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One of the workarounds for the Office 365 synchronization user display name is incorrect

A customer is currently transitioning to use Office 365, considering that there is currently an Exchange server inside the enterprise, and therefore plan to migrate incrementally, currently completing the relevant AD directory synchronization, and enabling Lync Online enabled, so that all users are related to

Office 365 Administrator Guide 11--document library synchronization

file is initially checked out to you. You must check in the file before others can edit the file. When you check in a file, you are prompted to enter a comment about the changes you made.L file version You can add a new file to the library, or you can replace the existing file with a revised version of the file. If the library is configured as a version of the trace file, you can add the revised file as a new version, which becomes part of the file version history. If you are uploading a new ve

Overview of hybrid deployment from exchange to Office 365 series (25)

vice versa, configure the hybrid deployment mode, you can also choose to migrate to the cloud, or migrate from the cloud to the local To configure hybrid deployment, you must first meet the following conditions: For exchange 2007 and exchange 2010 organizations, at least one exchange 2013 Client Access Server and one exchange 2013 mailbox server must be installed in the local organization to run the "hybrid configuration" Wizard and support exchange 2013-based hybrid deployment. When

Office 365 is also developing a new battlefield for. NET Core Applications

unified interface layer to the outside, Reminds me of the role of my Open Source project Nanofabric ( API Gateway Ocelot, let's take a look at the overall architecture of this Microsoft Graph.Authentication and authorization using OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0, not just the API validation on Office 365,azure is using OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0, his implementation se

Office 365 AD FS 3.0 implementation SSO (IV)

To continue our experiment, the previous steps can be returned to theFirst article: Two: Three:'m a slightly soiled mid-line-------------------------------------The approximate idea steps are as follows:1. Add a UPN to configure the user's UPN suffix (this is related to whether or not your domain name is consistent, i

Microsoft released a series of new network security features (about Windows and Office 365)

650) this.width=650; "Src=" 89ae5e37c66544f79669c238cc09252d636231873570659477.jpg "style=" border:0px none;text-indent:2em;text-align:left; vertical-align:middle;margin:15px auto; "/>Microsoft has released a series of new network security features in a large RSA security conference in San Francisco, and the new features of Windows and Office 36

How to use PowerShell to bulk assign licenses to Office 365 users

Recently a customer asked, using ad synchronization, to create a batch of hundreds of users for Office 365, who need to manually assign licenses to them on the web side?----------------------------------------------------Assigning licenses to users one at a time in the Administrator Portal page is a method, but the workload of mechanical labor can be large when t

Office 365 AD FS 3.0 Implementation SSO (II)

To continue our experiment, the previous steps can be returned to the first article:'m a slightly soiled mid-line-------------------------------------The approximate idea steps are as follows:1. Add a UPN to configure the user's UPN suffix (this is related to whether or not your domain name is consistent, if you miss this step directly)2. Application certificate (public network) 3. Install the AD FS service4. Internal

EEEKB article--Go to the Exchange Online service in Office 365 How to manage dynamic distribution groups for Exchange online

property value that you want to use to evaluate the filter, click on the "input statement ..." to the right, and add the keyword as the filter criteria when the "Specify words or phrases" dialog box pops up. For the same rule, these keywords are "or" relationships. Finally, click "Save" to complete the creation of the dynamic distribution group.650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 05.png "alt=" Wkiol1wqjrmc5vi9aahp7_wpzbq04

Office 365 authentication and single sign-on deployment (1)

Environment Description:1. Windows Server R2 Server (Windows Azure VM)Roles: Domain controllers, directory synchronization, ADFS servicesNetwork segment: Windows Server R2 Server (Windows Azure VM)Role: WAP (ADFS Proxy)Network segment: Lab (registered with the public network)4. Account:hphaobo\exadmin5. Public network certificate name: fxproxy.hphaobo.comEnvi

Deploying and preparing exchange CAS servers from exchange to Office 365 series (III)

= "wKiom1QGtLrT6HTGAAKw-CMnqAE986.jpg"/> 21. The following error is reported at this time. Why? 650) This. width = 650; "src =" "style =" float: none; "Title =" image 022.png" alt = "wkiom1qgtlvhtabaaahewvcnvpm665.jpg"/> 22. this is because of the previously installed ucmaruntimesetup. We need to uninstall visual c ++ 2012 redistributable (x64) 650 in the control panel. This. width = 650; "src ="

Configure the Office 365 Single Sign-on summary

O365:If the O365 account has been tested before, disable synchronization and force the deletion of existing usersRelated to command: remove-msoluser-userprincipalname [email protected] (-removefromrecyclebin)AD:Build a DC to create a separate OU and user for testing purposesAdd your own domain name, such as, to your ad domain and trust relationships, and modify the format of the user's UPN as your own domain nameBuild a CA, configure certific

Office 365 series Xi.: Bulk import of users using Windows PowerShell

,650) this.width=650; "title=" 8.png "alt=" wkiom1ukpxohkkd3aap-wec6ejw042.jpg "src=" 5d/d2/wkiom1ukpxohkkd3aap-wec6ejw042.jpg "/>1.12 Return to the O365 Management Center, you can see the 2 users who have successfully imported 650) this.width=650; "title=" 9.png "alt=" wkiom1ukpvgskltsaalkaaiaqd8015.jpg "src=" Http:// "/>Through the above configuration to achieve through the introduction of PS O365 u

Office 365 offline installation

"alt=" image "src=" http:// "width=" 580 "height=" 134 "/>The default configuration file is as follows.650) this.width=650; "title=" image "style=" border-right-width:0px;background-image:none;border-bottom-width:0px; padding-top:0px;padding-left:0px;padding-right:0px;border-top-width:0px; "border=" 0 "alt=" image "src=" http:// "width=" 589 "height=" 282 "/>2. Downl

Release OWA and exchange ActiveSync from exchange to Office 365 series (11)

/wKioL1QZTETTgx4jAAPrL4O7FoI292.jpg "style =" float: none; "Title =" image021.png "alt =" wkiol1qztettgx4jaaprl4o7foi292.jpg "/> 21. If ActiveSync is selected for the new rule, exchange ActiveSync is published. The difference is that the virtual directory is different. After publishing exchange ActiveSync, you can connect to exchange with your mobile phone. The following figure shows the effect. 650) This. width = 650; "src ="

Azure Active Directory Password Synchronization issues

The DirSync Directory Sync tool helps organizations synchronize user information on on-premises ad to Office 365 so that IT administrators only need user management on the on-premises AD, synchronizing user information to Office365 with dirsync, reducing administrator maintenance effort For end-users, only 1 AD accounts are required to achieve local and Office365

SME OpenStack Private Cloud Deployment "9.3 Master Controller One-way synchronization glance-image directory"

The use of RYSNC one-way synchronization, without the two sides in real-time synchronization, because in the history of the operation, we found that some of the image is too large, when the main use of the glance to save the image, not 1:30 will save the image, when the main use in the Save, Backup node in real-time synchronization of the normal copy of the state

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