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Oculus Home installs some pits and how to use Oculus rict CV1 to do development in unity.

Oculus Home installation and how to use Oculus Rift CV1 developed in UnityBy:zscjobRecently due to work needs to fit a bit of Oculus CV1, really trampled countless. Take a look at the steps1. To Oculus official website download Oculus Home's setup file, currently official: h

VR series--oculus Audio SDK Documentation: Five, wwise integrated Oculus Sound Field Positioning Guide (1)--Overview and installation

Welcome to this guide to use Wwise's Oculus sound field to locate the plugin.Welcome to the the using the Oculus Spatializer plugin in wwise! Overview (Overview) The Oculus sound field plug-in (OSP) is a new plugin in the Audiokinetic Wwise toolset that allows mono-channel sound to be spatially formatted according to the relative position of the user's head. This

3D somatosensory game development experience based on Oculus DK2 and Kinect------about getting started Oculus DK2

During the holidays my team and I spent about three weeks completing a simple 3D body game with Oculus DK2 (a helmet-like thing with a screen inside) to bring an immersive 3D experience, using Kinect for skeleton tracking to react to players ' movements, My job involves Oculus this part of the following simple talk about some of the initial minor problems encountered.1. After you get the device, follow the

Use KINECT2 as an input device for Oculus gaming applications

Note: The article was written in August 2015, the current VR game demo has been completed, so the last time to share some of the experience of pre-research, I hope to help youBackgroundAt the beginning of contact with Oculus, downloaded from the Internet a lot of demo to experience, but the operation experience is mostly poor, especially FPS class. It also makes us realize that for VR games, the biggest cha

Oculus and VR unlimited possibilities

personal procedure. This attempt aims to find a way for students to observe the entire procedure from the perspective of the surgeon. While students are still being trained, they must be involved in the procedure, but it is very difficult to observe the procedure of the surgeon. Through GoPro and oculus rift, students can conveniently replay the operation details and perform pause, fast forward, and rollback operations. This is also a good way for do

Oculus Rift officially on sale, ready to start the VR era.

The three-year-old virtual reality device Oculus Rift has been on sale, while the game media Eurogamer a comprehensive review of Oculus Rift. The biggest surprise for them in the test is that Oculus rift feels more like a standalone platform than just a piece of hardware. When you put it on, go to the main menu Oculus

Acquisition! Oculus to build future human-computer interaction operating system

last week, Facebook 's Oculus VR Company has completed two new acquisitions, a two-year-old Nimble VR Company and a start-up company called 13th Lab . It is learnt that Nimble sense is a gesture recognition technology company founded in the year, and founder Robert2011 graduated from MIT 's computer department and specializes in gesture recognition. Their product nimble VR was recently landed in Kickstarter;13th Labs focuses on real-time 3D models, Li

OCulus Rift Game Development Six principles

This article is written by Cartzhang, reproduced please indicate the source. All rights reserved.Article Link: http://blog.csdn.net/cartzhang/article/details/46685477CartzhangOCulus Rift Game development Six principles你是一个游戏开发者?在你的生活中,你涉及游戏开发的那些点呢?你是否听说过Oculus Rift VR系统呢?你是否赞同业内的一些声音,说Oculus Rift将会是游戏的未来?当我们游戏开发插件或一些工程时候,这有一些点,需要注意或弄清楚的。虚幻4引擎已经集成了Oculus Rift开发,你只

Oculus Store Game Download Default Path modification method

A VR game was recently tested, so the HTC Vive and Oculus two glasses were selected on the hardware device. In contrast, the HTC installation is more user-friendly: it supports a custom installation path and can change the application download location in the interface:This saves me a lot of system disk space! But Oculus installation personal feeling a bit disgusting, by default installed on the C drive and

Comparison of similar products of oculus rift virtual helmets

Document directory Silicon micro display st1080 Sony HMZ-T1 Oculus Rift Original from http://www.roadtovr.com/2012/08/11/hmd-specs-comparison-oculus-rift-vs-silicon-micro-display-st1080-vs-sony-hmz-t1-937 HMD specs comparison: oculus rift vs. Silicon micro display st1080 vs. Sony HMZ-T1 August 11,201 2 | postedBen Lang | posted inHead Mounted Display |Comm

Oculus-rift Virtual Reality Application development

Oculus-rift Virtual Reality Application developmentOculus Rift has a main head wearing a monitor, 2.5mm cable One, miniUSB one, the camera one (comes with a stand),Short focal lens 2, each country different standard plug 4, with GB plug of power one.Oculus Rift DK2 is preceded by a trademark and version, Development Kit 2 illustrates that this is still a developer version and does notIs for end retail users. There are two cables above the main body, w

Oculus CV1 detects a locator that cannot be run under the Steam platform

Recently in the work on the multi-platform VR input, found in the steam platform to use the Oculus CV1 will have some problems, the special record here: 1, ensure Oculus Rift abnormal accident The first step is certainly to make sure that Oculus Rift on your computer is all abnormal. First you have to download and install the

---Oculus code analysis of the VR introductory series tutorial

Code profiling Original Author: Tony Parisi So how exactly does unity support the Oculus VR operation. First, let's look at how the unity scene is built. In the Unity Integration Development package There is a camera preset, which provides the most basic VR technology, including: Oculus Stereo rendering and head tracking, let's take a concrete action. Locate the Ovrcamerarig object in the hierarchy panel, a

---Oculus code analysis of the VR introductory series tutorial

Code profiling Original Author: Tony Parisi So how exactly does unity support the Oculus VR operation. First, let's look at how the unity scene is built. In the Unity Integration Development package There is a camera preset, which provides the most basic VR technology, including: Oculus Stereo rendering and head tracking, let's take a concrete action. Locate the Ovrcamerarig object in the hierarchy panel, a

Unity Development Oculus Games

1, download Oculus corresponding to their own operating system SkdruntimeI am here the window System, the download is version of the2, the installation runtime, the computer lower right corner of the status bar will appear a small eye to indicate the installation is successful, the specific parameter setting method I won't say it here, there's a whole bunch of tutorials on the Internet.3, the download good SDK into unity, there are two folders

Oculus supported notebook models and graphics models

Recently bought a notebook is Shenzhou Z8 notebook gtx980 graphics cardInstallation Oculus is not recognized, but the 0.601 version of the Oculus driver is available.Of course, if your notebook card is powerful enough to be able to identify it without a driver OculusOf course the effect of notebooks and desktops certainly can't compare. The desktop is much clearer.The VR road is still far away, but the tren

Oculus Network error ovr53225466

Recently debug Oculus, moving code to the WIN10 platform, found that the recent FB to Oculus Service program has been updated, you must login to the account to debug.So install oculusclient, but the process of landing problems, if not the agent will appear network error, this problem is because Oculus with the face book server, face Book is the main object of the

Find the available Oculus Hosts Proxy method (resolve OVR5322546 errors)

The available hosts (2018) are given first. 3.19 test effective, slow): # Oculus Start # US Santa Clara graph.oculus.com www2.oculus.com scontent.oculuscdn.com securecdn.oculus.com # Oculus End There are also two additional addresses that can be used: #比利时 #保加利亚 First, the preparatory work

Oculus Rift DK2 installation Required Computer Configuration

System support: Currently using SDK0.4 support windows7,windows8,windows8.1. Mac(10.8,10.9);Hardware configuration: The official standard is configured to 2.0+ghz above the CPU. 2GB of memory. Compatible with direct3d10 or OpenGL3 cards (mainstream graphics are fine).Other requirements: Correct installation of the latest graphics driver, the implementation of the current large 3d games required execution library, such as direcx9.0c,Visual C + + execution Library. Recommended Download URL:http://

Oculus Rift dk2

!!!!!!!!) In the self-built office demo, the object can be basically clear, but the edge of the lampshade and the edge of the triangle ornament on the right hand side always feels a bit fuzzy no matter how it is adjusted. Then the screen effect is quite clear. I didn't have DK1. Many people who experience DK1 say that dk2's screen window effect is much lower than that of 1. In addition, I use a player to watch the Demo Video. No matter how you adjust the video, I feel like I am a high myopia...

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