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Oracle GoldenGate for SQL Server connection ODBC failed processing method

kind of error hint is very pit, cannot solve this problem by literal meaning, whether modify ODBC inside DSN's login or SQL Server authorization is useless, but actually in Ggsci inside the same operation is no problem.The way to solve this problem is simple:Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, under Security, login name, select NT Authority\system->, right-click Properties, Server Role Just tick the sysadmin.This problem arises because the G

Connection SQLServer2005 failed--[MICROSOFT][ODBC sql Server Driver][dbnetlib] General network error. Please check your network documentation

Connection SQLServer2005 failed with error message:Error type:Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005)[Microsoft] [ODBC SQL Server Driver] [DBNETLIB] General network error. Please check your network documentation.My connection string is: Driver={sql Server}; S

Connection Failed sqlstate: '000000' SQL Server Error: 01000 [Microsoft] [odbc SQL Server Driver] [TCP/I

Connection Failed sqlstate: '200' SQL Server Error: 01000 [Microsoft] [odbc SQL Server Driver] [TCP/IP sockets] connectionopen (connect () Connection Failed: SQL state: '000000' SQL Server Error: 17 [Microsoft] [odbc SQL Server Dr

PHP ODBC connection to access database failed

$connstr = "Driver={microsoft Access DRIVER (*.mdb)}; Dbq= ". Realpath (" C:\Users\btang\xampp\htdocs\InterfaceSatcli\BdD_DO.mdb "); $connid =odbc_connect ($connstr, "", "", SQL_CUR_USE_ODBC); Echo Phpinfo (); } catch (Exception $e) { echo "connectionãaccess Impossible:", $e->getmessage (); Die (); } ?> Reply to discussion (solution) Connect access requires the MDB file in the same directory as the general user execution, please check Connect access requires the MDB file in the

SQLServer2000 installation failed, [ODBC Driver Manager] No data source found, details see log file sql2000 [MICROSOFT][ODBC Driver Manager] No data source found, see sqlstp.org, exit directly

Label:SQL2000 installation failed, [ODBC Driver Manager] No data source found, see log file for more information(2010-09-13 17:38:18) reproduced Recently installed the database SQL server2000 when installed to the end of the time, to jump out of the "SQL2000 installation failed, [ODBC driver Manager] did not find the

Odbc Connection to the database, odbc database _ PHP Tutorial

returns the value of the first field from the record: $ compname = odbc_result ($ rs, 1 );The following code line returns the value of the field "CompanyName:$ Compname = odbc_result ($ rs, "CompanyName "); 5. close ODBC Connection The odbc_close () function is used to close ODBC connections. Odbc_close ($ conn ); Note: Other operation functions: http://php.net/

ODBC connection database, ODBC database _php tutorial

, "CompanyName");  5. Close the ODBC connection The Odbc_close () function is used to close an ODBC connection. Odbc_close ($conn); Note: Other operation functions:http://php.net/manual/zh/ref.uodbc.php    ODBC instance The following example shows how to create a datab

Odbc Connection database, odbc database

. Expand and enable odbc. You can view this module through phpinfo () and its status is enabled; 2. Connect to ODBC The odbc_connect () function is used to connect to the ODBC data source. This function has four parameters: Data Source Name, user name, password, and optional pointer type. The odbc_exec () function is used to execute SQL statements. 3. Retrieve re

VBA connection to MySQL database and ODBC configuration (ODBC version and MySQL version if mismatch can occur driver and application errors)

db_connected = False' Get database connection settingsDsn_name = Trim (Worksheets ("Load Policy"). Cells (2, 5). Value)------(data SOURCE NAME in the ODBC configuration)user_name = Trim (Worksheets ("Load Policy"). Cells (3, 5). Value)Pass_word = Trim (Worksheets ("Load Policy"). Cells (4, 5). Value)' Get Database Settingsdb_name = Trim (Worksheets ("Load Policy"). Cells (8, 5). Value)--------Database nameS

The ODBC Connection database prompts "[Microsoft] [ODBC driver manager] in the specified DSN, the architecture between the driver and the application does not match" SOLUTION

The cause of this error is that the computer used is 64-bit, but the MySQL 64-bit ODBC driver and the qt odbc driver do not know where it is incompatible, so the connection may fail. Reinstall MySQL's 32-bit ODBC driver for configuration, and connect again (64-bit and 32-bit drivers can work normally, this is not scien

Database connection string ODBC dsn,odbc dsn-less, OLE DB Provider, and "MS Remote" Provider

The following is a brief introduction to several ADO connection methods: ODBC dsn,odbc dsn-less, OLE DB Provider, and "MS Remote" Provider.I.dsnoConn.Open "Dsn=advworks;Uid=admin; pwd=; "Note: It is not possible to use this method from the beginning of MDAC2.1, except that the DSN file name is placed in ConnectString. You must use the DSN,UID,PWD flag at the same

PHP Connection database using ODBC method, PHPODBC connection Database _php Tutorial

PHP uses ODBC to connect to the database, PHPODBC connect to the database The example in this article describes how PHP uses ODBC to connect to a database. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation method is as follows: PHP and odbc:xhtml Example 1 Connection to DB via ODBC

Golang SQLDriverConnect: {IM005} [MICROSOFT][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver Sqlallochandle on SQL_HANDLE_DBC failed

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Problem:2015/12/04 17:03:36 sqldb.go:2166:sqldriverconnect: {IM005} [MICROSOFT][ODBC Driver Manager] driver Sqlallochandle on SQL_ HANDLE_DBC failure Environment: Go language writingSQL SERVER DatabasePackages used by the "CODE.GOOGLE.COM/P/ODBC" database operation The program just started, running all right, but after a perio

ODBC Connection Database

used to close an ODBC connection. Odbc_close ($conn);Note: Other operation functions:http://php.net/manual/zh/ref.uodbc.php   ODBC instanceThe following example shows how to create a database connection first, create a result set, and then display the data in an HTML table.PHP$conn=Odbc_connect(' Northwind ', ' ', '

odbc--call failed

Label:A farming just contact programming, just apply for the blog park, only for the record. Just contact VB, in the introductory to proficient see an instance Open Show ODBC call failed, at a loss always dragged Until today finally solved. When you open an instance This afternoon to check the problem and the example 2 finished, found that it is not my installed access problem, but the Access data source d

"[Oracle][odbc][ora]ora-12154:tns: Unable to resolve the specified connection identifier" Error resolution using PowerDesigner connection Oralce in win7x64

Error description The operating system is Win7 x64,oracle server is oracle11g x64, the client is ORACLE10GR2 x86. Connection is normal using Pl-sql developer Using the system ODBC connection is OK. It is important to note that the 64-bit system starts with the 64-bit ODBC data Source Manager by default, and

Ssas:ole DB error: OLE db or ODBC error: Login failed for user ' NT Service\mssqlserverolapservice '

Problem descriptionThe following error message appears when you try to use SSAS for OLAP in the official Microsoft Tutorial: Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression state Error OLE DB errors: OLE DB or ODBC error: Login failed for user ' NT service\mssqlserverolapservice '.; 28000. 0 Cause of the problemThis issue occurs because of an authorization authentication error when

Java Database connection--jdbc-odbc Bridge connection mode

Tags: drive else code cat add user send value nalJDBC-ODBC Bridge Connection mode operation database SU (Course) Steps: 1. Configure the data source Control Panel Search Administration Tool->ODBC Data Source (32-bit), add, select SQL Server (fill in name mytest, Server local or.) Next, change the default database to su-> Next, test data source to success The user

Configure ODBC connection (oracle) and webspherebroker for websphere message broker

Configure ODBC connection (oracle) and webspherebroker for websphere message broker 1. Windows environment Configuration Steps: 1. Click Start> Control Panel> Management Tools> data source (ODBC) 2. Click the system DSN tab and click Add 3. Configure to create a DSN 4. Disable ODBC configuration, modify the registry

About ODBC data source connection text

odbc| Data | Data source about ODBC data source connection text In the connection principle of external databases we said that ODBC provides support for a variety of databases, such as dBASE, Access, MS SQL Server, and Oracle, which means that we can connect to multiple dat

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