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OCA Certification Exam Guide (1z0-061) Oracle Database 12c SQL Foundation

examination, and the other is to take an online exam. the OCA Certification Exam Guide (1z0-061): Oracle Database 12c SQL Foundation is a rare Oracle Certification exam guide that covers all the goals of the 1z0-061 exam and is designed to help readers prepare for the 1z0-061 exam Be familiar with the knowledge involved in the exam. This book is not thick, but

js-Authoritative Guide Study notes 8

less than the number of parameters specified when the function is declared, and the remaining parameters are set to the undefined value .15. You can use the annotation/*optional*/in the function definition to emphasize that the formal parameter is optional .16, identifier arguments is a reference to an argument object, an argument object is a class array object , not a real array, it is an object that happens to have a numeric indexed property.17. The argument object also defines the callee and

CSS-CSS Authoritative Guide Study notes 8

12th chapter list and generated content1, List-style-type:cjk-ideographic generate 1234 of the serial number2, whether it is UL or Ol,list-style-type unrecognized values are applied to decimal.3, the list-style-image will inherit.4, Shorthand: List-style:type | Image | PositionThe 13th Chapter user interface style;1. Outlines are similar to borders, but outlines do not participate in the document Flow .2. Outlines and borders can coexist .3, the contour of the four sides of the style (including

JNI/NDK Development Guide (8) -- call constructor and parent class instance method, jnindk

JNI/NDK Development Guide (8) -- call constructor and parent class instance method, jnindk Reprinted please indicate the source: http://blog.csdn.net/xyang81/article/details/44002089 In Chapter 6th, we learned how to call Java static methods and instance methods at the Native layer. The sample code that calls an instance method also mentions calling constructors to implement an object, however, I did not p

Lua Game Development Practice Guide Study Notes 1

number of cycles is not affected. Second, the variable in the loop structure is a local variable. Once the loop ends, it will be clear. To save their values, you must use global variables or higher-level local variables. Break Control Structure The break statement can be forcibly exited from the loop control structure. The user cannot recycle it, and it must be at the end of the program block (usually the if-then statement ). See the following example: For Index = 1,100 do If Index = 52

R study Notes "six" R Language Beginner's guide--accessing variables, working with subsets of data

each 1 is replaced by M, 2 is replaced by FUsing the reclassify factor variableBoxPlot (GSI ~ fsex,data = Squid)M1 Summary (M1) call:lm (formula = GSI ~ Fsex + flocation, data = Squid) residuals: Min 1Q Median 3Q Max-3 .4137-1.3195-0.1593 1.2039 11.2159 coefficients: Estimate Std. Error t value Pr (>|t|) (Intercept) 1.35926 0.07068 19.230   (There is only one Insert script feature found)M2   The estimated parameters are consistent, but the second method oc

Java Programmer interview Question, Study: Guide--Summary of each person

As a novice programmer interview or technical learning sometimes blind, no clue, in fact, look back, the general aspect is relatively clear.1. Java aspects(1) Java syntax(2) data structure, 8 kinds of basic data types, String, StringBuffer, Stringbuild,map, collection(3) Multithreading, lock, Singleton mode, thread pool(4) Message mechanism(5) agent, design mode(6) algorithm(7) database, MySQL, sub-Library sub-table, cluster, optimization-------------

Golang Study Notes-ide Installation Guide

Introduction Golang Study notes-environment building Guide has explained how to build Golang development environment, and wrote a go program "Hello,world", but write code does not have a good IDE, no syntax highlighting, automatic completion, format adjustment, find functions and other functions, It's going to make everyone crazy, I used to do Java and. NET development, often with the IDE has eclipse, I

MongoDB Authoritative Guide Second Edition study note--mongodb Introduction

independent permissions. Different databases are placed in different files. namingThe database will eventually become a file in the file system, the database name is the corresponding file name, so there are many restrictions on naming. The database is identified by name. can be any utf-8 string, except for the following special cases: cannot be an empty string (“”) must not contain/,\,.,’’,*,,>,:,|,?,$(a space),(NULL character). Basically, yo

R study Notes "five" R Language Beginner's Guide--Chapter Two summary

The second chapter learns the R function:1 sum calculation and sum (x,na.rm=true) calculated in Vector x, which excludes NA elements2 Median calculates the median to return the number of the middle of a sample data median (x,na.rm=true)3 Max COMPUTE Max Max (x,na.rm=true)4 min Compute min min (x,na.rm=true)5 c () Connect data connection data to form a vector. C (a)6 Cbind data cbind with column variables (x, y, z)7 Rbind data rbind with row variables (x, y, z)

Js-authoritative Guide Study Notes 5

Object.getownpropertydescriptor () . To set attributes for a property, or to have a new property with some attribute, you need to call Object.defineproperty (), pass in the object you want to modify, the name of the property you want to create or modify, and the property descriptor Object.18. to detect whether an object is a prototype of another object or in a prototype chain, use the isprototypeof () method . Similar to the instanceof Operator.19. to get the class of the object, you can call t

HTML5 authoritative guide-new tag changes, file API, drag-and-drop API (brief study note 1 ),

HTML5 authoritative guide-new tag changes, file API, drag-and-drop API (brief study note 1 ),1. More semantic tag Elements2.The content type is still "text/html"The extension is still html or htm.3. Omit quotation marksIn HTML5, when the attribute value does not include characters such as null strings, 4. New Global attributesContentEditable: The main function is to allow users to edit the content in the

js-Authoritative Guide Study notes 14

dialog box they display.7. The alert () method also causes blocking and waits for the user to close the dialog box, but not always.8, ShowModalDialog () displays a modal dialog box that contains HTML formatting.9. Use the Open () method of the Window object to open a new browser window or tab.10. The script can specify the existing window by its name only if the document contained in the window is from the same source or if the script opens the windo

js-Authoritative Guide Study notes 19.2

used for client sniffing. Similar to jquery.support.6. TheJquery.each () tool function differs from the each () method in that the each() method can traverse only the JQuery object , and the tool function can traverse the array element or object properties.7,Jquery.extend () The function accepts the object as an argument, it copies the properties of the second and later parameter objects into the first parameter object, overwriting it if the property with the same name already exists in the fir

js-Authoritative Guide Study notes 15

element node, 3 represents the text node, 8 represents the comment node, and 11 represents the DocumentFragment node .14. The children property of the element object, similar to ChildNodes, is also a NodeList object, but the children list contains only the element object .15. The text and comment nodes do not have a children property, meaning that the Node.parentnode property cannot return a text or comment node .16. The Style property value of any H

CSS-CSS Authoritative Guide Study notes 6

Margin-bottom, to clear the element set Margin-top is not convenient (the reason for clearing the area).7. For a non-root element, if the position value is absolute, the containing block is the nearest position value is not a static ancestor element .8. Top/right/bottom/left applies to elements where the position value is not static. The margin boundary of the element contains the offset of the inner margin boundary (border) of the block relative to

js-Authoritative Guide Study notes 15.3

the form is submitted .7. The onchange event handler for the text input field is triggered when the user enters new text or edits an existing text, indicating that the user has finished editing and moved the focus out of the text field .8. If the user directs to a new fragment in the document, thelocation.href will change , but document. The URL does not.9, document.write () joins its string argument, and then inserts the result string into the docum

js-Authoritative Guide Study notes 18

server contains 3 parts: 1, a number and a text-based status code to show the success and failure of the request. 2. A collection of response headers. 3, the response body. 6.get is used for regular requests , and he applies when the URL completely specifies the request resource when the request does not have any side effects on the server and when the server's response is cacheable. The post method is commonly used in HTML forms , which contain additional data in the request body and are often

Advanced Bash-shell Guide (Version 10) study notes three

${file#*.} : Take out the first one. And the string to the left: file.txt${file##*.} : Take out the last one. And the string to the left: txt${file%/*}: Take off the last bar/its right string:/dir1/dir2/dir3${file%%/*}: Remove the first/its right string: (null value)${FILE%.*}: Take off the last one. And the string to the right:/dir1/dir2/dir3/my.file${FILE%%.*}: Take out the first one. And the string to the right:/dir1/dir2/dir3/myThis article is from the "Linux is belong to You" blog, make sur

"Python enhancement proposal #8" Essentials study Excerpt

object's own The first parameter of the class method, which should be named CLS, to represent the class itself Expressions and statements Instead of putting negative words in front of the entire expression, for example, you should write if a is not B instead of if not A is B Do not judge whether the somelist is null by detecting the length of the method (such as if Len (somelist) = = 0), but rather by using the If not somelist notation, he assumes that null values are auto

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