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Box-cox Transform

Brief introductionEditThe general form of the Box-cox transformation is: The new variable obtained by the Box-cox transformation in the formula is the original continuous dependent variable, which is the transformation parameter. The above transformation requires the original variable value is positive, if the value is negative, you can first add a constant to all the original data to make it positive, and

Go language Next: Russ Cox talk go 2 planning

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. On July 13, Russ Cox shared "The Future of Go" on Gophercon, reviewing the history of the go language and looking forward to go 2. Rob Pike, Robert Griesemer and Ken Thompson discussed a new programming language for a while, and on September 25, 2007, Rob suggested that it be named Go. Later, Russ Cox and Lance Taylor joined

Mathematical Road-Data analysis advanced-cox proportional risk regression model

Cox Proportional risk regression model (Cox's proportional hazards regression model), referred to as Cox regression models. The model, proposed by British statistician D.r.cox in 1972, is mainly used for prognostic analysis of tumors and other chronic diseases, as well as for etiological exploration of cohort studies.h (t/x) =h0 (t) exp (β1 X1 +β2 X2 + ... +βp Xp) H0 (t): The benchmark risk function is the

Alan Cox: the prev pointer in a one-way linked list

the overhead of a system in the kernel-level code in the multipart data transmission line? In fact, we can leave aside all network protocol-related knowledge. This is just an extremely common one-way linked list operation, and the logic is not complicated. But let's look at how top hackers think about coding and compare the code they have written, how many times of data processing is done with a simple for loop without further thinking about the rough and unreasonable aspects? Do you have an in

Russ Cox's 2017-year Go development program

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Note: Russ Cox is currently the leader of Go team My goal is to help developers. I want to make sure that the work that our go team does has a significant positive impact on go developers. This sounds easy, but there are many problems, such as spending too much time cleaning up or optimizing unwanted code, responding to the most common or recent complaints or

[Go language] Russ Cox responds "Why I am not leaving Python for Go"

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Note: this is russ Cox explanation go [1] There are already translations on the web [2" [ 1]https://plus.google.com/116810148281701144465/posts/iqaikawp6ce [ 2]http://www.aqee.net/response-to-why-im-not-leaving-python-for-go/ Here are the translations: I received a number of emails that referred to a recent article entitled "Why I won't give up Python

Add the Swift file to the OC project and set the Oc-swift

In the project right-click Add a swift file, I added the Learnswift.swift add after Xcode popup ' whether to configure OC Bridge header file ' Prompt, click Confirm, the system automatically generates a project name-bridging-header.h file, mine is Learnswift-bridging-header.h. Tips for configuring OC Bridge header Files Learnswift-bridging-header.h is essentially a header file for Swift, where all

"OC strengthening" OC programming language strengthening knowledge points simple induction--Understanding the use of OC lift capacity

(1) #import (2) The frame is stored in/applications/xcode.app/contents/developer/platforms/iphoneos.platform/developer/sdks/iphoneos.sdk/ System/library(3) An upgraded version of #import是 # include, which prevents duplicate imports.(4) NSLog already contains auto wrap.(5) The length of the nsstring in OC is calculated as the number of words rather than characters, such as @ "123 haha", the length is 5. The length value in the C language is 9 because a

Oc-03-oc access to the OC source file, C source file functions

Show.h#ifndef __ocday01__show__#define __ocday01__show__#include Show.c#include "Show.h" void Testtshow () { printf ("I am a function in the famous C file, who dares to invoke? "). haha \ n ");}MAIN.M (OC source file) 6-"Understanding" access to OC source files, functions in C source files #import Oc-03-oc access

[Learning notes] [OC language] The first OC program, learning notes oc

[Learning notes] [OC language] The first OC program, learning notes oc 1. # purpose of import:1> like # include, copy the file content2> automatically prevents duplicate copies of File Content2. # import NSObjCRuntime. h contains the NSLog function declaration.3. Path of the header file of the Foundation framework1> right-click Xcode. app --> display Package cont

OC learning --- overview, oc --- Overview

OC learning --- overview, oc --- OverviewPreface I finally started the OC learning article. I had been stranded for work, but recently, for various reasons, I felt that I had to start the iOS development journey, otherwise it will be old. Because we have been working on Android before, it is not so hard to learn iOS. Of course, we know that Android is supported b

OC, oc Language

OC, oc LanguageOC language-07-OC language-Foundation framework structure Nsange/CGRange Used to indicate the range of an element in another element. nsange is equivalent to CGRange. There are two attributes: NSUInteger location: indicates the position of one element in another element. NSUInteger length: the length of the element.

WebViewJavascriptBridge source code exploration-view the interaction process between OC and JS and between wkwebviewjs oc

WebViewJavascriptBridge source code exploration-view the interaction process between OC and JS and between wkwebviewjs oc Today, I checked the source code of the third-party library WebViewJavascriptBridge that implements interaction between OC code and JS Code. We know that oc calls js methods. The system provides the

OC-class, oc-Class Method

OC-class, oc-Class Method 1. header files# Include # Import Difference: # import commands are faster and more efficient. # The include command tells the compiler to copy and paste the contained content to the target file. # Import checks whether the file has been imported or included in the target file. Then observe the two HeadersFoundation. h we call it the main header file. The main header file copies t

Reprint "iOS Development" page JS and OC Interaction (javascriptcore) OC----->JS

GoalThis paper introduces the interaction between JS and OC using the Javascriptcore.framework framework published by Apple in IOS7. The goals we want to achieve are: OC invokes the JS method on the Web page The OC method in the Web page JS call app Javasciptcore.framework Framework Introduction JavaScriptCore is an important part of We

An Effective Method for writing high-quality OC code and writing high-quality oc code

An Effective Method for writing high-quality OC code and writing high-quality oc code1. Write this file only for your own memory, and there are related PDF files. If you need to leave a mailbox .. 2. Try to introduce as few header files as possible in Class header files. Do not introduce header files unless necessary. In general, you should use the Forward Declaration in the header file of a class to ment

OC-class definition and oc-Definition

OC-class definition and oc-DefinitionWe have already introduced a program HelloWorld: Keep in OC. The biggest difference between OC and C is that it has the Object-Oriented function. When it comes to object-oriented, we have to talk about the class concept. If we have learned Java, so there is no stranger to the conce

OC Object-oriented first OC class

After learning Java, C + + language, and then learn OC language, although also is the object-oriented language, but OC language still gives us a very "weird" feeling. This is mainly because the OC language itself has its own unique naming and use methods. Summing up the use of Java syntax and OC syntax, we will find th

OC-objective concepts and usage, oc-category concepts

OC-objective concepts and usage, oc-category concepts The previous article introduced the use of the @ class keyword in OC. First, let's take a look at the scenario. If we want to expand the functions of a class, what should we do? For object-oriented programming, we will first think of inheritance, but there are two problems with inheritance: First, the premise

"IOS development" "OC" 00, ios "oc

"IOS development" "OC" 00, ios "oc 」 1. OC Introduction On the basis of the C language, a minimum object-oriented syntax is added. It is fully compatible with C language. It can be mixed into C language code or even C ++ code in OC code; you can use OC to develop Mac OS X a

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