oci dll missing oracle

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Build DBD-Oracle on strawberry Perl 5

Copy From perl.org wiki page because I can't view that page from company computer. Install DBD: Oracle on strawberry perlfeedback Contents  [Hide] 1 DBD: Oracle prerequisites 2 Installation instructions

Powerbuilder9 connect to Oracle 10g

To put it simply: 1. Find the OCI. dll and oraociei10.dll tnsnames. ora files (available on the Oracle client) and put them in your application.ProgramDirectory. 2. You must have a tnsnames. ora file which can be opened and edited in notepad. 3.

Use PL/SQL to connect to Oracle without installing the Oracle client

Use PL/SQL to connect to Oracle without installing the Oracle client Want to connect to the Oracle database? Install the client. OH ~ NO !, A few hundred megabytes are missing. Now you only need to download a software named Instant Client Package

The appearance of ORA-12557 sometimes works with ORACLE

ORA-12557: TNS: protocoladapternotloadableCause: Onsomeplatforms (suchasOS2) protocoladaptersareloadedatrun-time.Ifthesharedlibrary (orDLL) fortheprotocoladapterismissingoroneofitssupportinglibrariesismissingth ORA-12557: TNS: protocol adapter not

Python Connect Oracle Configuration

Environment:Operating System: win7 ,CPU is inter pc Oracle server:oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release ProductionOracle Local client:Release 32bit ProductionPython version:python2.7.5 (Installation

PHP7 How to configure a remote connection to an Oracle database on Windows

As a result of the project requirements, the need to go to other project team Oracle database to get some data, the local configuration of the connection is the Oracle method, stepping over the configuration of Windows on one after another pit,

64-bit machine's PL/SQL does not install 32-bit Oracle connection mode

The first step: Download the instant client package on the ORALCE official website to load the Oracle instantclient Basic packages. The address is as follows:

Connectivity and connectivity problems for Oracle Oracle Databases

Oracle installation steps can be understood, follow the software installation operation, the following to explore Oracle connectivity issues. I use the Oracle 10 version, so take Oracle10 as an example: After you install the Oracle database, be sure

Qt5.3.2_oracle Drive

Reference URL: http://blog.csdn.net/sdqyhn/article/details/398558471, this is only the driver used by Qt5.3.2, it is also to invoke the Oracle client/server in the file.There is no need for this driver to install the Oracle client/server ...1.1, the

Blue growth note-Chase DBA (17): whether to share or consume, learn to grow in the Post-IOE Era

Blue growth note-Chase DBA (17): whether to share or consume, learn to grow in the Post-IOE Era [Preface] This is an accumulation of personal records. As we enter the blue ocean of oracle, we can't go all the way and continue to test. Share the

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