objective c overloading

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Overloading and rewriting in objective-c _ios

Objective-c Overloads and Overrides First of all, overloading is not fully supported in objective-c, and many people on the web either confuse overloading with rewriting, or the OC does not support overloading (of course, according to the strict

Similarities and differences of objective-c and C + +

Stackflow on the question "C + + and objective-c What are the similarities and differences?" Downstairs of the two provided the information is very good.One is: Pierre Chatelier wrote Download Link:

C + + vs Objective C

OcShort list of some of the major differences:C + + allows multiple inheritance, objective-c doesn ' t.One that allows multiple inheritance, one that does not allowUnlike C + +, Objective-c allows method parameters to being named and the method

PKU C + + programming Practice Learning Note 4 operator overloading

Fourth operator overloading4.1 Basic concepts of operator overloading 1. Operator 2. Custom data types and operator overloadingC + + provides the means for data abstraction: User-defined data types-class? Call the member function of the class,

Understanding Objective-C features and features

UnderstandingObjective-CThe features and features are described in this article. Currently, only AppleObjective-CAs a supported language. Let's just look at the details. The differences with C ++ are: All classes in Objective-C must inherit from

Explanation of differences between Objective-C and C ++

Objective-CAndC ++The difference is the content to be completed in this article. It is easier for us to learn through the distinction between the two. Let's just look at the details. 1. The biggest difference between the two is that they are all

Why is Objective-C hard?

Syntax: First, let's talk about Shenma's programming language. It is a language that allows people to understand and display the execution behavior of the program, including syntax (correct expressions and rules for using the state machine) and

What are the differences between objective-c and C + +?

the objective-c development language is an object-oriented programming language thatexpands C , which is used for IOS Developmentobjective-c Language , but recently Microsoft revealed Objective CNewTechnology, its latestIDE Visual Studiocan

Regain the polymorphism analysis in objective-c and the difference between overrides and overloads

what is polymorphic. The three major characteristics of object-oriented language, inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism. Where encapsulation and inheritance are easy to understand, inheritance and polymorphism are the two attributes that

Objective-c method Overloading-Selector identification plays a decisive role

Objective-c method Overloading-Selector identification plays a decisive roleThe beautiful Life of the Sun Vulcan (http://blog.csdn.net/opengl_es)This article follows "Attribution-non-commercial use-consistent" authoring public agreementReprint

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