Exception handling method

PL/SQL Exception handling method  1: What is exception handling: PL/SQL provides a function to handle exceptions, called exception Handling in PL/SQL blocks, using exception handling we are able to test code and avoid exception exits. PL/SQL

Objective-C syntax Exception Handling

Objective-C exceptions are similar to Java exception handling, and @ finally processing is also required, regardless of whether the exception is captured or not. Syntax captured by Exception Handling @try { } @catch (NSException

Google's Objective-C code specification Guide

NotesHide details in this Guide This style guide contains a lot of initial invisible details. They are marked as triangle icons, which you can see on the left. Click it now and you will see "Long live" below. BackgroundObjective-C is a dynamic and

IOS Developer Libray (Chinese version)--About OBJECTIVE-C

This is my own learning iOS development when reading the document, some of the translation is not very accurate, but the meaning is still right, after all, my English is not very good, many sentences can not be accurate word translation, we may as a

Key points of Objective-c and C + +

Using C + + with Objective-cApple's Objective-c compiler allows users to freely mix C + + and objective-c in the same source file, with a mixed language called objective-c++. With it, you can use an existing C + + class library in your OBJECTIVE-C

C ++ and objective-C

C ++ and objective-C Using C ++ with objective-CApple's objective-C compiler allows users to freely mix C ++ and objective-C in the same source file. The compiled language is objective-C ++. With it, you can use the existing C ++ class library in

Objective-C and C ++ Mixed Programming

Using C ++ with objective-C Apple's objective-C compiler allows users to freely mix C ++ and objective-C in the same source file. The compiled language is objective-C ++. With it, you can apply it in objective-C. Program Use the existing C ++ class

Prying into error handling and exception throwing _swift in Swift programming

In Swift version 2.0, the Swift language has a new design for its error handling, and, of course, the redesigned result makes the error-handling system more fun to use. The topic today is to systematically engage in Swift's error handling and see

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